Go away now, Kevin

Kevin Rudd is back in Australia but has yet to declare he is a challenger for the leadership of the Australian Labor Party. So why is he running a non-stop media circus calling for people power?

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Kevin Rudd is back in Australia but has yet to declare he is a challenger for the leadership of the Australian Labor Party. So why is he running a non-stop media circus calling for people power?

Ex-Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd arrived at Brisbane Airport early this morning and immediately gave a press conference. He noted that the Prime Minister needs to have the trust and confidence of the Australian people.

"If you don't have that, you can't do anything else," he asserted before posing what he claims to be the core question for his parliamentary colleagues and the Australian people:

‘Who is best to defeat Tony Abbott?"’

Strangely he did not declare himself a contender for the leadership challenge.

Within the space of about two minutes, he mentioned ‘shock and awe’ tactics by his fellow party members, his concerns about ‘faceless men’ and the need for ‘people power’.

In a press conference yesterday, Prime Minister Gillard announced there would be a leadership spill on Monday morning and that if she was unsuccessful, she would retreat to the backbenches and ‘not recontest the prime ministership’.

She called upon Kevin Rudd to make the same promise to the Australian public.

What is going on here? Is this about what is best for the Australian people and our nation?

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If Kevin Rudd challenges on Monday, and is unsuccessful, should he agree to go the backbenches and make an undertaking not to challenge again?


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    24th Feb 2012
    As a staunch Labour voter for nearly all of my working life,I find this "Circus labour".abominable,sack the lot of them,and elect new faces,start afresh,and get on with real politics,not Tony Abbotts kind either'
    24th Feb 2012
    Get rid of both of them

    they both lie through their teeth and we are worse off than ever, have the guts Julia a to call an election and let us decide.
    25th Feb 2012
    Kevin will be remembered for his personal ambition taking precedence over the future of the country and the stability of the government. As one of his many active supporters in 2007, I am deeply disappointed that he refuses to acknowledge how effective and far-sighted the hung parliament has proved to be under Julia Gillard.

    The Coalition can sit back and wait while Kevin follows his destructive path, self-deluded about his motives for wanting the top job.

    Causus will decide on Monday who is the better person for the job. They won't be swayed by the polls, knowing that Coalition supporters voting in the polls naturally prefer Kevin over Julia as PM as that would help the Coalition cause.
    25th Feb 2012
    I sincerely believe should the caucus choose Mr Rudd this coming Monday it would be a grave mistake. He has been destibilising the Party and try to cause havoc to "get back in" and blaming Ms Gillard. This in my books makes him a traitor to the Labor Party, a traitor to us Australians and a fibber.
    25th Feb 2012
    I sincerely hope that Julia Gillard wins on Monday, she has shown that she has the B--s to take on the cut throat world of politics and do the hard yards. She works with her people, communicates well and takes no nonsense. If a man had of done what Julia succeeded in doing in 2010 that would have gotten a pat on the back and a hand shake and congratulations. because she is a women she has had nothing but crap since, GO JULIA. Kevin, grow up, act like an adult and move on, if you can't work with people in your own party once, what on earth makes you think that you will do it any differently next time. Julie has achieved a lot of what your approach could not. GO away little man
    25th Feb 2012
    If Kevin Rudd gets back in over Julia, I for one will vote for Liberal and trust me I have always been a Labour voter. Kevin Rudd is a desatbilising influence. I believe that the Labour Party should be on the phones to the people in there electorates and truly find out who the people want. I do not WANT Abbot but if its between Abbot and Rudd then labour will lose. Get it together or lose.

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