How to ‘un-send’ messages

We’ve all wished we could un-send a message at one point in our lives. It turns out that, if you act quickly, there are a few services that allow you to undo your message snafus.

If you have a Gmail account, you can head to ‘Settings’ and then under the ‘General’ tab you will find an option to ‘Enable Undo Send’. This activates a 5, 10, 20 or 30 second period between when you hit send and when your email is actually sent, allowing you to frantically let expletives fly as you make a mad dash for the un-send button within the small window of time you have to un-send the message.

While direct messages cannot be deleted, posts on someone Facebook profile can. Just click the little arrow at the top right of the post and click ‘Delete’. People may still see the post before it’s deleted, but unless they’ve taken a screenshot, it’ll be gone for good.

SMS messages on Android, iPhone and iPad
Apple devices unfortunately don’t have any way to un-send messages at this time. Android devices on the other hand allow you to change the app that manages your SMS messaging. So if you want, you can change from the default messenger to an app which allows you to ‘un-send’ messages if you act fast. Popular apps which allow this include Chomp SMS and On Second Thought (SMS). 

Can you think of a message you would take back if you could? 

Written by ryanbo


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