Free guide to retirement living

Are you curious about the different types of retirement accommodation available? Everyone has different needs, priorities and budgets, which is why this comprehensive 12-page Retire Well guide will help anyone contemplating a move to a seniors’ community.

All you need to do is click the image below to get your free copy and gain a better understanding of the two most common forms of retirement accommodation: self care retirement villages and manufactured home estates (MHE).

Retire Well describes the various levels of care available in the traditional retirement sector, and compares them to the emerging and popular accommodation styles in the MHE (land lease) sector. This booklet describes the typical ownership situation for each, along with the advantages and disadvantages. Retirees who want to move on from the family home and are looking for options will gain an understanding of how traditional retirement villages and MHE resorts operate.

Fees and charges have been in the news lately, and in simple language, the guide explains the costs and financial arrangements involved and compares the various types of entry and exit fees charged by retirement communities. Readers will gain an understanding of why retirement villages charge exit fees and MHEs do not. There are large differences and this guide will assist you to make a more informed decision.

Finally, the guide includes a 12-point checklist to help you prioritise your essential ‘non-negotiable’ features over those that are simply nice to have.

Retire Well is a popular and proven resource to help retirees understand the key issues when they are increasingly presented with so many living options. Order it today and you’ll be better informed to make your next move the right one.

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