Shop online and get cash back for your purchases

Online stores will allow you to grab a discount via cash-back websites.

Get money back when you shop

Cash-back websites are gaining popularity, and for good reason. Many of your favourite stores are online, and they will allow you to grab a discount via cash-back websites.

A cash-back website will give you a percentage of your money back on every purchase you make at a retailer that you access from a link on their site.

Typically, the sites offer around four to eight per cent of the sale price in money that can be paid back into your bank account at the end of the month, or whenever you make a request.

All you have to do is shop at the retailer’s website like you normally would. You just have to navigate to that site from a link on a cash-back site, rather than by typing the URL yourself, or by navigating from a link on Google.

How does it work?
Many online retailers offer commissions to those who refer online traffic to them.

Cash-back sites pass on some of those commissions back to the consumer.

An online retailer may pay the cash-back website $10 for a referral, giving $8 back to you and keeping the $2 for themselves.

The prices that you pay are the same you would pay if you had visited the retailer’s website from a Google search, but this way you get a portion of your money back for shopping smart.

Here are some Australian cash-back sites to start saving you some serious money:

Have you ever used a cash-back website for online purchases? Would you recommend it?



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    12th Dec 2017
    I do not use any of these.
    Are the advertised prices higher than other outlets? If so a discount would only bring them back to par. Feedback welcomed.
    13th Dec 2017
    Don't know Mick as I don't use any of these.... but one thing my nose tells me the gains will be with the retailer and the cash-back sites.....consumer always comes in third in the 3 horse race!

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