How airlines keep you calm

Airlines have been seeing their share of onboard angst lately. One only need recall United Airlines’ staff dragging a bleeding man from an overbooked flight, and recent altercations on Delta and Ryanair flights to see that there’s an increase in inflight fighting and fracas.

Not to mention the smell of an ample array of armpits, pairs of ponging feet,dehydrated maws emanating malodorous miasma and that one toilet being peed and pooed in by hundreds of passengers.

Okay, so you get the picture. Planes smell and are a recipe for riotous behaviour.

No wonder that airlines are now preaching the benefits of aromatherapy to quell bad behaviour and combat the stench of, well, people.

A French Aerospace company has developed a diffusion system called ‘Five’ that pumps pleasant-smelling fragrances throughout planes.

Delta has a fragrance called ‘Calm’ – a lavender and chamomile blend that permeates through its hot towels and hand soaps.

United Airlines has ‘Landing’, which keeps passengers relaxed with the agreeable scent of orange peel, bergamot, cypress, black pepper, black tea, sandalwood and leather.

Turkish Airlines uses a scent called TK 1933, which allegedly makes passengers more malleable by inducing feelings of trust, peace, happiness, serenity and pleasure.

There’s also the theory that this ‘airomatherapy’, along with music, lighting and colours, creates brand loyalty and encourages customers to react favourably to their overall experience.

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Does that sound a bit dodgy to you? Are we being subliminally programmed not only to be ‘calm’ but also for repeat business? Does that bother you? Or do you think it’s innocuous?

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