Joe Hockey hands down 2015 Budget

Treasurer Joe Hockey gave his Budget Speech to Parliament last night.

Joe Hockey hands down 2015 budget

Treasurer Joe Hockey gave his Budget Speech to Parliament last night and for those who missed, it, you can watch what he had to say.


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    13th May 2015
    "glass half full" - yes, because the government drank the first half and will be sipping at the remainder until the glass is empty. Nothing, so far, was taken away, but nor was anything given. Promises for the future are just that and not to be believed until they are honoured. What you have now, for the greater part, has not been given to you - it is what you have WORKED FOR. So don't think the government has done you any favours because they haven't. The grimacing cigar smoker seems to know very little about economic recovery and only about robbing Peter to pay Paul - and we are all looked upon by Hockey as being Peter.t
    14th May 2015
    Hockey, like this government, does not have any credibility left.
    Good comment Fast Eddie.
    Whilst we all have to stop wanting more and more caviar on our beer (national) income we also have to demand that the rich and their businesses pay their fair share. As things stand many rich Australians and foreign companies are of the opinion that they somehow should have to pay little or no tax.
    I'll believe that this government is after the rich when I see it. More than likely the provisions in the budget will never be implemented and it is my belief that this budget is simply anot her election lie. This bunch have a track record and I suggest that no different this time around.

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