High-fibre snacks for weight loss

The words ‘snacking’ and ‘diet’ are not often mentioned in the same sentence, but these five high-fibre snacks can help you lose stacks of weight.

The good news is that while they’re bland old fibre foods, they’re super delicious and will keep you satisfied all day long.

So, try these high-fibre snack foods and you’ll lose weight without those annoying cravings and hunger pangs.

1. Flaxseeds
A tablespoon of flaxseeds will fill your tummy but only set you back 55 calories. Oh, and did we mention that flaxseeds are the richest plant-based source of omega-3 fats, that they have positive effects on moods, and that they reduce inflammations as well as ward off heart disease?

How to add to your diet: Scatter over salads, cereal or yoghurt.

2. Almonds
Just one almond nut contains 15 per cent of your daily fibre requirements. Almonds are also a great source of magnesium and iron.

How to add to your diet: Drop them into yoghurt or oatmeal, or eat them as they are.

3. Blackberries
Rich in anti-oxidants, blackberries pack more fibre than most other fruits. Blackberries are also one of the richest sources of vitamin C. They’re also great to help lower your cholesterol and boost heart health.

How to add to your diet: Toss them into yoghurt or oats, eat raw or blend into a smoothie.

4. Avocado
If the high-fibre content of avocados isn’t enough to get you onside, then learning that they contain more potassium than a banana, as well as monounsaturated fats, may do the trick. And if it’s stronger bones you’re after, you should know that avocados are packed with vitamin K.

How to add to your diet: Slice into salad or a sandwich, or mash and eat with low-fat corn chips.

Cooked navy beans
Navy beans are inexpensive and fully stocked with protein and fibre, so one serve will fill you up for the whole day. And the best part: they’re super versatile, so you can pretty much make them to suit your taste.

How to add to your diet: Add to soups or mix with olive oil and serve on sprouted whole grain toast, or just add some rosemary and garlic.

Do you have a favourite high-fibre snack?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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