Common jobs that might not exist in 20 years

Changing technology means these common jobs might not exist in the near future.

Jobs that won’t exist in 20 years

Technology is moving at an unprecedented rate, and with progress comes change. These common jobs might not exist in 20 years, or if they do, they’ll be radically different from how they are today.

Self-serve checkouts are on the rise, leading to fewer cashiers. But the self-serve checkouts themselves may soon be threatened by online grocery shopping, which is rapidly growing in Australia. Would you shop for groceries online for the convenience? 

Taxi drivers have already felt the threat of technology with ride-sharing apps, such as Uber, shaking up the industry. But the real revamp will be the advent of driverless vehicles. Taxi, truck and delivery drivers will soon be replaced by robotic implements that are able to drive without human assistance.

Fast food employees
Fast food giants like McDonalds are always looking for ways to a) maintain the quality standard of their product worldwide, and b) get food out faster. Fast food addicts can already order meals online, so the next step will be robotic cooks. This ice-cream shop in Japan is ahead of the curve. Do you find Yaskawa-kun, the ice cream serving robot, adorable or creepy? 

Finally, a job we can all agree should have become extinct long ago. Unfortunately, telemarketing calls will likely still exist, but will be performed by voice recordings. Telemarketing workers may also shift more heavily towards email and social networking spam.

Bank tellers
If you still withdraw your cash and send money through a human bank teller, you may be in for a shock as online and telephone banking will likely replace bank tellers soon. Financial advisors and bank employees will still be present, but there will be fewer of them.

What jobs do you think will be replaced by technology? And which new jobs do you think will become common?



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    9th Jan 2018
    I do shop online for groceries because I hate waiting in queues to serve myself. I haven't used a taxi for the past 35 years. I own a car for long distance travel and use public transport most of the time. Fast food has never appealed to me. I eat at restaurants when I don't cook my own vegetarian food. Telemarketers do not call me on my unlisted and do not call registrar list number. I haven't used a bank teller since the 1980s. Most of these jobs have been obsolete to me for years.
    10th Jan 2018
    Then your a time traveller with no problems, from the 15th century, by the way you need some meat in your body, you are not a herbivore. Unless your a giraffe?
    10th Jan 2018
    john...I am no time traveller but sure would love to be one...I evolved from eating pre -historic food. Wallace Simpson had it right, "You can never be too rich or too thin".
    9th Jan 2018
    Only one example is when a child darts out from behind a large truck or other then that will be the end of driverless. A real person can use tactics that have better chance of avoiding such as this
    9th Jan 2018
    Collision sensors can detect when the vehicle needs to apply its brakes ahead of time. In fact the collision sensors are more effective than a truck driver sitting up high in his cabin not being able to see every small obstacle on the road.
    9th Jan 2018
    Driverless cars are a great idea but not everybody will be able to afford one so old cars will still be on the road. That means idiots and speedsters will still be around as well.
    9th Jan 2018
    Until, authorities make automatic speed limiters mandatory for new and old vehicles.
    10th Jan 2018
    Driver less cars make me very very worried, yes of course their are idiots out there driving , but when ( not if) but when something goes wrong , well.....?
    John from Perth
    9th Jan 2018
    I think Politian's will disappear. After all, Artificial Intelligence
    is better than no intelligence.
    Polly Esther
    9th Jan 2018
    9th Jan 2018
    I think driverless cars should be fully tested using Polititions and Bank CEO's to make sure they are completely safe. Personally I think its all BS and would never use one. Would you get into a DC on the freeway doing 110kph
    9th Jan 2018
    I buy most of my toys & hobby/craft supplies on line. However the one time I tried on line grocery shopping I got 2 vacuum packs that were blown, & a couple of unsuitable substitutes. Never again, & if the supermarket want me to become a check out chick, they had better plan on paying me for my time, or offering a serious discount.

    I also do my cash withdrawals at the supermarket checkout. I don't know about that with self serve checkout. As for the rest, nothing will make me put my banking details on the net, or use a credit card for purchases. I use one of the secure payment systems, & do not do business with anyone who does not offer this facility.
    9th Jan 2018
    Sounds as though you haven't used an automatic check-out because you would have learned that you can also get cash out.
    Even the secure online payment provider PayPal has been hacked in the past.
    10th Jan 2018
    Unfortunately Hasbeen you will be a has been the way things are going , you will have to bank online, not saying its not sensible, but the electronic world will gobble you up eventually.Like all of us!
    9th Jan 2018
    I have used Woolworths online to order groceries once - only because I was given a voucher for free delivery and a discount on top. One major thing I found was that the range of products online was reduced - probably to only the high-profit brands. eg: there may be 7 or 8 different brands of pasta on the shelf, but online only offers 3 or 4 brands. So you may not be able to purchase your favourite brand item online. Also was not able to buy eggs online. Maybe they think there's too much chance of breakage.
    Apart from that, the service was good and their delivery schedules went much later than I thought they would. I arranged my delivery for between 4 and 5pm but I could have scheduled it up to between 6 and 7pm which would be handy in a household where both adults worked and the delivery arrives just after they get home from work.
    10th Jan 2018
    What I say about the future is this, firstly the world Governments need to be very, very, very aware , much more than I think they are now, that they have to answer the horrible question of, if 2 or 3 billion humans are seriously out of work and no things to do to have purpose, this world will not be worth living on. What will we do?
    Perhaps making robots is some great scientific achievement but if they take billions of jobs away well we have problems.
    What about the big shopping centres , will they die, will every one have a delivery man come with the groceries , will no one look in a shop again, what of the trolley people, what will happen to the car parks if in 50 years no one is using them , maybe earlier, will everyone be sat in front of a computer, forever, don't laugh they do it now, and some people sit down at a table with someone and pull out a damned phone . I guess we get a little far fetched, but I see some horrors for the future. What I do is I go to the shops, everyone who can, should!
    I refuse to do self serve , ever!
    I think we have almost outsmarted our stupid selves over the last 50 years, I think the internet and the facebook , twitter etc , is the most insidious deadly horror that humans have ever invented, worse than the nuclear bomb , because the computer disease affects all of us. Its a pandemic of insanity, and needs much stricter control, convenient ? OF COURSE it is, doesn't make it safe , and really talking about jobs , Posties? Letters will be gone then you will hope that your "online service" is secure, that is already laughable.
    We can't trust banks and worry about retirement and death, its a pity. We did alright we humans for a while, in the modern time, but not quite good enough, give ourselves nothing to do, with advancement???? ADVANCEMENT? its handy , but has a terrible secret, and of course we haven't learnt yet, not to kill each other, huh, that may get worse when no one has anything to do. We could sabotage the machines I guess.
    10th Jan 2018
    john...nothing has ever been secure not even the postie. Overpopulation is the world's biggest problem which everyone is in denial about due to political correctness. We are on the brink of a world war because Governments around the globe don't know how to fix the problem.

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