SuperRatings releases its top 10 superannuation funds

SuperRatings releases its report on the top ten performing funds for 2016.

SuperRatings releases its top 10 superannuation funds

Independent research provider, SuperRatings, has released its annual report on the top performing super funds for the calendar year.

Catholic Super and HOSTPLUS came out as equal winners for the top returning super funds, both delivering a 10.1 per cent return for their members – returns well above the average balanced option return of 7.3 per cent.

Cbus, CareSuper and Sunsuper followed the equal winners, all performing above median performance with 9.6 per cent.

According to SuperRatings, Catholic Super and HOSTPLUS were the top returning super funds in 2016, delivering a 10.1 per cent gain for their members, compared to the median balanced option return of 7.3 per cent.  Catholic Super and HOSTPLUS were followed by Cbus (9.6 per cent), CareSuper (9.4 per cent) and Sunsuper (8.9 per cent) – all performing above median performance for their members over the year.

Super funds delivered better than expected returns for 2016, especially considering the sharp fall that followed Brexit and related global political upsets.

“Political upsets were the dominating theme of 2016, and this year we will see whether these trends carry over to the European continent,” said SuperRatings Chairman Jeff Bresnahan. “There will be no shortage of political events in 2017, and based on last year’s experience we can expect continued bouts of heightened volatility. However, like 2016, we may be surprised at the resilience of super funds and their ability to perform in a range of market conditions.”


Here are the top performing super funds of 2016

1. Catholic Super – Balanced 10.1 per cent

2. HOSTPLUS – Balanced 10.1 per cent

3. Cbus – Growth (Cbus MySuper) 9.6 per cent

4. CareSuper – Balanced 9.4 per cent

5. Sunsuper for Life – Balanced 8.9 per cent

6. EISS Super – Diversified 8.8 per cent

7. Energy Super – Balanced Option 8.8 per cent

8. Media Super – Balanced 8.7 per cent

9. Equip MyFuture – Balanced Growth 8.6 per cent

10. HESTA – Core Pool 8.4 per cent

Median Return = 7.3 per cent

How did you super fund perform? Is your super fund in the top 10?



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    20th Jan 2017
    Nice to see returns are higher than the minimum compulsory withdrawal. Is the comparison measuring apples with apples? I note that there are some balanced, some growth and some diversified. I would have though that a comparison should show like with like.
    20th Jan 2017
    I am not sure where they are getting these figures from and whether its the last financial year as I am in one of those funds and it returned 0% for the last financial year and then charged fees. Methinks they are picking and choosing the best of each of the diverse investment portfolios and coming up with this figure.
    20th Jan 2017
    And I don't favour using a median figure which can be misleading. If we look at a set of percentages, say, 6.0%, 7.8%, 10.0%, 10.2%, 10.5%. The median is 10% but the average is 8.9%. I think most people would prefer an average figure to be quoted.
    21st Jan 2017
    Yes my SMSF is doing well too. A bit better than these so it is worth the little bit more effort.
    Old Geezer
    22nd Jan 2017
    If you just invested in the aussie stock market index you would have earnt over 12%.

    One would think with all their expertise they would do better than this 12%.
    26th May 2017
    my super is at 15% at the moment so very happy this year.
    20th Jan 2017
    UniSuper told me it was the best performing.... So much for that.
    20th Jan 2017
    Yes, and I was told QSuper was the best for 2016. Love to know who to believe?
    20th Jan 2017
    Never heard of any of these funds.
    20th Jan 2017
    Never heard of any of these funds.
    Tom Tank
    20th Jan 2017
    Interesting that these are essentially Industry Super Funds. The terms Balanced, Diversified are really the same and refer to the default investment option.
    It is because of the success of these industry funds that the commercial for profit funds want to muscle in on them, ably assisted by the current government. So much for free enterprise.
    UniSuper were a top performing fund until very recently and good well be again in the future.
    Shirboy if you haven't heard of any of them then perhaps your financial planner, if you have one, might need a kick up the "you know where".
    20th Jan 2017
    Comparisons should show like with like. Looking back with hindsight and saying that so and so is going well is after the event. I'm in Aust. Super and recently transferred the balance of my other fund because although they had improved many things, that outside of share based selections there was only really Property and a low performing Fix' Interest. I now have directly owned property whereas the other fund had share-based Property. That was a double risk. Although Aust Super has returned abt 7.5%--8 % for cal 2016 in Balanced and that is below this list, but there aren't any strategy change fees and a change is done in the next day. So, even these returns don't tell the whole story. I can't stay in a fund with a slow and/or costly strategy change and a market result that is flat or losing for 3-4 months. Good to have these figures in some ways though.
    20th Jan 2017
    Yes the vultures are circling or should I say the Libs.
    20th Jan 2017
    Same thing!
    Older lady
    20th Jan 2017
    Good to see Hesta on the list. A lot of nurses are with Hesta.
    20th Jan 2017
    And Rosret......getting the chart to equal the daily figure, getting a profit generally etc ....CAN take some er...understanding. Their figures are for Calendar 2016 but we all know that they usually report to members for the Fin Year. I'll leave 'any chance of predicting' for another entry !!
    20th Jan 2017
    I wondered if they just spanned any 12 months that looked good. :)
    20th Jan 2017
    The top-performing pension funds are more relevant to me. Pension funds are those pension products/funds that pay out pensions to its members. SuperRatings advises that the following are the top 5 pension funds based on the capital stable investment option over 5 years to 30/6/16 :

    1. UniSuper AP – Capital Stable 8.7%
    2. AON Master Trust Allocated Pension 8.3%
    3. AustralianSuper Choice Income Account – Stable 7.9%
    4. VicSuper Allocated Pension – Capital Stable Option 7.9%
    5. RBF Allocated Pension – RBF Conservative 7.7%
    20th Jan 2017
    I have a retirement account based pension within a fund mentioned by Micko. The problem is that it tests your resolve when for 7 months the ups and downs give you NO profit. I guess living sees your fund go down $20-30k !! In the hope that it will catch up... which did come in the next 4 months or so. The chart for Aust Super (in their chart) for the 2016 fin. year says 5.55%. The share market is unpredictable. Anyone who left their money locked in for 2007 on...... lost a lot of money. Never replaced. I am forced to change within the fund although if I was working I might not have to take that view.
    20th Jan 2017
    I have my super with REST and is not performing I retired last month is it advisable to take the funds from my super and invest elsewhere taking into consideration REST are taking out fees and there is a life insurance attached which is costing me also? I do not have much $55,000
    20th Jan 2017
    Hello Jannie
    I feel exactly the same and am withdrawing my Brothers money from there. I have been ten years at this.
    Put simply
    *A Bank will give you about 3% (no tax for you to pay).
    I have all mine in Australian Super which is giving (at the moment /and for the last 32 years a good return) in Property. Currently about 7.5% but it can change. Your current firm has buy/sell charges and A/Sup has none when changing strategy.
    *An Account based pension with a fund might give you 1%+ more than a super account so you might consider that when you swap.
    With limited funds you cannot risk all you have for bigger gains as you might lose, so one of the options above should be on the list. You have a problem if you aren't on the pension but if you are I don't think that money will be a problem with them. You need to investigate more. I have been in at least four funds over the years and settled as above.
    Old Geezer
    22nd Jan 2017
    Tried to transfer from REST into another fund for a young fellow and they are not co-operating at all. One of the worst performing funds I have ever seen.
    29th Mar 2017
    Anyone know how retail funds performed compared to those shown here; e.g. Perpetual ??
    I believe those shown here are mainly Industry funds and they usually perform better ?
    29th Mar 2017
    Johnp....try and see if that helps you at all.
    26th May 2017
    Thanks Micko. This also is a good ref site for comparing funds
    26th May 2017
    Also try this site johnp......
    9th Oct 2017
    Dear Leon
    Can you tell me anything about the performance of Stateplus Super Fund? Thank you.
    Jilly B
    10th Oct 2017
    I was surprised to see HESTA on the list. It is not only used by Nurses but also suggested to
    low paid Child Care workers. I had a small amount in a HESTA fund and to my surprise when I received my statement a few nights ago I received $28 in income and they took out $160 out for death cover. I cannot remember ticking Insurance when I filled out the forms. I have been burnt before with Insurance being deducted so I will be letting them know how disappointed I am with this deduction and I will be transferring the little left to Australian Super. If you are with HESTA check your statement for deductions as they can exceed what you are earning.