5th Nov 2010

How to change your laugh


Have you ever been told that your laugh is annoying? Perhaps you just like the sound of someone else’s laugh more? Changing how you laugh is easier than you think.

The way to approach the subject of changing your laugh is very similar to learning how to speak a word in a foreign language. You study the word, how it is pronounced and then practice saying the word over and over until you have mastered it.

Changing your laugh is exactly the same. You need to laugh to yourself out loud until you find the correct vocal tone you are looking for. Now you need to practice this laugh over and over to yourself (this may seem silly but it works). Introduce your laugh slowly when around friends, get used to your laugh and eventually you will not have to think about it at all, your brain will adapt and remember the tone.

YOURlifeChoices’ staff thinks that this unfortunate French chap should consider changing his laugh.

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