Holiday sleepovers with a sister

Sisters around the world are increasingly doing it for themselves and demanding exclusive, women-only holiday experiences and accommodation when they travel.

Pioneering female-only travel agency Sisterhood Womens Travel told YourLifeChoices most of its holiday makers are aged 60 and upwards and travelling solo.

“They might be single or widowed, or maybe their husband just doesn’t want to travel,” said agency spokeswoman Lyn Gordon.

“We do get small groups of friends who want to holiday together, but most of our clients are travelling alone.

“For them, the security of travelling with other women or the preference not to mix with couples, is important.

“Some of them have never ventured overseas on their own before and they like the fact that our holidays are well organised so they don’t need to worry about anything, other than remembering to bring their passport,” Ms Gordon said.

The Sisterhood groups range from 10 to 14 women and in some cases that’s a large enough party to be the sole occupants of accommodation, such as country villas.

“Our ladies know they will be secure, comfortable and we won’t be climbing any mountains.”

All-girl themes have even expanded into the ‘bedroom’.

Just last week, Japanese capsule accommodation operator nine hours (ok) launched a seven-storey hotel with 70 sleeping pods and multiple bathroom facilities, just for women.

The company said it recognised a need for the nine hours woman Kanda hotel because of the growing number of female businesswomen commuting to Tokyo who did not want to share sleeping quarters with men.

However, women-only hotels for holiday-makers are rare Among the more prominent in our region are Bali’s two Bliss Sanctuaries For Women. The resorts offer ultimate relaxation, without the worry that male staff or travellers might be judging you as you sunbathe on a poolside lounge.

But, increasingly, luxury and boutique hotels are appealing to the fairer sex by creating safe spaces for women through special ‘male exclusion zones’.

Brisbane’s Portal Hotel has a floor reserved for ladies and across Asia, Europe and the US, the concept is spreading, albeit too slowly.

To the rescue comes a sharing-economy solution – groups with all-women members willing to provide to travelling females a safe and comfortable room in their own home.

American homesharing platform Overnight recently joined forces with Facebook group Girls Love Travel to offer its 350,000 members a chance to find and book accommodation from within their own female network.

Another global house-sharing outfit exclusive to women, Wanderful, does background checks on prospective hostesses before they are allowed to offer a room in their house.

This group also educates members about travelling safely and connects them with fellow journeywomen across the globe.

In addition to facilitating safe haven accommodation, Wanderful partners with a tour group to design a range of girls-only holidays.

Would you take advantage of female-only accommodation? Do you think men would appreciate a similar product?

Written by Olga Galacho


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