Almost no one will live to see their 116th year

Ageing experts say we have reached maximum of human longevity.

How long can humans live? Thanks to modern medicine we are living longer than ever before, but ageing experts believe we have reached maximum human longevity.

In 1997, a woman named Jeanne Calment passed away in her nursing home in France. She was 122 years old. Born before the construction of the Eiffel Tower, Ms Calment’s passing set the record for the longest recorded life in history. But, according to Jan Vijg, an ageing expert at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the US, this is unlikely ever to happen again.

Looking at human life expectancy over the years, a person born in Australia in 1880 had an average lifespan of 50 years, while today that figure is 82 years.

“From now on, this is it. Humans will never get older than 115,” says Dr Vijg who, along with some graduate students, recently published a study, which debated whether or not there’s a natural barrier to the human lifespan.

The researchers claimed that while it is possible that a rare few people may live longer than the 115-year threshold, the odds are extremely low. The odds that anyone will ever outlive Ms Calment are “less than one in 10,000”.

Dr Vijg isn’t the only researcher investigating human longevity. Professor Dame Linda Partridge, the director of the UCL Institute of Healthy Ageing in the UK, said a threshold for human lifespans “logically has to exist”.

However, some researchers disagree with the 115-year age limit. Professor James Vaupel, director of the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research in Germany is one such individual. He called Dr Vijg’s study a “travesty” and said that time and time again, scientists have been proven wrong on lifespan predictions.

Should we be trying to live longer and longer? According to Dr Vijg, our best hope isn’t to extend our lifespans but to extend our years of healthy living through medical research.




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    11th Oct 2016
    I am old enough to remember when it was impossible for a human to run a mile under 4 minutes , or to run 100 under 10 seconds.
    There is no limit to the human lifespan, of more importance is the healthy lifespan.
    Few would enjoy 20 years extra as a vegetable.
    Ask the actuaries who study demographics, how many of the current newborn will survive to age 100. You'll be surprised at the answer.

    11th Oct 2016
    Yes humans will live longer thanks to medical advances. Those that can afford them not the poor. Nothing has changed the rich generally have always lived longer than the poor. Rothschild has had 5 heart and 2 liver transplants so far. He knows he can't take his wealth with him. Ha ha
    11th Oct 2016
    Saw that on TV last week. The reality is that who wants to live that long. Apart from bits falling off and aches and pains the mind starts to deteriorate and one realises that the human race is not all that nice and that people are being farmed for the benefit of the masters of the universe. That breeds resentment and a glass half full attitude.
    11th Oct 2016
    You on anti-depressants ? It helps

    Lefties are generally glass half empty thats why they succumb to the politics of envy
    11th Oct 2016
    Not on drugs or employed by the government propaganda machine. You? Just pragmatic and gained an understanding of 'people'.
    And for your notes I repeat I am not a leftie.....but definitely not a right wing prostitute.
    I probably am much better off then you but make the observation that money makes you comfortable, not happy.
    11th Oct 2016
    You probably are better off.
    No excuse to hate right wing people though
    They want whats best for the country, we cannot afford unlimited welfare
    11th Oct 2016
    Hang on a Mo !! Didn't Joe say that now we are living to 125 we should be a lot better off Or something ?? So we will put the Old Age Pension start date up to 75 :-) :-)
    Any wonder they sent him to Washington :-) :-)
    11th Oct 2016
    Careful....pension age might go up to 100 if Herr Tumble gets his way.
    12th Oct 2016
    When your number comes up you SNUFF IT..that's it, NO face creams, or crushed murdered foetus by abortions in womens cosmetics will change that
    12th Oct 2016
    I was reading somewhere that Tigers Doo Dah's were good for Longevity !!!

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