Google is now tracking you

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Many of Google’s services access your location to do things such as help give you directions or deliver personally targeted ads. Something that not everyone knows though is that Google may be storing all of these locations and plotting them on a map, information which could be harmful if it gets into the wrong hands.

To find out if Google has been tracking you, first log into your Google or Gmail account, then click this link. If you’ve been tracked, you’ll be able to view your movements over recent months, which will be time stamped. Creepy.

If you want to delete the location history which Google has for you, or ensure that they never get any data in the first place, you may want to visit Google’s page on location services for iPhone and iPad or Android.

How do you feel about this? Are you outraged that this could be happening without your knowledge or are you interested in seeing a map of your movements?

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Written by ryanbo


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    They should not be allowed to do this. It should be an opt in rather then opt out. My setting was OFF and will stay that way.

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    That information is not quite correct. If you log into google or google plus they will track you. There was a documentary on ABC which is still available on IVIEW about how Google uses google plus to keep a record of all your movements. However, you can stop this by turning off your location in settings on your devices and when google asks you to allow it to use your location for any app you can say no. Sometimes I feel your reports spread fear unnecessarily.

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      Hi Ted.
      How do manage to live so happily?
      You do not seem to understand the scale of surveillance you are under.
      The worst is when Giant Data Bases often create false positives and your home get wrongly raided by the FBI or ASIO.
      This occurs when your web tracking has shown in interest in garden fertiliser and when that is linked with your web orders for a bit of plumbing has created a false positive.
      Many such false instances have already occurred in the USA and here and resulted in Swat teams invading houses like yours.
      Keep on with the happy dreaming. I cannot dream so happily as I worked in that industry.

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      Only in the USA GC! They are so afraid of everything. Don’t like it – shoot it.

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    Of course it is. So is Samsung, SBS, YLC advertisers, yahoo, the news broadcasters, the politicians, the spooks, real estate, travel etc etc.
    I have just found that making rational comments to the great abyss is more powerful than any form of communication before social media. Computer mainframes are listening, analysing and evaluating!!

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    The government wants this information as well so they can put a chip in your head eventually to have all information on you in case you do something wrong or take benefits your not entitled to !

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    Yes I am and dont mind it one bit. Google sends me reminders when it picks up my regular activities



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