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YourLifeChoices members regularly reveal in our surveys that health insurance is one of their biggest cost headaches. Many who opt for private health insurance have to forgo overseas holidays because they cannot afford both.

But at Qantas, the Assure program is aiming to deliver the two through a private health insurance scheme that lets you earn rewards points to put towards the cost of flights.

According to Qantas, members switching from another health insurance receive around 50,000 points when they sign up to Assure. Then, every time you pay your premium you receive one point for each dollar it costs. So, say for instance you pay $200 a month for your health insurance: well then, you will receive 200 points a month.

To take advantage of the Assure reward points you have to be a member of the Qantas Frequent Flyer program.

An added bonus is available when you perform all your health insurance transactions through the Qantas Assure app. If your premiums are less than $160 a month, you can earn up to 10,000 points and up to 20,000 points if your policy is more expensive, as long as you pay using the app.

But wait, there’s more … taking part in the numerous offers from Assure can have you not only earning points towards your next holiday flight, but it will also help you stay fit. Through the app, you can track everyday activities, such as walking or cycling, and be rewarded for your exertion. Taking 10,000 steps as you walk around across two days would be sufficient to earn a one-way flight between Sydney and Hong Kong, the airline claims.

Shopping with program partners will also boost your points, which you can earn in droves if you order food from Hello Fresh, buy a Garmin fitness wristband or some New Balance sports shoes.

If you are planning on running The Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon event, collect points when you train with the Assure app.

For further ways to earn Qantas Frequent Flyer points, visit

There are some disclaimers and exclusions attached to some Assure program offers, so make sure you read the fine print before switching. Also, become familiar with the Assure insurance policy and compare it to what you are already covered for. The last thing you want is to sign up and find that some conditions and procedures covered by your current policy are not subsidised by Assure.

Do you struggle to save for overseas holidays because your cost of living, including expensive health cover, is too high? Have you ever switched health insurance providers? If so, what was your experience?

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Written by Olga Galacho


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    And make sure you know and understand what Qantas will do with all that health and financial information they are collecting on you through the app!



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