Surprising foods that can raise your blood pressure

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High blood pressure increases your risk of heart disease and stroke, so it is important to try and keep it in check. Avoiding sodium is one of the best dietary tips for lower blood pressure, but this requires more than simply avoiding table salt. Some of the foods responsible for high blood pressure may surprise you.

Frozen fish and seafood
It can be tempting to think that frozen fish is just a more convenient alternative to fresh fish, but for the most part this is not the case. Any crumbed frozen seafood is usually very high in sodium content and fat, and even the uncoated products are sometimes treated with a sodium solution to retain moisture when they thaw out. If you have the option, fresh is almost always best.

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Blood pressure for dummies

To find out if you are at risk, why not read Rachel's simple guide to blood pressure?

High blood pressure worse for women

A new study has found that high blood pressure could be a more dangerous condition for women.

Garlic blood pressure benefit

Researchers believe garlic could lower blood pressure where medicine has failed.

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    What happened to the middle of the article? It went from “fresh is almost always the best.” to “found that Swiss cheeses often have.. ” There were a lot of “Related articles” in between those 2 phrases.

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    Would like to add that stress increases high blood pressure instantaneously and that may be decreased by eliminating negative thoughts like grief, worry and anger as well as doing yoga and socializing more.

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    Some of the text in the article was obscured by an advert and this is part of the business model of this site and I understand the need to include paid advertising. Unfortunately there was no option to close the advert. This is happening quite a bit with this site. I am happy to see that there is an advert but not happy that i dont have the choice to view or not. This isnt in keeping with this site – ‘your life choices’

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    Well I was wrong – apologies. It wasnt an advert but a link to another article. It was just poorly placed.

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    Yes I have the same issues. Please do not put adverting in the middle of an article. Everything we eat has some degrees of salt. Genetics is a factor. There are stresses that are unavoidable. Knowing how to cope them may be of value

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    Yes I have the same issues. Please do not put adverting in the middle of an article. Everything we eat has some degrees of salt. Genetics is a factor. There are stresses that are unavoidable. Knowing how to cope them may be of value

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    Give up salt all together, we get enough from our food. Salt was never used in remote, isolated or indigenous communities around the world who all had no signs of high blood pressure. Lowering your animal protein intake, reducing or stopping alcohol intake, increasing fruit and vegetable intake is all you have to do to reduce your risk of high blood pressure.

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    Pictures have appeared over the article……. can’t read past “frozen fish”



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