Government threatens to jail Centrelink recipients

Human Services Minister threatens to jail those who owe Centrelink money.

Government threatens to jail Centrelink recipients

Human Services Minister Alan Tudge has ramped up the Government’s war on welfare debt by appearing on A Current Affair and threatening to jail those who owe Centrelink money.

“We’ll find you, we’ll track you down and you will have to repay those debts and you may end up in prison,” he said.

Earlier in the year a mass-mail campaign by the police and Centrelink targeted welfare recipients in specific areas, threatening jail if they provided inaccurate information. Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) Chief Executive Cassandra Goldie has joined a long line of critics against the Government’s threats.

“It is appalling that the Minister for Human Services is telling people on the lowest incomes three weeks before Christmas, that if they have a debt with Centrelink they may go to prison,” she said.

“This is false, highly irresponsible and risks causing a huge amount of unnecessary stress and anxiety amongst people who are already doing it tough.

“We are not a police state and people should not be made to feel like they are doing the wrong thing by claiming a social security payment,” she said.

According to figures provided by ACOSS, just 0.018 per cent of welfare recipients were investigated for fraud last year and of the 996 cases referred to prosecutors, only 29 resulted in indictable charges.

“If a person thinks a decision is wrong they have a right to ask for a review, and have further appeal options,” said Hank Jongen, General Manager of the Department of Human Services.

“It is also important to highlight that there are a small number of people who do set out to intentionally defraud the welfare system,” he continued.

“For that reason, the department reminds customers that there are serious consequences for intentionally providing the department with inaccurate information.”

What do you think? With only 29 welfare recipients convicted last year, is the Government overstepping the mark by threatening recipients in specific areas of the country with letters? Are you now more scared than ever when submitting your income reporting?

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    8th Dec 2016
    It's probably cheaper to let those 29 get away with it. Hunt down the Pollies expenses instead.
    8th Dec 2016
    29... (falls about laughing)..... how many millions to pursue and prosecute, to get back what is owed? Better to just slug real abusers with a pay-back ratio.... you get nothing out of someone in prison - that's why the cops 'n courts love traffic fines - those people need to stay out and at work so they pay - easy money! A real criminal does it easy with support from El Mob or whatever, then gets out and does it again....

    Only the REAL criminals cost society in many ways.... old Joe Blow just pays his dues... especially if he is a professional driver..

    As Kevin Wilson says - Dead F......' Easy .....
    8th Dec 2016
    Pollies are only getting their entitkements. These people are stealing. Big difference.
    8th Dec 2016
    Make our cheating pollies payback their welfare fraud or else jail for them too.
    8th Dec 2016
    Pollies are getting what they immorally and unethically structured an evil and corrupt system to give them, Bonny. It doesn't make it right. And many are claiming far more than they are even legally entitled to. Please don't defend bastards.
    8th Dec 2016
    Bonny - HONEY - in this day and age where all employment conditions are under the microscope, and some are under direct attack for 'reform' - why do you imagine politician's remuneration and perks should be exempt?

    Seriously - you need to start thinking.....
    9th Dec 2016
    How about starting with the thieving POL(LIES). and all the cheats that sit on the beach all day and refuse to work (cos I GOT A SORE THUMB),,AND then all the single little girls with lots of babies.,,and dont get me started on the illegles that get payment as soon as they step ashore with a house and welfare and etc etc etc etc etc..RANT OVER??
    9th Dec 2016
    From some of the postings I have read in this forum regarding the circumstances under which some of us "exist", it makes me think that some of us aged pensioners might be better off doing time in jail. At least you'd get fed, have medical and dental care provided by the government and you would not have to worry about paying for water, gas or electricity bills.
    9th Dec 2016
    Bonny the pollies are ripping off the system.. they get a huge pension four of us pensioners could live off one pollies pension.
    11th Dec 2016
    yes perhaps wally.
    I'm thinking of it.
    i got a dam speeding fine for xmas and it wasn't much but just over. they are making a killing from there. Dam near 200 bucks, made me broke for Xmas. HO HO HO
    8th Dec 2016
    they should also do this to turnball and his mates that are ripping off the tax system turnball is.
    8th Dec 2016
    ray from Bondi
    8th Dec 2016
    here here, how many times do we read about really wealthy politicians taking every advantage, and it is especially bad after retirement, they could easily pay for their own by no the poor have to do their bit for their happiness.
    8th Dec 2016
    Anyone with offshore stashes should be deemed to have incurred income here and be taxed accordingly...
    8th Dec 2016
    “We’ll find you, we’ll track you down and you will have to repay, out of your own wallet, all those false political promises especially the "iron clad deceptive promises" and you may end up in prison,”...said the voters... - What goes around, comes around !....
    8th Dec 2016
    Some of the things I see social security do I can only laugh at their great systems.
    8th Dec 2016
    Some of the things I see politicians vote for themselves and push through for their mates, I can only laugh at their great systems.

    Trouble is - it is a bitter laugh....
    8th Dec 2016
    This country, the citizens in this country have contributed to the erosion of freedom and free will . Citizens do not rally and question government and policies. Democracy is now in the shadows underlying what can only be described as dictatorship. The dictatorship should be held responsible for the mismanagement of Australians best interests Australian policies and wealth management. It is true we need rule but fair to say rules for all, there are bigger fish to jail rather tan a few misguided individuals . You people out there have blindly voted and let the powers get away with no accountability, no transparency ..
    8th Dec 2016
    You got that right, brother....
    8th Dec 2016
    I totally agree. We have no comeback except at the ballot box and it's generally too late then as legislation has already been passed. What can we do?
    ray from Bondi
    8th Dec 2016
    yeah sadly you are right and it is the worst in Australia, at least in European countries they let the government know that the people are not happy, here we let them do whatever they want without a murmur, well a little on social media :)
    8th Dec 2016
    Rosie - that's what a genuine Opposition is supposed to be about - not just looking at endlessly pursuing their ideological agenda of equalisation by forcing proportionate representation - something never put to the ballot box openly, but which I clearly point to as one clear reason Labor didn't win the last election and is if-ey for the next one.

    A genuine Opposition, rather than sliding in lock-step with the Government and quibbling over the edges of issues - needs to come out and state plainly that when re-elected they WILL turn back a bad idea, and then hold to it.

    So far I hear a lot of bleating from Labor but no solid (is that core or non-core) promises to change things that nobody wants...

    That is why I label what we have The Government of Two Parties.... and The Tag Team... one gets in and beats us up.. then they slap hands with the other, who gets in and beats us up....
    11th Dec 2016
    NOT me Kev i voted differently. but i bet many did!! and we now going down the tubers, and will be going into a recession, not that i care about the businesses. they rip me off, and i won't buy much of anything.
    i know many business's paying big rents in these bigs expensive plaza's and their prizes are just unbelievable.
    but you know If ppl are out of work, they won't be buying anything.
    but i have to ask, or say, somebody is certainly making the money if they can afford to build those big expensive plaza!!
    OH and the Po llies, but hey they can take their money off shore too, and let it multiply.
    we pensioners aren't even allow to go for holidays. something screwy with our system nowadays. Somebodies stuffed it up for the normal ppls of Oz???
    8th Dec 2016
    "War on welfare debt" - first off - it's Social Security debt, and is an extremely minor event. All this trumpeting about 'dole bludgers ripping off the system' is just playing to the prejudices of those with no idea, and is just par for the course with this political bunch.

    What are they hiding behind this smoke screen, is more the question.
    8th Dec 2016
    Why not just gulag all the old bastards and the unemployed and force them to sweep snow off the streets....
    8th Dec 2016
    It is stealing so anyone caught should be treated the same as any ekse who steals. It is that simp,e.
    Tom Tank
    8th Dec 2016
    The act of stealing is defined in the Laws of the land. Pollies who enrich themselves and their mates have made the Laws so they cannot be accused of stealing but they are taking more from the taxpayers than those who are abusing the Welfare system.
    8th Dec 2016
    The government (Hawk I think) that stole my money by cancelling the system where I and millions of others paid 7.5% of our wages into a scheme similar to the UK scheme for our retirement. Successive government had borrowed the saving for infrastructure. Whoever (Bob Hawk)? said they could not repay the debt and transferred us to the present system.
    I was in that social security sweep and it cost me $680.00 I had not realised that my income had overstepped the mark! I live in a Retirement Village with exit fees of 30% so at age 87 I've been saving preparing for buying into a decent Care Facility. The Government that stole my contributions should be jailed or at leased give considerations to us that were robbed.
    8th Dec 2016
    The government stole my partner's wages, and stole by failing to pay interest on a tax refund that it took 3 years' to pay because of bureaucratic error. Can I ask that the government be jailed? It's stealing after all!
    Oldman Roo
    9th Dec 2016
    Just into what category do the lies of the Politicians to get elected come ? Their deliberate giving of inaccurate information are far more serious than someone confused by the complex Centrelink rules .
    Retired Knowall
    9th Dec 2016
    Welfare is the provision of a minimal level of well-being and social support for citizens without current means to support basic needs.
    11th Dec 2016
    Why not just gulag all the old bastards and the unemployed and force them to sweep snow off the streets....

    Actually don't laugh UP Trebor, but thats exactly what they do in Russia, thats why its so clean over there.
    while i was visiting there. i could hear voices in the night. and I thought what the heck.
    and looking out the window i saw a lot of babushka's and old ppl walking round with brooms cleaning up the pavements and sweeping everywhere.
    So its not a bad idea, get the unemployed up and about in the night get them cleaning up the mess the others leave behind.
    The some ppl are getting in australia, we really need this to be happening.
    i been really disgusted on a few occasions, watching ppl eat, then throwing their left overs in the street. NO wonder our streets are getting dirty and disgusting.
    8th Dec 2016
    It used to be Jongen threatening welfare recipients on TV, now they have really stepped it up with a minister doing the threatening lol. Their pathetic threats will not change a thing, except the BILL THEY CREATE by imprisonment!
    Cheats must be penalised, but, there are better ways of doing it than this IMHO
    8th Dec 2016
    Good ole Fat Hank - now he's your best mate holding out the olive glove of a review etc.... the reality always has been that well over 90% is returned to the recipient on review.... running a pogrom (that's what the Cossacks used to do to the Jews in Russia periodically in case they got out of hand) against Social Security recipients does nothing but cost and make a big hankie wave (oh, you brutes!) in the tame media....

    (eye-rolling emoticon implied)....
    8th Dec 2016
    I agree..Lets just string em all up.A lot cheaper that way.We could legislate that anyone who has taken advantage of the public purse by more than say $5000 should swing from the closest gumtree.This would include politicians taking advantage of the public purse eg travel junkets.Probably result in a fast track to improving the state of the countries coffers.
    8th Dec 2016
    Argh, aye - to the gulag with 'em all! They can work out that freedom from working for a change instead of being the money movers will set them free....

    Funny how things work out over history...

    Remember the Khmer Rouge - send all those city sycophants out into the fields to work rice - that'll teach them the value of REAL work.

    Every such step is fraught with danger... only am reliable and genuinely thinking government could ensure that Right is done... as it is dictated to be according to uour (theorietical) Law.....

    Let right be done....

    Does Right include pushing people of the 'city' class into the rice paddies? How would Malcolm go - or Joey the Fat? Soon learn the value of a day's toil..... but is it .... RIGHT?

    Careful what you wish for...... every road has its pitfalls, Grasshoppers.
    8th Dec 2016
    Exchange one government of tyranny, oppression and despotism of a self-selected few for another - and you run the same risk.

    For example - I KNOW for a fact that I could run things better than the twerps we currently suffer under, with their petty despotism, neo-Fascism, self-interest, croney-ism, and short sighted thinking.... but when the tin tacks are down - when the metal meets the meat..... will that truly stack up?

    Especially when to even gain a 'position' from which to speak and be heard - you need a Party - and when you have to consider all the demands of those in that Party - what are you left with?

    Labor allowed itself to move away from protecting the working people to being stacked with feminists and other special interest groups - look where that has lead us..... to a stacked Labor party in Parliament.... with a very narrow and self-interested agenda.

    LNP - well - they're pretty obvious. They look after their mates under the delusion that 'business' will save us all - even when it dedicates itself to the 'bottom line' and off-shores itself to save a few bucks... (pisses on them all)...

    So what are we left with, Grasshoppers?

    A New Party - for US and for WE the people first and foremost.

    (I suppose that makes me some kind of 'communist' for wanting the REAL best outcome for all the people equally - oh, well).....
    8th Dec 2016
    Perhaps I should grow a beard and re-name myself Fidel.... wear a green military hat.....a green uniform in public...
    8th Dec 2016
    The CEO of ACOSS lost me completely with the argument that these people 'only stole because they didn't have enough money'. While I receive no social service benefits I am assuming from the comment on this site that many contributors don't feel they have enough money but that very few of you falsify your returns to Centrelink. On the same ACA program where the huge bill for excess claims was discussed Don Burke was asking us to contribute $2mill to allow a research team to complete ground breaking research into mesothelioma which would also have application to other cancer treatments.
    No I wouldn't add to the jail costs. How about the Singapore approach- deck them out in yellow suits and force them to work off the debt cleaning up graffiti etc or even better working for those of you who submitted honest returns many of whom could do with help in household cleaning, gardens and maintenance.
    8th Dec 2016
    Where is the threat in this?We will put a lonely pensioner in jail where he (or she) gets companionship,healthy meals three times a day ,special treats at Christmas,complete dental and medical checkups and any procedures done instantly instead of three months wait,great free entertainment.Maybe next time I will tell them a little fib.
    8th Dec 2016
    You got that right Bob, and no need to worry about meeting some nasties in prison because they are all out on bail or doing community services, (hang on a sec while I try to control my hysterical laughing fit). Centrelink are pathetic, we have certain sections of the community with multiple partners claiming welfare and all Centrelink can say is it's not up to them to enforce the law of one wife/ one husband, people claiming they live on their own but seem to be able to keep having children to the same person who just pops in for a tryst every now and then. People living close to the ocean and spending the day surfing, while openly stating they don't want to work. So much more and yet this Government wants to threaten the elderly with the bogyman called prison, the elderly seem to be an easy target but watch out because they are not stupid and the worm is turning which shows in the polls. Remember there are a lot of grey haired voters and they actually vote as opposed to the donkey vote favoured by those that can't be bothered.
    ray from Bondi
    8th Dec 2016
    sadly you are right
    9th Dec 2016
    One thing for sure, the 'system' treats prisoners a whole lot better than it treats the elderly so it is an empty threat. Can you imagine the ruckus from the lawyers et al if prisoners were detained in a poor quality nursing home rather than a proper prison with gymnasiums, pools, libraries, individual rooms etc.
    Waiting to retire at 70
    8th Dec 2016
    Like his zeal BUT try the big end of town first please.

    Large Corporations - too many paying NO or NOT enough tax - can you do what they are allowed to get away with.

    Banks/Financial Advisers/Insurance co's etc. We all know their sad stories. Royal Commission - NOTHING LESS

    Federal Parliamentary Pension Scheme - my "superannuation guarantee" payment has been stuck on 9.5% since 2013 and is frozen until 2021. Politicians' is at 18%, with a guarantee of at least $150,000 to $180,000 for life after as little as 6 years in Canberra. Smokin' Joe Hockey is on in excess of $300,000 (not including 'baby sitting' fees) as Ambassador to Washington. He's also entitled, even as a full time "worker" (using the term lightly), up to half his Parliamentary Pension. He's 51, can you get your super at 51?

    8th Dec 2016
    8th Dec 2016
    I got $7k for thirteen years when I had to draw to meet bills in a time of poverty, illness and so forth (during which your loyal women desert you in droves, let me add)......

    Pauline Hanson got $70k for thirteen months in Parliament....

    How does that stack up? What amazing thing did she achieve for this country?

    To get my $7k/13years at a genuine income in 1992 of over $100k a year - I worked relief, and sometimes 24 hours day, on call.... my longest straight stint was 72 hours......

    Tell me what is wrong with this picture... because I know already, and if you can convince me - go ahead.... (LMAO)...

    You Never Will!
    8th Dec 2016
    Did you hear about the american who staged a fake bank robbery so he could get arrested and jailed because he could not afford the operation that he got for free as a prisoner.
    8th Dec 2016
    No, I haven't heard that one. But, I did hear an 'ice-addict' say that he'd rather be in jail then to work hard all his life. At least life in jail would be like living in a One Star Hotel, 3 meals every day, free dental care, free healthcare, free clothing, free laundry, free footwear, free TV entertainment, free library and plenty of social company however it is no place for homophobes.
    8th Dec 2016
    It astounds me that the general consensus is to accept that intentional creation of debt ( knowing one cannot afford to gamble, smoke, drink alcohol, spend money on we just HAVE to have) is a given right in Australia. Absolute nonsense! Naturally we need to clothe and feed ourselves and have the normal acceptable standard of living. But some citizens see spending on evil luxuries as basic necessities before paying rents, electricity, water, outstanding debts first. The culture of entitlement is so entrenched in some, that they feel aggrieved at having to pay what they owe. Whinge whinge whinge.....don't buy what you cannot afford. Get back to basics of living requirements first and luxuries after.
    8th Dec 2016
    Thank you for your rather unusual summation.......

    What has the way a person spends their Social Security or otherwise money got to do with the tiny percentage who defraud the commonwealth?
    8th Dec 2016
    Awh Curious...not fair. I enjoy me cigs, grog, pokies, dining out for every meal at Macca's, plus having a heap of maxed out credit cards.

    What fun is there in life... paying some rich privileged land lord his/her rent...or electricity, gas, expect me to work to get my money.

    Be a dull old world if I can't have all me plenty of time off to rest up and watch me gigantic wall mounted flat screen TV, as well as being able to catchup with me text messages, and play me video games.

    No Curious...I think ya outta touch a bit with us people who are entitled....Even a bit unfair I would say Curious.
    8th Dec 2016
    Well said Curious we have far too many welfare recipients whinging all the time give me this, give me that for free.
    Prosecute and jail them if there cheating.
    micky d.
    8th Dec 2016
    Curious, you and Bonny and others who see things clearly know that theft is theft. The fact that it may be the result of undisciplined extravagances makes the crime even more denouncable.

    Theft IS theft. Crime IS crime. Punishment should be meted out.

    To all posters who feel we should protect these thieves , I pose these questions.
    If someone stole something from you, would you simply overlook the crime or would you report it to the police and demand some punitive action?
    Would you simply walk away from someone who simply refused to repay any monies you might have lent them?

    If there is honesty in your answers you should be then asking yourselves why you are so protective of these criminals.
    8th Dec 2016
    micky, micky - you are confusing the simple error that a small percentage may make occasionally with the (lemme see now)

    "just 0.018 per cent of welfare recipients were investigated for fraud last year and of the 996 cases referred to prosecutors, only 29 resulted in indictable charges."

    NOBODY said the real rorters and cheats should not be punished.... but this Tudge-packer ranting as if this is some major epidemic and threatening countless people in certain areas IN WRITING - is nothing but grand-standing to the abysmally stupid out there, and a total waste of time, energy and money.

    Nothing but a political statement of next to nothing, designed to sound sweet in the ears of the dummies who imagine hordes of Centrelink barbarians at the gate....

    Some of you really need to stop dreaming....
    Retired Knowall
    8th Dec 2016
    "just 0.018 per cent of welfare recipients were investigated for fraud last year and of the 996 cases referred to prosecutors, only 29 resulted in indictable charges."

    Hey TREBOR, I thought you said it wasn't WELFARE.

    The reason the stats are so low is because Centrelink is too incompetent to follow up complaints by the general public.
    9th Dec 2016
    I didn't say it was 'welfare' - the QUOTE used that term... not me nor ever.

    Keep thinking - school is not out yet....
    Retired Knowall
    9th Dec 2016
    Welfare is the provision of a minimal level of well-being and social support for citizens without current means to support basic needs.
    9th Dec 2016
    In other words Retired Knowall for those that can't provide for themselves and need the taxpayer to provide Welfare for them.

    As they always complain they don't get enough they can go to the Opp Shop or get free food pachages etc from various forms of charities.
    9th Dec 2016
    Roby, there are millions of high-paid fat cats on ''welfare'' - drawing ''salaries'' for being inept, lazy, thoroughly incompetent and useless morons stuffing up the lives of others through their inability to perform - BUT they were born privileged, educated and given fancy bits of paper, and lied their way into jobs they can't do with massive salaries that are undeserved. And then they manipulate to pay bugger-all tax! And then they carry on as if the guy who COULD do their job properly if he had half chance in life claiming benefits from the taxpayer to enable him to eat and buy clothes from the Opp Shop.

    People can't provide for themselves because we live in a sick society dominated by greedy and selfish fools who can't perform, but who are empowered by the lottery of birth to screw everyone else for their unfair gain.
    Retired Knowall
    9th Dec 2016
    Right on Roby, I frequently go to the local Op Shops to grab a bargain, it's a win win for both parties.
    9th Dec 2016
    Not going to discuss the vast difference between welfare and social security again, or the deliberate implementation of that pejorative term 'welfare' as a political ploy.
    8th Dec 2016
    Typical, threaten vulnerable population and kowtow to the big end of town (banks etc). I guess we get what we vote for. Not only threaten but frighten those of us that can't fight back.
    8th Dec 2016
    If you claim any Centrelink entitlements and don't play by the rules you deserve all you get no matter the circumstances. This is just stealing from the taxpayer who work hard for their money, they don't begrudge paying for those in real need but are sick & tired of paying for bludgers, drug addicts, illegal migrants, welfare cheats etc. no wonder there is no money for upgrades to our health systems.
    ray from Bondi
    8th Dec 2016
    a true liberal believer of the rhetoric, there is no money as it has been ripped from the health system, to pay the private health cover loading, and in the process keep the companies awash for moneyt, what a protected species, any other business is not protected like that and that is why there is no work and no income from tax.
    8th Dec 2016
    Well Bonny no guesses who you support. But the pollies steal from the electors on a daily basis with all their excesses they claim such as child minding, helicopter rides etc. And all the rusted on Liberals continue to vote them in. If they chased their overspending instead of a few miserable welfare recipients they might actually save some money. Mind you I don't condone any welfare cheats but wouldn't it be better to get them to pay it back rather than threaten them with gaol?
    8th Dec 2016
    29 convictions... how much did the government recoup from them?

    How many of them were a blatant fit-up, such as the lady I know who was in hospital drugged to the eyeballs and failed to report her income for that fortnight - they chased her to Kingdom Come, even dragging it into court...

    What a bunch of losers..... too much money to waste on trying to look as if they're doing a job....
    8th Dec 2016
    It's fairly obvious that this minister has had nothing to do with Centrelink, the whole system at Centrelink is unworkable, try and reach them by phone, it is almost impossible, in 7 years I have had 3 problems with Centrelink ok it's not a lot, but on each occasion Centrelink were the ones that got it wrong, on one of those occasions I had to go through 4 different people to finally get a solution, their response was that there are so many different rules that no one person knows the rules, so if that's the case how do they expect the average person to know what's going on. Fix your own problems before making threats to your customers.
    8th Dec 2016
    We should put politicians on Centrelink - link their pay to a fortnightly report of incomes etc, and deduct from their pay packets what they get from everywhere else.... get after them for any failures or errors....
    8th Dec 2016
    I continue to be amazed at the number of people on this site who actually believe the propaganda of the Liberal Party. When the economy is going downhill at a great rate of knots due to the incompetence of this current Federal Govt let's blame welfare recipients and pensioners not to mention the Labor Party of course!
    ray from Bondi
    8th Dec 2016
    here here, sadly it seems liberal supporters can not think for themselves and believe everything told by the libs, sadly all governments push their own waggon but the libs are the worst.
    8th Dec 2016
    Let's call them all thieves because we actually caught 29 - read all about it - TWENTY NINE..... breaking news..... five star headlines.... special event on national TV replacing our regular program....

    The Great Centrelink Robbery......
    8th Dec 2016
    The so called "Judicial System" however lets muders, rapists, scammers, robbers and young criminals walk free from a day in court... Appaling, but true,
    8th Dec 2016
    Your ordinary person has only one place in the legal system - to be taken down for as much cash as possible - and has no real rights since the whole 'lower court system' plays with a totally stacked deck.

    ONLY the real criminals enjoy their legal rights, which are jealously guarded, mostly at public expense, by the best silks in the land...... and no government/court would dare abrogate such Rights, since that would mean a successful appeal.

    Try appealing a wrongful traffic fine some time - no way is Big Guv'na going to let go of YOUR money... they need that to function.
    8th Dec 2016
    Unfortunately Margie there are a lot of stupid old people out in voterland who keep voting these Fascists into power. They are the problem not the solution.
    8th Dec 2016
    Looks at snow white...Stupid old people huh.Turns mirror around
    9th Dec 2016
    "Mirror, mirror on the wall,
    How's this governance to fall?"

    "Surely as I reflect on this,
    This governance is full of piss.
    If the people 'scape their thrall,
    That would be the best for all!"
    Retired Knowall
    9th Dec 2016
    It's called Democracy.
    8th Dec 2016
    Hehehe Free accommodation, food, electricity, health care, clothing, lots of company and some one to clean house for you. Regulated visiting hours. So much cheaper than a nursing home.
    almost a grey hair
    8th Dec 2016
    give everyone their rightfully deserved pension at 65 yrs of age like they do in first world countries like NZ and the rest. Get rid of all those hangers on in centrelink that deal with pensions including investigators, i bet we could get rid of whole floors of people who might end up with a job they actually enjoy. The liberal gov would save millions of tax payersdollars which i'm sure would go towards balancing the budget and those who have secured their own futures by putting some aside for a rainy day may get to enjoy the fruits of their labour and have a better life than those that haven't instead of trying to make everything a level playing field = no incentive
    8th Dec 2016
    You got it - pay everyone Pension and tax income and fringe benefits over and above that at the going rates.... ends the arguments and solves the budget crisis all in one.... imaging all those politicians past digging into their perks to pay tax on them.... that'd kill 'em!
    8th Dec 2016
    As I read the comments it is evident there are a lot of wankers making comments that need to stop the media presses and make sense of their own investigations, that is if such are not sheep . Search beyond what you read in the papers, hear on the news and your opinions may change dramatically. Governments divide the masses and conquer the masses with double talk and the media and you wankers give them fodder.
    8th Dec 2016
    ACOSS have carefully avoided mentioning those whom the Government actually are threatening with prosecution in order to get some air time. Criminal proceedings are regularly instigated against the real Welfare cheats - those deliberately providing false information, not the pensioner who makes a mistake or the pensioner who has squirreled away a few hundred dollars and hasn't declared it.
    If this web site was honest, it would have highlighted the double, triple, quadruple dipping on family allowances for those with multiple names no pack drill, as genuine welfare cheats. But being under the influence of certain political views it would rather just give hysterical claims traction to attack the Government.
    8th Dec 2016
    Yes, there is rorting of the system going on but for some reason many do not want to recognise it...strange!

    I hope they catch every last one who is ripping off the system.

    As an example ; How many BILLIONS were ripped off by child care operators? This only came to light not that long ago...and how much tax payer money was being sent to support ISIS overseas.??

    "The federal government has relied on fewer than five departmental investigators across Australia to probe child care fraud estimated to run into the BILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

    As state and federal education ministers scramble to deal with the long-standing rorting of Family Day Care subsidies, a Fairfax Media investigation has found the national Child Care Fraud Investigations Team has been overwhelmed for months."
    Chrissy L
    8th Dec 2016
    I am beginning to think this Turnbull Government is worse that the Abbot Government! Sending threatening letters to Pensioners is a low act. Another low act, I have just been advised by Centrelink, my Single Widows Pension has been reduced by $10.50/week as from 1/1/16. I have a modest amount in Superannuation,from saving and salary sacrifice when working. I was hoping this nest egg would see me through until I turn up my toes! A good democracy looks after its older citizens not steals from them. Maybe some of the Government and the Opposition should be looking at jail for stealth from the elderly. As they both voted this new Superannuation legislation in. This legislation does not only apply to the wealthy, but also impacts on Pensioners with an income of less than $30,000 per annum. It is no wonder voters are moving away from both major parties, they have no idea what it is like to live on a fixed income without the entitlements and perks they receive. Shame on them all.
    9th Dec 2016
    ''Beginning to think...", Chrissy L? Only ''beginning''?
    8th Dec 2016
    I think they should be ashamed of themselves and how much money is this costing the taxpayer. I am one of those welfare cheats , three years ago I stopped working due to ill health, I was in and out of hospital and really not with it at all, I without meaning to because of what was happening to me, I forgot to report my last two weeks of my income which was around $450 , so I received a not very nice letter from centerlink telling me that I owed them $450 from three years ago, I felt terrible, I am 60 have worked since I was 15 years old, have never been on unemployment, even when my marriage broke up I did not sit around on the single parents pension, No I worked full time and payed a fortune in child care, so I was really upset to think I had done this. I was told I could apply for a review is I wanted to, but my goodness it was over three years ago , how am I supposed to remember what I did or did not do then. So I am paying the amazing amount of $450 back to centerlink. I really hate to think how much money it cost them to " catch the big bad welfare cheat I am", and what wonderful things they can now do with an extra $450 in their bank.
    Ted Wards
    8th Dec 2016
    A welfare cheat to me is someone who cannot be bothered to work (I dont mean through illness or accident), fronts up at Centrelink, claims they cannot get a job then proceeds to sit on their backside, smoking and drinking or doing drugs. Then claims they cant work! Pensioners who forgot one small thing are not cheating the system.
    9th Dec 2016
    How many of those have you met personally? Or is your understanding of them just the background noise of the pub talk and political rhetoric - the latter of which, by now, would render anyone with any sensibility numb.

    'It is biologically impossible for a human being to remain conscious in the face of such a potent weapon of narcolepsy as a modern.... politician.'
    - (Stephen Pollard, editor of The Jewish Chronicle).

    I've never yet met one person who :-

    "cannot be bothered to work (I don't mean through illness or accident), fronts up at Centrelink, claims they cannot get a job then proceeds to sit on their backside, smoking and drinking or doing drugs."

    Where do they get the money to do that?

    What part of:- 800,000 acknowledged unemployed, plus 100,000 of jobs - most of which are MacJobs meaning part-time casual with no real future... do you NOT understand?

    Do you know how much a packet of ciggies costs? Or an endless life boozing and buying drugs? (I don't smoke and have never used drugs, which is why I have clear vision unlike some)....

    Dream on.....
    Retired Knowall
    9th Dec 2016
    800,000 acknowledged unemployed. Why then do we need to bring in people on 457 Visas?
    9th Dec 2016
    Spot on, RK - but I suppose someone has to sling rice at the local Hoo Flung's.. Aussies apparently can't sling rice any better than they can sling hash at Macca's - apparently.

    I make a pretty mean curry myself.....
    Retired Knowall
    10th Dec 2016
    I was surprised on a recent jaunt through the US that most of the people serving at Maccas were seniors, >65. One elderly guy we spoke to told us he was proud to work at Maccas.
    Ted Wards
    8th Dec 2016
    Lets put a story in the headlines to distract people from the real stories. Lets see, Turnbull broke another election promise yesterday. How about we say that because he committed fraud to get into office he repay the tax payers the money he spent in creating the lies in the first place.
    Or here's a thought, how about making the application process a little more stringent in the first place.
    ray from Bondi
    8th Dec 2016
    you are right sadly
    8th Dec 2016
    It seems that everyone is so worried about the 'poor pensioner'. If they are ...rightly so. Since it's our taxpayers money, have the readers got any idea how widespead this is amoungst real rorters? And what about the so called normal decent people that have always done the right thing? I have 3 good friends that just Won't update their accounts and a family member that hides their asset of a second new car. All deliberate.
    8th Dec 2016
    0.018 % - 29 convictions - that enough?
    9th Dec 2016
    I know a lot of very honest folk who have decided honesty doesn't pay (and they are right!) since this stinking vile government screwed honest pensioners who tried to save enough to be self-sufficient, but were thwarted by an incompetent government stuffing the economy and thus causing investment returns to crash.

    Frankly, I'm astounded people care a hoot about the ''poor old taxpayer'', when the government is screwing everyone who does the right thing and over-indulging the thieves, cheats, and ''entitled'' bastards who are lining their pockets with the proceeds of evil.
    9th Dec 2016
    The struggle here is not with flesh and blood - but between principalities of good and evil.. and all that is required for evil to flourish is for men and women of good will to say nothing.

    Here's to a few good men and women....

    8th Dec 2016
    Ah well, having read all of the posts it seems I'm in the minority that thinks anyone breaking the law deliberately should be called to account and punished. What next? Will those breaking the speed limit by no more 10kph be considered to be OK? Shoplifters stealing goods less than $100 is OK? Drink drivers reading .06 will be OK? I'm sorry but I think that if there are laws in place that it's not OK to break them. If it's a bad law, get it changed. If there are no laws there is anarchy, if there are laws that are not being enforced then there is also anarchy.
    8th Dec 2016
    You are mis-reading OM - most here are happy to see real wrongdoers punished - but they despise a politician making a big song and dance about a very tiny percentage, with the clear aim of making the entire group (pensioners and unemployed etc) look like bludgers and thieves.

    It is the propaganda use to which this issue has been and is being put that is the problem - and anyone who believes it to be true is a fool.
    8th Dec 2016
    No TREBOR, I am reading the posts correctly. What they are saying is that if it's only a small group breaking the law then that is somehow OK. I was just trying to pose the question of what is a "small group". You can also supply me with a definition of what a "real wrongdoer" is as my definition is a person who breaks the law.

    I also think that those prosecuting "real wrongdoers" are only doing their job. If a court decides there is no case to answer then they are doing their job. Do you want the government, in this case, to be sheriff, judge, jury and executioner?
    8th Dec 2016
    Proven to the proper standard (LMAO) to have broken the law, OM - not just have the finger pointed.

    This is finger-pointing pure and simple and needs to be addressed at the public gallows....
    8th Dec 2016
    Perhaps the public stocks TREBOR?
    8th Dec 2016
    Show me a judge who hands out a fair punishment these days? Corporate criminals let off and the bottom end get a slap on the wrist.
    Stocks? Maybe we need to bring these back. "The more things change the more they stay the same"? Maybe.
    9th Dec 2016
    Aye - the guillotine for the repeat offenders....

    Judges have no attachment to reality.... they just imagine they are doing right when they are doing wrong...... as a matter of policy.

    The 'bottom end' always pay fines - that's what keeps the government of the day buoyant...

    REAL criminals, who deal drugs and cause endless mayhem for ordinary people with theft and house-breaking and so forth - are protected by the legal system that bends over backwards to protect their rights... Jo Bloggs accused by a bored copper of not wearing a seat belt, based on a closing speed of 220 kph going the other way and with a tree height median strip twenty metres wide - has no chance and no rights, and no fine silk to uphold her rights.. she will PAY! And no appeal matters one damn....

    Trust me - I've seen them.... and seen them all....

    Get it through your heads....
    8th Dec 2016
    Just another cheery message from this current government, the rich pay very very little or no tax but how many honest welfare recipients are going to have a stressful Xmas not knowing if the computer will get it right and they get a letter in the mail? Federal funded funerals if this witch hunt fails and kills innocent people. About going to jail, Wyatt Roy went to Syria after losing his seat to see a friend, Mal you said yourself if you go there during the current conflict when you get back it's jail for those. Practice what you preach.
    8th Dec 2016
    'The rich pay very little or no tax' Really? According to ATO figures for the 2011 tax year the top 1% of taxpayers (with a taxable income in excess of $281,000) paid 17.7% of the total income tax haul. And the top 10% (with a TI in excess of $105,000) paid 46% of the total. The bottom 1/3 paid less than 5%.

    On this site - never let the facts get in the way of a good whinge.
    8th Dec 2016
    .. and should have paid a lot more if all their lurks and perks were properly accounted for....... same as Jo and Joe Bloggs in their daily toil......
    8th Dec 2016
    I assume you are referring to the bottom 1/3, TREBOR.
    8th Dec 2016
    The figures you cite above show in the most alarming way the very vast differences in incomes between those who have and those who have not, and raises the very real issues of how very much that 'higher end' can write off and/or hide in trusts and such, or as fringe benefits under the radar.
    8th Dec 2016
    Yes, it amazes me when people throw away lines that the rich pay very little or not tax.

    Don't know what they are talking about!

    This is well worth a read:
    8th Dec 2016
    We have Lifters who go to work for a living.. and there are Leaners who work the ropes for a living....

    "Those who actually work say
    “I get wages.”
    Those who just think they work say
    “I'm on a salary.”
    (Jack Taylor – Ken Bruen's hero noir)
    8th Dec 2016
    I wouldn't mind paying the same proportion of income in tax as the rich if I could enjoy the same level of perks and discretionary income....

    They should feel honoured to pay their way, and chuffed that they got away with so much to even get to that point... but then I suppose they've 'earned' it and your average worker, of far less 'value', quite obviously has not.

    Nobody every subsidised my costs of earning a living or allowed me to write off a heap of stuff.
    8th Dec 2016
    TREBOR, you obviously have little understanding of the Tax laws if you believe that 'perks and discretionary income' somehow completely escape taxation. And I like the way you say you wouldn't mind availing yourself of these fictional tax savings if you had the opportunity to do so. In other words you have no moral opposition to the supposed practice, you're just bitter that you are not,or more probably were not, able to exploit it.
    8th Dec 2016
    Kerry Packer - 25k income ring a bell - get to run around in corporate jets etc..... amazing, simply amazing...

    The perks and deductions should be the same for all in the business of earning a profit from their business of earning money one way or another. Jo Bloggs doesn't get company car deduction for running to work.
    8th Dec 2016
    Been waiting for you - when you cite such things as 'legal minimisation' etc - you point out the clear need for a review of tax laws and interpretations.

    Thank you for your input. If the laws create loop holes - the laws must change.
    8th Dec 2016
    Did you never claim a single deduction when you submitted your Tax return TREBOR? If you did you are guilty of tax minimisation. As Packer said "only a fool would pay more tax than he legally has to." And when it comes to Tax Return time there aren't many fools - whatever their income.
    9th Dec 2016
    Indeed I have - I've run business and I've worked for wages... never claimed one thing I was not entitled to...

    You are seeking to dilute my point by applying a wide brush that has no application on it....

    There are legitimate deductions and there are 'allowed deductions' - got that?

    The entire focus of the taxation argument is about what are 'allowed deductions'.... and what are legitimate deductions.. and the simple fact that the current rules allow too many 'allowed deductions' without sufficient checks.

    Again- what is 'legal' now may not be tomorrow.

    We see established worker's entitlements, for example penalty rates etc, under close scrutiny - so why is there some fantasy that all other entitlements should NOT be held to the same standard?

    Right is Right.... and Right as defined under our legal system says 'equally for all'.....
    9th Dec 2016
    You miss the point entirely.

    There are deductions that only apply to 'business' and there are no similar deductions that apply to wage earners.

    Jo Bloggs cannot claim the cost of car and train fare to get to work.... Harry Fudger can......

    Yet both are in the business of earning a profit from their endeavours...

    Now - ask me again about a need for overhaul of the tax laws and regulations....
    8th Dec 2016
    Not that I condone anyone cheating Centrelink, but it would be equitable if politicians spendings could be investigated more rigorously. Virtually every other week new rorting comes to light & all that seems to happen is they apologise & then carry on as usual.
    Politians must be the highest percentage of people rorting the taxpayers !
    8th Dec 2016
    Your joking. Won't go after the banks but lets jail poor old pensioners that might forget about the $ going up and down and forget to let centrelink know. Wankers.
    8th Dec 2016
    One Arab and five Black Birds all living in the one house will they go to jail I don't think so.
    8th Dec 2016
    I would like to see crooks from both ends of the spectrum who INTENTIONALLY seek to be dishonest for their own gains get caught and prosecuted with an appropriate sentence to follow. What we see is high profile lawyers getting white collar criminals off altogether and bludgers, who have no money to pay, getting pretend sentences because it will cost more to incarcerate them than let them go.
    Welcome to a non functioning society!
    9th Dec 2016
    The Rule of Law broke down from the moment The First Fleet set foot on this country, Mick.... and has since always been about 'cops and robbers' - fueled by the amazing assumption that anyone who is not a 'cop' is a 'robber'....

    Extend that to 'lifters' and 'leaners' and you have your answer........

    Those with 'power' and money are more equal that the rest.....
    8th Dec 2016
    Anyone in this country can launch a criminal prosecution against wrongdoers.

    So get your evidence in order and take these thieving politicians to court, and get them jailed.

    Problem solved.

    The only problem with this is, of course, once you have jailed them all, you'll have nothing to whinge about.
    8th Dec 2016
    what a sorry lot of contributors, apart of those few who still have a conscience, in these columns, to state it is all right to rob the taxpayer, mostly their own working tax paying children, is it any wonder this once great country is fast becoming the third world thrash heap, our only hope is that the silent majority of TRUE AUSTRALIANS will see through the leftist sabotage to this beautiful country before it is too late, AUSTRALIA STAND UP and let the true voice in this country be heard
    8th Dec 2016
    Left??? I understand that this government is giving tax cuts to those who mostly have no need of it. I see that this government will not go after multinationals with their tax avoidance schemes by any other name. And last of all Herr Turnbull has his own money in offshore tax havens to avoid the tax system the rest of us have to live with.
    So how is this a leftist conspiracy? This is little more than the big end of town taking (much) more and demanding lowly paid people pay more tax to accommodate them. This is how the feudal lords of the past operated.
    If you truly cared about your children you'd be calling for an end to this bad government sending their jobs to the third world and 457 visas where we now have 100,000 workers in the country taking Aussie jobs on the pretext that AUstralians cannot fill them.
    I know lies when I see them no matter what side of politics they come from. Whilst they all lie this lot of desperate low life gutter animals with disgusting mouths and no morals takes the cake.
    Call me a leftie if you like but I care about your children as much as mine and I back the future of the nation, not bastards trying to create a dictatorship and suck average citizens dry whilst blaming the other side of politics for everything bad of their doing.
    Yeah...........stand up REAL Australians.
    9th Dec 2016
    As I've cited elsewhere, Mick - the people some love to label 'lefties' are most often people who simply have no desire to be dictated to by any twerps of 'left' or 'right' - but who simply expect a fair go and a fair return for their work and their dedication.

    In that case - they are more likely anarchists with no real need for any close governance....

    Your comment on the workings of feudal lords is precise.....
    Gee Whiz
    8th Dec 2016
    Nobody should be surprised by this gestapo tacit from the Turnbull rat-pack.

    They have done nothing but pick on the old age pensioners ever since Turnbull stabbed Tony Abbot in the back so he could get the Prime Ministers retirement benefits when he leaves.

    Praise god Turnbulls end is not too far off. The country can't stand too much more this imbecile.
    9th Dec 2016
    You really have to ask yourself why a man who is allegedly so rich in his own right actually needs the retirement benefits of being a politician...

    Which leads me to a reverse situation from that which prevailed in the 19th Century here (and elsewhere) - when only those with a significant interest in the country should get a vote.... which was replaced by that 'leftie' idea that everyone had the right to some input into his/her own future through government....

    I now find that, with the excesses of the 'rich', there is a need to exclude anyone with over a certain amount of personal enrichment.. from the political process.

    The reasons are plain - the 'rich' enjoy every facet of 'inside running' and all privilege, and thus have absolutely no idea of what it actually means to have to earn a living in a reliable and non-hostile economy.

    They have always enjoyed those things, and thus have zero concept that the world is not run simply by their limited experience... but that sometimes you actually have to work to get a decent benefit from your commitment to that economy.... and when you work thus - you are Entitled to a fair go.
    Not Senile Yet!
    8th Dec 2016
    That is Not a Threat!
    FREE DENTAL...No waiting!
    FREE ACCESS to Legal Advice.
    FREE FULL TIME MEALS ON WHEELS served up for you!
    Family might visit more Regularly!
    Meet & make lots of New Friends!
    No more Rego..won't need a car...get chauffeured everywhere!
    No more Insurance Rip Off's
    In most screwed over Pensioners & Welfare Recipients....who are treated like Criminals....they might not notice any difference other than the fact that their Bank Accounts will not get emptied every fortnight!
    Like I said....That aint a Threat!
    That would be a REWARD!!!
    FREE Tooth Brushes...Tooth Paste...Denture Repairs & Toiletries.
    8th Dec 2016
    I think this government is going means test the word 'free'. ANybody earning over $200,000 is eligible to apply. The rest need to go away and pay more taxes.
    Let the revolution for honest government begin.
    Not Senile Yet!
    8th Dec 2016
    Ooooohhhh.....We are Sooooh Scared!!!
    WTF....what a Wanker MP.....serving his Party Ideals....not the people!
    As for the Welfare Cheats....Just who do they think they learnt how to get a free ride from???
    8th Dec 2016
    TREBOR - well said!
    But wouldn't it be much more efficient to pay the full age pension to all of pension age? The added cost would at least be partially offset by a much reduced Centrelink, DVA & ATO staffing & be a much reduced effort/stress on pensioners (elimination of pensioner claims re assets/income (some false)) Many will top-up with super or other income
    9th Dec 2016
    Yes- that is the idea. pay all at age 65 a Pension (capital intended), and then tax all income and benefits over and above that at the going rates.

    I am wary of cutting employment levels - and would rather see the focus of the Social Security and tax operatives in the pursuit of real tax avoidance, much of which, while it may currently be 'legal' - is simply not right.

    Retaining employment for public servants is a contributor to the taxation network, sine what they are paid is soon absorbed into tax revenue, since every step or transaction generates tax.

    What is needed is a change in the FOCUS of their activity to ensure that tax and basic sustenance are fairly distributed - which - at this time - id demonstrably not the case.

    Centrelink investigators would be more gainfully employed in looking into corporate cheating - that is not to say that minor rorters would not be addressed.... but the money spent on funding Centrelink investigations could be allied with a Federal ICAC (as an example) with a portfolio of looking at ALL rorts within the Federal sphere - and a far better and wide-ranging result WOULD be achieved.

    8th Dec 2016
    The government should pull their finger out and use that expensive investigative software that they have been shooting their gobs off about. This grimacing pratt above is "threatening" - what a bloody joke! He will do as much as Talkbull has since he became p.m., and that is SOD ALL!
    8th Dec 2016
    All too difficult Eddie and easier to let it run and then catch a few to show us all how vigilant they are (not).
    9th Dec 2016
    We've been 'cross-linked' for years - all this Tudgepacker is uttering is empty phrases for the biased and unknowing... to make is government sound tough and positive (the results speak otherwise)...

    Why does anyone listen to the utterances of politicians?
    8th Dec 2016
    Having spent 20 years working for DSS/CSDA/Centrelink, I can tell you that it galled me to have to process payments for people who made it clear they did not care about defrauding the Government - put this into perspective - this is OUR TAXES - being stolen by people who do not care.
    Put them in jail - you bet and I would be happy with them being told whatever you stole that is how long you wait.
    If you steal, you pay the price for your wrong doing.
    8th Dec 2016
    And I bet you were told not to rock the boat or else find another job. Right?
    9th Dec 2016
    9th Dec 2016
    Tactful, the problem is you guys don't catch the real cheats. You just persecute and condemn people who make an innocent mistake. Or, more to the point, you persecute people who actually got it right but couldn't get the ARROGANT IDIOT in Centrelink to recognize a legitimate claim. (I've seen several cases of people losing thousands because a Centrelink incompetent got it wrong. Any wonder some of them develop an attitude of not caring!)
    9th Dec 2016
    My elderly mother was deprived of $89,000 by a bureaucrat wrongly denying her a benefit she was legally entitled to. The error was remedied 7 years later, but she was denied any interest or compensation for 7 years of financial hardship. Can we jail the bureaucrat who stuffed up her life please? Why only pensioners who make mistakes, and not the privileged overpaid incompetents whose mistakes do so much harm?
    Retired Knowall
    9th Dec 2016
    I've had limited experience dealing with Centrelink, but the times I've had to deal with this department on behalf of others I was surprised by the abuse and threatening behaviour of some of the customers. I wondered at first at the need for security guards at the service centre only to witness first hand the urgent need for same. I found the staff worked to the letter of legislation and if that didn't suit the customers they would go off with petulant behaviour, swearing and trying to intimidate the officers.
    Keep up the good work.
    11th Dec 2016
    Lucky you, Retired Knowall! Is it just good luck or are you wearing rose-coloured glasses? Sure, a small percentage behave badly. But the errors, incompetence, and downright cruelty by some Centrelink employees - and the harm they cause - would be enough to make anyone angry. They absolutely DO NOT work to the letter of the law. Many wouldn't have a clue what the law is or how to interpret it. And the arrogance I have seen from many is sickening.
    8th Dec 2016
    Make the pollies pay. They earn far too much and they don't even deserve it. All they do is taken everything away from the people who mist need it.
    8th Dec 2016
    Why should the pensioners go to jail, the polies pay it back and the get away with.Double standards Mr Prime Minister over to for comments.
    8th Dec 2016
    Shameful to think that people who find themselves in genuine need of government support are subjected to further humiliation and suffering. Can't understand why the majority of people on Centrelink benefits who reportedly are honest and above board should be treated disrespectfully? So 29 recipients who have defrauded us all should be rightfully charged and penalised but for goodness sake show some decency and respect to the rest.
    Can 't help but think that governing has becoming more about rule by fear and threat - so much for democracy. It stinks.
    8th Dec 2016
    Want to see where a large potion of our taxes are going see below,


    When over 50% of “Australians” receive Welfare Payments, I wonder what percentage of the Taxpayers’ Dollars are given to those who refuse to integrate and accept our way of life. I’m still fed up with being a stranger in my own Country. It really is becoming a case of “spot the White Person”.
    I'd reckon about a dozen...... HOLY MOLY I THINK THE CATHOLICS ARE OUT GUNNED.

    And they believe they are hard done by.

    If you REALLY want to get the shock of your life, just glance over the list of Islamic organisations
    In Australia AT THE MOMENT. It is growing by the day.
    Maybe you will realise in what big trouble we already are.
    Please share this information to everyone you know.

    Org Islamic Society of Algester
    Org Al Zahra Muslim Association
    Org Affinity Intercultural Foundation
    Org Gallipoli Health Services (NATICCI)
    Org The Islamic Da'wah Centre of Australia
    Org Turkish Welfare Association
    Org Islamic Society of Bald Hills
    Org Building Identity and Resisting Radicalisation
    Org Darulfatwa The Islamic High Council of Australia
    Org PCYC Bankstown Jummah
    Org Afgan Islamic Association Western Australia Inc
    Org Al-Hidayah Islamic Education Admin INC
    Org MEFF Multicultural Eid Fest.
    Org Islamic Society of Ipswich
    Org QUT Muslim Students Assoc.
    Org Social Islamic Trust of Australia (SISTA)
    Org Turkish Islamic Association
    Org DAWA Centre
    Org Global Islamic Youth Centre
    Org Islamic Schools Association of Australia
    Org Human Appeal International Melbourne
    Org Centre for Muslim States and Societies (CMSS)
    Org University of WA Muslim Students Assoc.
    Org Australian Islamic Social Association Inc
    Org The Fiji Islamic & Cultural Society Of Victoria
    Org Islamic Society of Manly - Warringah
    Org Imam Husain Limited
    Org Australian Islamic House
    Org jafaria Islamic society of Adelaide
    Org Lockyer Valley Islamic Association (LVIA)
    Org Gippsland Australian Muslim Community Inc
    Org Islamic Society of Gladstone
    Org AL Tadhkeer Society
    Org Australian Arab Association
    Org Muslim Women's National Network of Australia
    Org Youth Association GYA Mosque
    Org Griffith Uni Muslim Students Association
    Org Islamic Cooloola Regional Association
    Org Islamic Association of Australia, The
    Org Islamic Trust Of Victoria
    Org Independent Islamic Sisterhood Inc
    Org Islamic Council of Qld
    Org Muslim Students Association of QUT
    Org Muhammadi Welfare assoc
    Org Islamic Egyption Society
    Org Aged Muslims Association
    Org Australian Muslim Electoral Taskforce (AustMet)
    Org Australian National Imams Council Limited
    Org Australian New Muslim Association
    Org Human Appeal International Australia
    Org Islamic Youth Centre in Lakemba
    Org Islamic Youth Association
    Org Nahda: Sydneys Dynamic Muslim Youth Movement
    Org Tripoli and Mean Association (TMA) Ltd
    Org United Muslim Women Association Inc
    Org Suburban Islamic Association Campbelltown
    Org Global Islamic Youth Centre
    Org Zakaat & Sadaqah Fund Inc
    Org United Muslims of Brisbane (UMB)
    Org Islamic Education Centre
    Org Peel Islamic Cultural Association Inc
    Org Muslim Association Sunshine Coast
    Org Centenary Khilafat Hall
    Org Muslim Business Index
    Org The Islamic Council of Victoria
    Org Islamic Information Centre of SA IICSA
    Org Imam Ali Islamic Foundation Limited
    Org Goulburn Valley Turkish Islamic & Cultural Society
    Org Charity Australia International
    Org Muslim Revert Network
    Org Western Sydney Turkish Islamic Cultural Centre
    Org Noor Al Houda Islamic College Pty. Ltd.
    Org Islamic Association of Australia
    Org The Islamic Association of Australia
    Org Islamic Council of the Australian Capital Territor
    Org Queensland Charity & Welfare Association Inc., The
    Org Iranians Muslim Association of WA
    Org Islamic Council of Western Australia
    Org Australian Islamic Fund
    Org Federation of Australian Muslim Students and Youth
    Org Revesby Muslims Assoc
    Org Bosnian Islamic Society
    Org Islamic Society of Central Queensland
    Org Riverstone Islamic Society
    Org Islamic Welfare Centre
    Org Islamic Women's Association of Queensland Inc
    Org Austra Lanka Muslim Association
    Org Sydney Muslim Youth
    Org Centre for Islamic Dakwah & Education
    Org Islamic society of Toowoomba Inc
    Org Australia Light Foundation
    Org iQraa Islamic Centre
    Org Muslim Business Network
    Org Warrnambool Islamic Society Inc
    Org Islamic Council of South Australia Inc, The
    Org Islamic College of South Australia, The
    Org Islamic Society of West End
    Org Islamic Council of Tasmania
    Org Essence of Life
    Org Islamic Association of Logan
    Org Islamic Society of ACT
    Org Australian College of Arabic
    Org Newcastle Uni Faith Centre
    Org Hume Islamic Youth Centre
    Org Al-Faisal College Limited
    Org Al Mabarat Benevolent Society
    Org Australian Indonesian Ass of SA
    Org Al-Tawaheed Assoc of WA Inc
    Org Curtain Muslim Students Assoc CMSA
    Org The Bald Hills Islamic Edu Org Ltd
    Org Turkish Islamic Ass of Canning Inc
    Org New Muslim Care Brisbane
    Org The Trustee for Australian Islamic Education Trust
    Org Islamic & Information Services Network of Aust
    Org Southern Districts Islamic Inst. Building Foundati
    Org Jafaria Islamic Society of Adelaide
    Org Bosniak Islamic Centre of Qld Islamic Society of
    Org Centre for Islamic Law and Society
    Org Imam Ali Mosque and Islamic Centre of SA
    Org Belmont Islamic Youth Centre
    Org NSW Auburn Turkish Islamic Cultural Centre Inc
    Org Noble Road
    Org Australian Islamic Social Associantion Inc
    Org Afghan Islamic Centre And Omar-Farooq Mosque Inc
    Org Australian Turkish Islamic Federation & Foundation
    Org Bosnia Herzegovina Sandzak Islamic Support Group
    Org Global Islamic Youth Centre GIYC Mosque
    Org Australian Islamic Forum Ltd
    Org Belmore Islamic Centre Ltd
    Org Brisbane Islamic Centre Ltd
    Org Islamic Awe Foundation Ltd
    Org Islamic Business Union Pty Ltd
    Org Islamic Care Queensland PTY LTD
    Org Islamic Charitable Organisation Pty Ltd
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    Org Hizb Ut-Tahrir Australia
    Org United Sri Lanka Muslim Association of Australia
    Org United Sri Lanka Muslim Association of Australia
    Org Islamic Voice Radio
    Org Trustee for NSW Sharia Funding Trust, The
    Org Al-Jannah Da'wah Centre
    Org Association of Islamic Da'wah in Sth Aus (AIDSA)
    Org Daawah Association of Western Australia Inc
    Org Supreme Halal Certification Services Inc

    Malcolm Turnbull says it is important for us that we promote Islam and Islamic Traditions.

    Lord Help us.
    9th Dec 2016
    Shocking, and to think Muslims are under 3% of the population. Many must belong to multiple organisations
    9th Dec 2016
    Not necessarily Ed. "Muslims are under 3% of the population". This is interesting as the population percentile happens to be very similar to our 'Indigenous' peoples, ie ~ 2.6% of population. Which gets me wondering just how many of the listed "organizations" realize some form of government subsidy, be it state or federal. For that matter one might also wonder whether any of them are tax exempt (listed as a charity or religion). Were anyone to dig deeper then, (dare I say it) they might well find government grants are/were used to 'assist' these worthwhile causes.
    Which brings me to this point - If, like our homegrown variety, these organizations (and therefore their respective devotees) are realizing a comparatively disproportionate 'take' per capita from the public purse, then doesn't this suggest a case of double standards when it comes to distribution of government largesse. Dig deeper still and determine the full extent of government assistance to individuals then maybe we - those few of us that have lived/worked and paid lifelong taxes here - shouldn't be surprised to learn that .018% (as per this article) of our lot have committed a cardinal sin. Thereafter perhaps, we could address the separate issue of the 'fat cats' take, but why waste time.
    Retired Knowall
    9th Dec 2016
    After you have finished digging deeper, IF you find anything untoward, then you can report FACTS, but maybe that's not convenient.
    9th Dec 2016
    Australian Council of Social Service chief executive, Cassandra Goldie, criticised the repeated threats to welfare recipients, saying the overwhelming majority of people receiving payments did the right thing.

    “It is appalling that the minister for human services is telling people on the lowest incomes three weeks before Christmas that if they have a debt with Centrelink they may go to prison,” Goldie said.

    “This is false, highly irresponsible and risks causing a huge amount of unnecessary stress and anxiety amongst people who are already doing it tough.

    “We are not a police state and people should not be made to feel like they are doing the wrong thing by claiming a social security payment.”

    I disagree with Australian Council of Social Service chief executive, Cassandra Goldie! People who claim social security honestly, have nothing to worry and complain about! But, we need to get a clear message out and catch those who abuse the social security system! The Minister for Human Services is doing a good job being accountable and responsible for how our tax money is used!
    9th Dec 2016
    I agree, JiiPeeTee (said tongue in cheek!). Let's jail the pensioners and unemployed and increase the cost of supporting them dramatically, while continuing to over-indulge the rich tax cheats, politicians who cheat on expense claims, and private religious schools that claim millions they have no right to. We definitely need to INCREASE the cost of supporting the disadvantaged by throwing them in prison.

    As for ''people who claim honestly have nothing to worry or complain about'' - what a load of CROCK. What they have to worry and complain about is inept idiots in Centrelink who can't understand the rules or are too lazy, arrogant and lacking in empathy to try! I could point to dozens of battlers who have been wrongly assessed again and again and again. And heaven help these people who can't afford fancy accountants to manipulate the numbers or fancy lawyers to defend them.
    9th Dec 2016
    What a load of Bollocks, they do not have room enough in our prisons for real criminals. Anyway could you see the system dealing with a load of geriatrics to manage and look after.
    A stretch in porridge would be quite luxurious, comfortable bead, three meals a day, television and many more perks than you will ever get handed down to you by Centrelink.
    Misbehave and you can extend your stay if its to your liking.
    Joke of the year!!!!!
    9th Dec 2016
    Yep Spitfire Jail is food for thought, better off in jail than going into an aged care facility.

    9th Dec 2016
    ''Malcolm Turnbull has turned a blind eye to misappropriation and theft of taxpayers’ money, by reinstating taxpayer funding for three Islamic schools.

    As I understand, no criminal charges have been laid and no money has been asked to be repaid. Judge for yourselves!

    Earlier this month, Australia’s largest Muslim School lost their appeal to have $19 million in Federal Government grants reinstated, yet yesterday Education Minister Simon Birmingham backflipped.

    The decision means the Islamic College of Brisbane, Langford Islamic College in Perth and the Islamic College of Melbourne will continue receiving funding under the Education Act, while a decision in relation to the Islamic College of South Australia will be made in the coming weeks.''

    $19 million debt written off and thieves rewarded. But let's throw the book at poor pensioners and unemployed who claim a few dollars more than they should!
    Joy Anne
    9th Dec 2016
    How dare you threaten pensioners, they are ones being screwed by the Govt. We pensioners a decent pension and be able to live in comfort. You are being paid far too much and allowed to claim perks which you are not entitled to. You pollies should not have any perks, if you want to cheat and screw the people of Australia then you deserve jail. Any suppose perks should come out of your wages.

    9th Dec 2016
    Wally I agree with you, far better off in jail than going into an aged care facility, cause everything is paid for including food. Might start thinking about how to rip off the system myself so that I can be put in jail I am pushing 70 so sounds like a good deal. Bonny you need your head read the pollies are overpaid on the pension and before they are entitled to it, four of us ordinary pensioners could live off one pollies pension.
    9th Dec 2016
    reading most of the commentaries in these columns, many stating it is all-right to rip off the tax payer, in most cases their own working tax-paying children, grand children but amazingly the greatest wingers to these columns are those who put in posts in the saturday travel editions, the same persons arguing which is the best hotel or stay in France, Germany, Holland, Canada, America, etc. or stating there are much better places to see or stay then those suggested by the travel adviser of life choises yet in the same breath they tell life choises in these columns they can't survive on the Australian pension, really what has happened to this great country of ours and as for some proudly stating to be pushing 70, I am pushing 80, 1 month to go, and stating to be better off in jail, all I can say good luck, I just love and appreciate the freedom and beauty of this beautiful country as do my children and grand children, as the saying goes, it's easier to ruin a country than to build it up, easier to talk the country down than to praise it, easier to be an ungrateful inhabitant than to be a proud AUSTRALIAN as I am and as my Family is
    10th Dec 2016
    This is the sort of talk we heard from the Abbott government his gone
    Maybe it is time to vote vote for a party that respects seniors
    12th Dec 2016
    Centrelink needs to get their act together. All very well to prosecute so called offenders but what about all the mistakes that Centrelink make. My son received a letter stating that he had to report his income for the 2010/2011 year as it did not match the information received from the ATO. It has taken them over 5 years to discover some sort of discrepancy. Meanwhile I have called Centrelink 8 times in the last 2 months and even gone into a Centrelink office. I have provided information from his employer at that time about his income and it was correctly provided at the time. In the last 3 weeks I have phoned 4 times as he keeps getting reminders that he has not reported this income, each time they tell me that the documents are uploaded but there is some problem which they have fixed and it is all being reviewed. The last call was this morning and they stated that they have just put through the documents to be reviewed while I was on the phone. I have been told this 4 times now. He was on Sickness Allowance for 4 months and 2 of those months could not work and then started working and still received some Sickness Allowance. They have averaged his fortnightly income for the whole year all of a sudden eventhough we reported each fortnight what he earnt. They are going on his total income for the whole 12 month period. Meanwhile he is having to pay back a non-existent debt and has been very stressed
    about it.

    The last 12 months he is on Newstart Allowance as he has medical issues and is trying to find some sort of employment without much success and his Provider has not been of much help to him at all. When he had medical certificates and reports from doctors stating that he could not work at a job where he was on his feet all day, they sent him to do a Security Course - I assume that security guards must be able to sit most of the day. Very frustrating dealing with Centrelink,if you owe them money they demand it right away but when they make stuff ups you wait a long time for any money owing to you. The whole system is stuffed.
    14th Dec 2016
    What about the rorts centering around polygamous marriages? Too hard?

    How about the $27 million reported to have been transferred from Lakemba child care terrorists to ISIS? Too hard?

    The pensioners did at least pay taxes during their working lives, and were always led to believe that their taxes were contributing to the funding of their retirement. But now, when the need to rein in expenditure has arisen, hit the soft targets, the pensioners.