Five ways tech will change ageing

With our futures filled by smart devices, ageing is going to be a lot different. Why not take a look at five ways your life will be changed by technology?

Flexible work options

Whether due to financial necessity or old habits, more Australians are looking at ways to supplement their retirement income with part-time or casual work. The internet is always opening up more flexible work options; AirBnB and Uber provide convenient ways to earn money in later stages of life, without committing to a traditional employer and are managed online or through a simple app.

Transport options

Uber has also made getting around much easier, no matter where you are in the world. Retired Australians who don’t drive often will be able to sell their cars and save on registration and maintenance fees whilst still enjoying most of the benefits of having a car.

With self-driving cars on the way those who can no longer drive won’t be left to rely on friends and family to get them out and about. Should you become unable to drive, you may be able to own or hire a driverless car.

Smart homes assisting health and mobility

It might not be commonplace yet, but smart home technology is becoming more affordable. Popular devices at the moment include smartphone-controlled lightbulbs, heating/cooling systems and intercom systems, but the future will hold many more surprises. Here are a few technologies that already exist and will make living at home easier in later stages of life

  • lights that turn on automatically when you rise out of bed
  • voice or tablet operated appliances
  • security systems that are monitored from your smart device
  • automatically locking doors
  • sensors which detect falls.


This technology will also have a large effect on healthcare. A few devices could perform some of the basics of routine check ups. For example, in the last 40 years blood glucose monitoring at home has gone from near impossible to a quick process that can be monitored by your smartphone. Other medical procedures are certain to streamlined by smart devices in the future.

Socialising online

Smart device availability and affordability is leading to an increased amount of socialising through the internet. Social networks or chat services, such as Skype and Whatsapp, are the most popular options at the moment, however virtual reality (VR) technology is advancing rapidly. It won’t be long until socialising through VR will become a close second to the real thing.

Longer at home

These improvements to mobility and healthcare as well as isolation and loneliness mean you or your loved ones can expect to spend longer at home, if that’s the preferred option. Aged care facilities will also become more comfortable, should that be the choice that is decided upon.

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