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Sixteen years later, the Harry Potter phenomenon is still going strong. One of the few books turned movies able to capture the hearts of all ages, the story has since come to life in many forms, the most recent of which fulfils dreams in more ways than one.

The Georgian House hotel, or as it’s more famously known, the Harry Potter hotel, allows fans to sleep a night in Harry’s sheets you could say. The 163-year-old property located near Victoria Station in Pimlico, London has rooms that replicate the famous chambers at Hogwarts. Costing more than £17,000 to create, the suites, called the ‘Wizarding Chambers’, were completed in December 2016.

harry potter hotel

Appropriately unsuspecting, once guest have checked in for their magical night, they are led into the castle-like quarters through a door hidden behind a bookcase under the stairs while dramatic music from the films is played. The chambers themselves are a labour of love, with attention to detail down to the faux stained-glass windows and flagstone-effect wallpaper. Featuring curtained four-poster beds, with tartan pillows and brick fireplaces, the walls are adorned with tapestries, antlers and even the occasional owl. It doesn’t stop there. Accessories are also on theme with dusty old glass bottles, inkwells, goblets, retro phones, trunks and a shower curtain designed to look like an enchanted door.

Aside from the one of a kind Hogwarts accommodation experience, guests can choose to go full ‘Harry Potter’ with a package that includes a walking tour of central London landmarks from the films and a visit to the Warner Bros Studio for The Making of Harry Potter Tour.

harry potter hotel

When asked about the inventive move by The Independent, Serena von de Heyde, partner at The Georgian House explained: “I had heard that the Harry Potter studio tour was the most popular attraction in London, and the fact the bus left from Victoria Station meant we were in the perfect location for attracting tourists who had come to see the studio”. And, if you were wondering how the renovations are going so far, Serena revealed that they’ve nearly sold every available night this year, averaging more than 100 bookings per week.

If there was ever any doubt Harry Potter was just a phase, the Harry Potter hotel proves the magic is still alive and well.

Prices start at £219 per night for the Enchanted Chambers and £289 per night for the Wizard Chambers, including breakfast. Find out full details at Georgian House Hotel.

Take a look at the images and tell us what you think. Would you want to spend a night in the Harry Potter hotel?

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