When will you get your Pensioner Concession Card?

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More than 90,000 Pensioner Concession Cards (PCC) will be reinstated to former part-pensioners from this week.

The Turnbull Government made the decision to reinstate the card at the last budget to those who had lost access to the card as a result of reforms to the assets tests.

“The January reforms to the assets test were a crucial step in ensuring that our pension system remains sustainable and affordable for future generations,” Minister Christian Porter said.

“Those reforms increased the assets limits at the lower end, providing increased pension to people with lower levels of assets, whilst reducing the upper limits, meaning some part-pensioners with high levels of assets lost access to their part-pensions.

“As a consequence, those with higher levels of assets also lost their PCC and, as a consequence, lost access to a range of state/territory and local government and private sector benefits, such as discounted council rates or rail travel. The benefits of the card vary from state to state.

“In reinstating the PCC, the Turnbull Government is ensuring that these 90,000 former part-pensioners will be able to access those benefits again in the future.”

People who lost the card in January will automatically have one reissued and mailed out over the next two weeks.

For more information visit humanservices.gov.au

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Written by Drew

Starting out as a week of work experience in 2005 while studying his Bachelor of Business at Swinburne University, Drew has never left his post and has been with the company ever since, working on the websites digital needs. Drew has a passion for all things technology which is only rivalled for his love of all things sport (watching, not playing).


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    I have one question if someone can help. I am on work cover weekly payments of $619 per week I been on disability pension when they stopped paying me but gone back on work cover after my court case. My problem is that I am on twelve tablets a day and work cover pays only one. I just miss out by bit but I red somewhere if you where on disability pension the amount you can earn is bit hire but I was told that is not true

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    So if you do the correct thing and go without so as to have some super, most will not have their pension card returned, big deal P.M.you fool no one.We will remember this at the next election.

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    We lost our PCC several months after January, as our assets were only a few dollars over the changes to the assets test, and as Liar Turnbull said those who lost their PCC as a result of the changes would have them reinstated. But now we find we do not. As we were only a few dollars over at the time. then we should come under the same umbrella as those that lost it on the day, AS THEIR ASSETS WERE, HIGHER THAN OURS, so why do we miss out. LIAR LIAR LIAR TURNBULL.

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      Yes Mike we are in the same boat, we lost our card in March at the time of re-assesment. So those who have a lot more money than us get it back and we don”t I found this to be very petty, the bit the concessions cost you would think they could pass it on to everyone

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      We are in the same position Mike. Lost a very meager part pension in March and therefore do not qualify for the health card as those who lost their part pension in January. Where is the fairness and justice!
      The chemist bills every month for both of us is a killer as are all the other bills that we were getting a little help with as concessions. We should have spent every penny and then we’d be doing fine, rather than watching our hard earned disappearing fast!

  4. 0

    Pension for all, PCC for all, and taxed on all income, fringe benefits, and deemed income from assets at the current rate for PAYE.

    Never happen since that will kill the retirement plans in luxury of our politicians. One good reason to make public service a duty and not a benefit.

  5. 0

    The asset amount used to determent if you were over the asset test have been found to be incorrect but C.LINK will deny this and will not answer any correspondence on this matter so go ahead and but in a protest it is in your interest to do so.

  6. 0

    I agree with most here and esp Floss where they said “We will remember this at the next election.”

  7. 0

    Seems wherever the line is drawn there will always be those who think they should be on the ‘other’ side of it.

    • 0

      Aye – we be ‘Er Majesty’s Permanent and Loyal Opposition… we operate as a shadowy group outside of the political process, and use many roads to create meaningful difference…

      Sounds good anyway…. better than The Loyal Order of Toe-Cutters … or The Guild of Soul-less Economic Assassins…….

  8. 0

    Someone in the government has worked out that by cutting the pension in the first place will force ex pensioners to spend their reserves meaning that in the long run they will have more people getting on the pension, good on you TurdBall.

    • 0

      The new asset test was part of the 2014 horror budget introduced by our then Treasurer, Joey Hockey backed by his PM, Tony Abbott.

      Turnbull was the then Minister for Telecommunications who emasculated our NBN.

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    I guess I should be happy to receive the p.c.c.but having been self funded for 21 years out of 24 years I think it is time for all self funded retirees to at least receive one, after all it is peanuts compared with the “pollies perks”.

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    One further blow, we are homeowners in a small country town, and unlike our city cousins living in a multimillion home, our modest country cottage would be worth $250000 at most, so we dont have the option to downsize, so losing the part pension AND the PCC is a double blow. Where is the fairness, Mr Turnbull.

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