Is Google tracking you?

Many of Google’s services access your location to do things such as help give you directions or deliver personally targeted ads. Something that not everyone knows though is that Google may be storing all of these locations and plotting them on a map, information which could be harmful if it gets into the wrong hands.

To find out if Google has been tracking you, first log into your Google or Gmail account, then click this link. If you’ve been tracked, you’ll be able to view your movements over recent months, which will be time stamped. Creepy.

If you want to delete the location history which Google has for you, or ensure that they never get any data in the first place, you may want to visit Google’s page on location services for iPhone and iPad or Android.

How do you feel about this? Are you outraged that this could be happening without your knowledge or are you interested in seeing a map of your movements?

Written by ryanbo