How does an overseas pension work?

Maryanne dreams of retiring in the UK and wants to know if she will still be eligible for an Australian Age Pension. In Centrelink Q&A, we explain how an overseas pension works.

Q. Maryanne
I currently receive the Disability Allowance and will be eligible for the Aged Pension when I turn 66 (in just over three years’ time). It is my dream to move to the UK to retire. I have made inquiries with Centrelink and I believe my pension can be paid while I live overseas.

My question is: when I apply for the Aged Pension, do I need to reside in Australia for the two years before I move? I have dual citizenship as my father was born in the UK; however, I have never lived there.

A. The good news is that the two-year residency rule applies only to those who have lived overseas and returned to Australia to claim an Age Pension.

You will be able to move to the UK and have your Age Pension paid at an Outside Australia rate. You will be paid every four weeks. From 1 January, 2018, your Pension Supplement will be stopped if you are outside Australia for more than six weeks.

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(correction: pension supplements cease after six weeks) 

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