19th Dec 2011

It’s your money, get it back

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It’s not too late to join the class action against the big banks which have been unfairly charging their customers fees for going overdrawn, late payments or dishonoured cheques. 247,955 people think they have a claim. Could you benefit from this action?

No one is denying the importance of keeping your bank accounts and credit cards in good financial order, but every now and again, we make mistakes - we’re only human after all. Unfortunately such mistakes often come with a hefty charge of up to $60, when the actual cost incurred by your back bank or credit card provider may only have been a few dollars.

For the last year or so Financial Redress has been working with IMF (Australia) Ltd, to take on the big banks in one of the largest class actions the Australian courts have ever seen.  Many financial institutions may have changed the way they charge such fees, but surely they should be held accountable for overcharging customers, often those who could least afford it? If you have ever been charged such exception fees, then now is the time to act to try to get your money back.

All you have to do is visit financialredress.com.au, complete your name and contact details, fill in some basic banking details (you won’t be asked for account numbers) and accept the terms and conditions. You will then be contacted by Financial Redress to ascertain if you have a claim which can be included in the class action.

The action will be funded by Financial Redress and IMF, which will receive its money back plus 25 per cent of any compensation is successful.

For more details and to lodge your claim, visit www.financialredress.com.au

Have you been gouged in fees by your bank? Do you think this class action has any chance of success? Or do you think people should manage their finances better and never be in the situation to be charged fees?


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