How to set up multiple PC users

Whether you have kids or grandkids running amok on your computer, or you just want some privacy for your digital-doings, setting up multiple accounts will keep your data secure.

How to set up multiple accounts on Windows 10
Click the Start button at the bottom left corner, then select Settings  > Accounts  > Family & other people > Add someone else to this PC.

If you can’t find this option, try clicking the Start button and searching for ‘users’ or ‘accounts’.

Now type a user name, password, password hint, and then select Next.

You will be able to choose from three types of accounts:

  • Standard User accounts are for everyday computing
  • Administrator accounts provide the most control over a computer, and should only be used when necessary. These accounts can install programs and are more vulnerable to cyber attacks, so they should be reserved for trustworthy and mature users
  • Guest accounts are suitable for people who need temporary use of the computer
  • Child accounts can be customised to control how much they can do. You can also set up reports about the child’s computer habits.

Read more at Microsoft’s website.

How to set up multiple accounts on Mac

Add a user
Click the Apple icon at the top left corner, then click System Preferences, then click Users & Groups. Then click the lock icon to unlock it, then enter an administrator name and password.

Now click the Add button below the list of users, then click the New Account pop-up menu, and choose a type of user.

Administrator: an administrator can add and manage other users, install apps, and change settings. Don’t set up automatic login for an administrator. If you do, someone could simply restart your Mac and gain access with administrator privileges. To keep your Mac secure, don’t share administrator names and passwords.

Standard: standard users can install apps and change their own settings, but can’t add other users or change other users’ settings.

Managed with Parental Controls: users who are managed with parental controls can access only the apps and content specified by the administrator managing the user. The administrator can restrict the user’s contacts and website access, and place time limits on computer use.

Now enter a full name for the new user. An account name is generated automatically. To use a different account name, enter it now – you can’t change it later. Next, enter a password for the user, then enter it again to verify. Enter a password hint to help the user remember their password. Finally, click Create User and you are finished!

Read more at Apple’s website.

Written by ryanbo


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