Instagram’s Funniest Lady

Ever find yourself looking at a photo of a celebrity or model posing on social media and think that it’s completely unrealistic or absurd? Or maybe wondering what a ‘normal’ person would look like doing the same pose?

This is the premise that led the Australian comedian Celeste Barber to imitate sardonic photos of famous individuals. And she’s just been awarded WhoHaha’s ‘Funniest Lady on Instagram’ award for these tongue-in-cheek impersonations. Barber has 1.7 million Instagram followers and says she began taking the mickey out of celebrities just for fun.

But her photos also seem to be hitting the right note for women who are tired of unrealistic body images presented in the media. Barber does not use any filters on her images or edit them; a stark contrast to the majority of the photos that she recreates. Plus her depictions are snapped in ‘real-life’ situations – hilarious, accurate and realistic, we love it!

No celebrity is safe from being targeted by Barber; her photos prove that while they may be rich, beautiful and famous, sometimes their poses and outfits are beyond ridiculous. Here are 10 of our favourite Instagram posts by Celeste Barber.



Emily Ratajkowski

Gigi Hadid

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Miranda Kerr



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Ruby Rose


Selena Gomez

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