Google Flights can save you hundreds

Google Flights is a fantastic, easy-to-use tool for booking travel. You can find specific and flexible dates that can save you money and time. 

However, there are some lesser-known features in Google Flights that can give you more than you bargained for and make your travel journey even more enjoyable. 

1. Find the cheapest months to fly
If there is a destination that you’d love to go to but just can’t seem to afford, plug in your destination and select ‘flexible dates’ which will allow you to compare the airfare prices by month.

The price graph that is displayed gives a greater idea of monthly spikes in prices, which will assist you in finding the cheapest alternative. 

2. Get notified if flight prices change
It’s always smart to start tracking flight prices as early as possible, as they fluctuate frequently.

According to data from, the sweet spot for finding tickets at their lowest price is about 54 days advance.

Google Flights can help you to notice the changing data too.

Browse your flights as usual, pick a departing and returning flight, then select ‘Save This Itinerary’. Google Flights will keep track of all of your saved itineraries in one spot, and you can see how the price changes every day. You can also get alerts via ‘Google Now’ when prices change.

3. Explore holidays destinations by region
Exploring destinations by region, rather than one specific location, is another fabulous feature.

Simply search a continent, for example ‘Asia’ in the search box, select a month for travel and Google Flights will list destination cities in that region, along with the relevant prices.

If you’re planning a trip to the UK, for example, you may be travelling to Glasgow, Cardiff and London. It’s easy enough to travel between cities once you’re there, and you can save quite a bit by flying into one city versus another and just tweaking your itinerary based on where you land.

Have you ever used Google Flights to get a good deal? How well or badly did it work for you?

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