Ice bucket challenge

You can run, but you can’t hide and today our publisher Kaye was nominated by Feros Care CEO Jennene Buckley to join the growing list of Australians who are enduring a short, sharp icy drenching.

As reported in YOURLifeChoices last week, the ice bucket challenge has gone viral on social media. The challenge aims to raise awareness and funds for the treatment of Motor Neurone Disease(MND), also known as Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or Lou Gehrig’s disease. This terminal disease is caused by degeneration of nerve cells which control the muscles, resulting in a reduction of the individual’s ability to walk, breath, swallow and speak. There are nearly 2,000 sufferers in Australia.

Initiated by US sporting hero Peter Frates, who suffers from MND, the challenge is rumoured to have raised more than $55 million in the USA for the ALS Association.

With more tha 1.2 million Facebook videos and 2.2 million Twitter mentions, the challenge has gone beyond viral, boasting participants and donors including Oprah Winfrey, Roger Federer, and Hugh Jackman. But US Actress Pamela Anderson has decided NOT to participate. As an animal rights activist she claims that the ALS association had used cruel animal testing. 

According to MND Australia rules of the challenge are:

  • Fill a bucket (or larger container) with water and ice?
  • Tip it over your head
  • Challenge three other people to take the Ice Bucket Challenge within 48 hours
  • If nominees don’t take the Ice Bucket Challenge within 48 hours they make a donation to an MND charity.??
  • You can take the challenge as well as make a donation and ask the people you nominate to do the same. 

But the challenge is attracting widespread criticism, termed ‘slacktivism’ as its objectives appear to be muddled, with many nominees choosing to post videos of their icy drenching, rather than make a donation to MND/ALS research.

Read about the challenge at MND Australia.

And make a donation now.

Pamela Anderson makes a stand.

Opinion: To dunk or not?

I love a great cause and admire my friend Jennene Buckley for taking on the challenge – but can I raise more money by resisting the bucketing? Now I’ve had a chance to check out the MND ‘rules’, it seems there is some ambiguity around this challenge and the response of taking an icy bath, but not donating seems rather mean spirited to me. I have 48 hours to respond, so have decided to throw open the discussion with YOURLifeChoices members. What do you think? Should I do the icy dunk? Should I donate? Or should I do both? I’ll be guided by you.

What do you think? Is the ice bucket challenge a brilliant way to raise funds for research to cure this horrible, punishing disease? Or is it a silly gimmick which allows participants to avoid donating? Should Kaye take the icy dunking, make a donation or do both?

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