Dodge shipping fees this Christmas with Australia Post’s new product

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One of the best ways to save money on Christmas presents or gifts for any time of the year is to shop online. Many Australian bricks and mortar retailers offer their entire inventory online, while some even offer bigger discounts for web purchases.

However, one of the biggest killers of the online shipping buzz is the price of postage. You may be able to buy books, toys or homewares online at half the price, but the shipping costs quickly jack that back up to the price you’d pay in store – sometimes more.

Wouldn’t it be nice to pay no shipping fees on online purchases?

Enter Shipster by Australia Post.

If you join now, you’ll get two months of free shipping on millions of products from over 50 Australian retailers. Then, after two months, for just $6.95 a month, you’ll never pay for shipping again, well, on eligible products, anyway.

From homewares, fashion and sporting goods to electronics, stationery and toys – there’s a retailer perfect for presents or for buying a gift for yourself. And the best gift of all is not having to pay postage!

It’s pretty simple to join, too. You just have to create a MyPost account (which many of you will already have), then shop with participating retailers. Once you order over $25 worth of goods, your free shipping kicks in. Then, when you check out, make sure you use the same email account as your MyPost/Shipster account and you won’t have to pay any postage.

You’ll continue to have this for two months, then, if you like the idea of free shipping (for the low cost of $6.95 per month), just keep your Shipster account active. Otherwise, unsubscribe with no strings attached.

Learn more about Shipster at

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    Mine are all free too as I don’t buy any of that junk.

    • 0

      It is not all junk, but it does pay to do the math.

      I have seen $15 items with a shipping cost of $100, but it is cost effective for many things. I am 55 kilometres from the nearest hobby/modelling store with a moderate range of stuff, & 65 from a large one. It costs me $14 or more to shop in store, just in transport fuel.

      I deal with 3 very large on line shops, with proven quality products, who’s prices are usually 2/3rds or lass than retailers. Shipping costs are less than $14 on most orders, so it works for me.

      I recently bought a replacement pool cover, delivered to my front gate for less than half the price in local shops, & it is exactly the same material. Perhaps you should look at on line shopping again.

      I don’t mind local retailers making a profit, but if they let themselves, & indirectly me, get ripped off by their suppliers as many do, they have lost me.

  2. 0

    Amazon Prime is a good deal too
    Free shipping and free movies

  3. 0

    I love doing Xmas shopping online. My poor postie is looking rather tired. Kogan is my this years favourite.
    A trip to a shopping complex costs so much more than any postage – ie my sanity!

  4. 0

    “FREE” shipping is a con. It’s an old commercial trick that’s hundreds of years old, and many consumers still willingly fall for it.

    Here’s the principle on which the con is based ( it’s also the same con principle that companies use when they offer an extra item for “absolutely FREEEEEEEEEEEE”) ……. the selling company must pay the delivery company money for the delivery (the delivery company does “not” deliver for free), so to cover this cost the selling company makes 100% certain that the cost of the items they sell incorporate this delivery cost. So instead of advertising their product for $10 with shipping costs to the customer of $8, what they do is advertise the product for $20 and say in their add “WOW, you our valued customer gets absolutely FREEEEEE shipping, aren’t you lucky!!!!!”. The selling company then pays $8 to the shipping company to cover shipping costs and pockets the remaining $12. The selling company also gets more sales because customers “think” they are getting something for free (the postage in this case).

    It’s perfectly legal, and it’s a 100% con.

  5. 0

    All Christmas shopping was done by me on line in November. Just compare prices from one place to another. Then see if it is cheaper with or without a delivery fee. A game I bought for my son was cheaper where I bought it than the new online Australian Amazon by nearly $20.
    It is a matter of shopping around.



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