Joe Hockey on shaky ground?

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With the result of the Canning bi-election hotly tipped to decide the fate of Tony Abbott as Prime Minister, it appears Joe Hockey has been suggested as an alternative sacrifice.

According to reports by Fairfax Media, some cabinet ministers have urged the Prime Minister to dump Joe Hockey as Treasurer should the Liberal Party not see the desired outcome in Canning. The calling of an early federal election in March 2016 is also said to be a possibility.

Social Services Minister Scott Morrison is hotly tipped to be the likely candidate for the post of Treasurer, while Mr Hockey would be offered another portfolio.

While the Liberals currently hold a margin of 11.8 per cent in the seat of Canning, a swing to Labor by as much as 10 per cent has been forecast by polls. And although this would see the Liberal candidate Andrew Hastie win the seat, it is considered by some cabinet ministers that even a swing of six per cent would be bad news for the Coalition Government.

One cabinet minister is reported to have told Fairfax that “They are considering dumping Hockey post-Canning and believe that will get them to Christmas,” with any move dependent on the result.

The removal of Mr Hockey as Treasurer would give the government the opportunity to reset its economic message, but could also prove risky. Despite a mixed performance over the last 15 months in the role, Mr Hockey is known to have a loyal group of supporters in the party room.

Would removing Joe Hockey as Treasurer make the Coalition Government a better option for voters? Has Mr Hockey performed badly enough to warrant such treatment? Is a swing in the Canning bi-election an accurate indication of nationwide sentiment towards the Government?

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Written by Debbie McTaggart


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    The only and most important outcome would be getting rid of TA, he is an embarrassment for the nation. And JH is a preposterous disgrace for the community, IGNORANT to say the least.

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    What’s that about the “Titanic” and “deck chairs”?

  3. 0

    Did the Earth move ? Nah ! Its only Toney jumping up and down in His Office !! 🙂 🙂

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    ‘With the result of the Canning bi-election hotly tipped to decide the fate of Tony Abbott’.
    This is a confection by the Tony Abbott haters in the media in the hope that if you say it enough times it will be true. Hard to believe the rabid malice that is evident for this man. It is very frightening.

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    Is there a “dump Abbott bandwagon” gaining momentum? I’m doing my bit, sending modest donations specifically for the Canning by-election to WA Labour, to GetUp, and to the Greens. I cannot vote in Canning, as I live in an adjoining electorate, but I really do want to help send the Abbott Government a really loud message, like let’s dump all, not just JH.

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    Desperate times in the Liberal Party and this exposes the serious battle going on between the right wing and “left” wing of the party.
    The right wing are not true liberals in the sense of the word but are really Tories in disguise. Robert Menzies would never have let them into the Party in his day.
    Joe really blotted his copybook with his support for the Republic as that is anathema to the right wing who are welded on Monarchists
    Not looking good for them at all with so many incompetents steering the ship.

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    And so, what will really happen if this comes about?
    Look at the alternatives we are unlucky enough to have and then ask yourself the question, will it really matter?
    ‘Never try to keep a leaking tinny afloat by pulling out the rubber plug’.

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      Agree it’s nothing more than another media stunt.

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      best way to keep a leaking tinnie afloat is to pull out the rubber bung but you need to be moving forward under power while you do it. Get Malcolm Turnbull and Julia Bishop or Scott Morrisons hand on the throttle handle and we might have a chance at saving this leaking boat. We need some progressive Liberal ideas not staid ultra conservative ideas to drain this flailing tinnie and get it up on the plane..

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      You won’t get anything useful from the current batch mango. This is dead wood left over from the Howard era which is full of spite because the electorate kicked them out.
      The only way forward for the Liberal Party is to get rid of many of this front bench and give those left a go. New blood. People without baggage and not being manipulated by vested interests.
      We live in interesting times.

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    The whole front bench Tony Abbott has handpicked to surround himself with, (OK one or two exceptions) are just woeful dinosaurs and ruining Australia’s reputation overseas, plus holding us back from moving forward the way we need to. We need a full election ASAP, not just get rid of Abbott, the whole lot should stand up and let the people decide.

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    I dont hate Tony Abbott or Joe Hockey but I do hate what they have done to people & the land. They told lies before the election, have told lies since the election & probably will again.

    They claim the deficit is too high & the cause of this is pensioners. Yet Australia spends less on pensions than all other developed countries.

    They said Medicare costs too much but targeted the poor when trying to fix it & did not consult Drs beforehand to see if this was an efficient way to go. They cuts funds to schools, cut educational programs, cut outback dental programs.

    They claim coal brings millions of money into the country, yet it is subsidized by tax payers at over $1000 per head of population. They have cut investment in renewables where we use to lead the world, just as the technology is improving in leaps & bounds & needs the money. They appointed a company to mine coal who are proven to break all the pollution rules – in spite of agreeing to be clean & green. The evidence is there in many countries in which they operate.

    They have taken all the nature Reserves, national & marine parks & removed their protection – supposedly to review their status – meanwhile, before the review has even been completed, they have issued mining & development permits within these areas.

    They allow millionaires, mining companies & all big companies to pay NO tax. They allow people who are wealthy to avoid tax by using Super, Private Comapanies, Family Trusts, Negative Gearing, etc. But target Pensioners who have a few saving put away for the future !

    I realise vey few people like politicians & say they are all the same. However it is a basic fact that Liberals & Conservatives base their policies on the big money, making wealth for the rich, on developement & resources. Labor bases its policies on improving life for the majority, assisting the poorer people, providing services for the ordinary people, promoting education. Yes all parties make mistakes, they all have “bad” people in their parties. But the basic underlying different aims of the main parties is still there. Labor has a social conscience, liberals & conservatives dont. I know which I prefer !

    They keep claiming mining will create jobs & list massive numbers – later proven to be untrue. The tourist industry based on the reef employs more people than mining

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      Well I’ll be ADAMIED !! 🙁

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      Most of your diatribe is the well worn and predictable cant of the socialist left.
      I accept the fact that you missed Economics 101 whilst you were busy doing whatever it was you did in the lefties loony bin but the BASIC fact is that workers ( your heroes) and the employing business class you deride, are mutually beneficial and interdependent. The only businesses owned and operated by the union movement are Mafia in style and that fact is becoming increasingly evident in the current Royal Commission.
      Can you imagine an economy based on unions kicking each others heads off?
      Bit like the socialists idea of everyone taking in each others washing!

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      They allow people who are wealthy to avoid tax by using Super, Private Companies, Family Trusts, Negative Gearing, etc

      And rightly so as they are the engine drivers of our economy.

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      Ah Paddles you stay consistently with your far right views, as you are entitled.
      The problem is that we are a nation run on English lines where any dispute MUST be decided through an adversarial process.
      One of the most successful country’s in Europe, Germany, are much more inclusive of their work force even to the extent of have workers representatives on the Board.
      Our process nearly always involves a fight between boss and worker. Some small companies are more enlightened but just look at 7-eleven and what they do to their workers then tell us how fantastic their boss is.

    • 0

      Paddles – your rant about the Mafia style in the Union is just as bad as what you say about Supernan. How many millions of wasted dollars to maybe – MAYBE – catch 2-3 INDIVIDUALS who MAY have done wrong?

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      Tom Tank

      It seems you may deem me anti-union and, if so, you would be wrong. I totally support the ideal of unionism as it was originally conceived. Over a long working life, I have been a member of several unions as appropriate to my position but, over that same long working life, I have seen the very nature of union activity alter beyond belief.
      Since the sixties they have set themselves up as the arbiters of social conscience and seek to influence many things far removed from the working conditions of the labour force that was their genesis.
      This has resulted in bringing about a situation where my, and your, life is being directed, via Labor parliamentarians, by people whom you never had the opportunity to vote for.
      If you think that I am stretching a long bow with that claim, then I would refer you to the interview with Lawrie Ferguson, a Labor icon himself, who said in an interview about the current Royal Commission, that virtually ALL upper house members and a great many lower house members sat by their phones at night awaiting the call from union “heavy” to tell them how to vote etc in the next sitting. So what price now, your adversarial system? A large part of one side is made up of people who have never faced the voters but they still wield the power.
      As for the Seven 11 situation, that is similar to many labour hire firms endemic to the fruit picking industry etc and they are beyond contempt. If they can be caught out, then you won’t find me or anyone else standing by them.

    • 0


      You may object to my choice of expression but you can’t avoid the fact that SO FAR, there have been charges actually laid against several union thugs and 27 others have been referred to various investigative bodies for possible action.
      And this in an incomplete RC whose final report is no doubt going to highlight the malfeasance or criminality of many highly placed political figures and I doubt that many of those will turn out to be in the Coalition ranks.
      Shorten and his union mates who put him into office are patently running scared and trying to “circle the wagons”. Contrary to what you may think, I take no personal satisfaction from this sorry state of affairs but, unlike you apparently, I agree with Martin Ferguson that this RC is very necessary to redress the scummy state that our political field finds it self in.

      Finally, I correct my error in the above response to Tom Tank. Where I said Lawrie Ferguson, I should have said Martin Ferguson. A “senior moment”.

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      Bonny: what a sick sick view of the world you have. Sounding like Frank. Maybe you are.

    • 0

      Well stated Supernan.
      Do not worry for the insults and name calling – many intelligent people follow labour for their social conscience and the majority of Aussies vote labour alone – not for a coalition of parties. For some reason, Conservatives tend to use names (sticks and stones) and other methods (like the RC) to those who are different from themselves, particularly if it is not about the mighty dollar.

  10. 0

    The media has a LOT to answer for.

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