Five weird tax deductions

For those who agonise over whether or not the printer ink you use to print your tax return is indeed a legitimate deduction, don’t fret – the tax man really does have bigger fish to fry!  Here are five weird tax deductions that are perfectly legitimate.

Fake boobs
Yes, if you do indeed need your assets enhanced so to speak to ensure your earning capacity remains at its optimum, then by all means, the bigger the better. If, however, you simply want to give yourself a bit of a lift to make you look and feel better, then they will not be considered a work-related expense.

Got great hands or feet and think you could earn a buck as a ‘body part specific’ model? If so, manicures and pedicures are indeed considered work-related expenses.

Clown costumes
Ok, so if you just want to be the best dressed at a Halloween party, your clown costume deduction won’t float with the ATO. But if your middle name is ‘Coco’ and clowning around is how you earn money, then your massive shoes and red nose will indeed be deductible.

Gaming consoles
We’re not taking about an Xbox or Playstation for the grandchildren but if you own your own business and offer your employees the chance to game to switch off for a bit, then the latest console and games is indeed a deduction. And if the grandchildren just happen to pop in …

Sex toys
We’re not ones to judge on how people earn a crust so if the oldest profession is indeed your profession, then a trip to Sexy Land could be more affordable. All sorts of lotions, potions, condoms and sex toys can be considered a work-related expense you’re in the business of providing pleasure.

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Written by Debbie McTaggart


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