23rd Feb 2012

Kevin Rudd steps down as Minister for Foreign Affairs

Kevin Rudd steps down as Minister for Foreign Affairs, challenge, Jullia Gillard, ALP, Prime Minister
Drew Patchell

Less than a week after a harmful video of Kevin Rudd went viral on the internet, he has stepped down from his role as Minister for Foreign Affairs at a press conference in Washington. The perfectly timed press conference, 5.20pm AEST, was just in time to catch all-of the nightly news programs. He made his intentions loud and clear when he said ‘there is one over-riding question for my caucus colleagues, and that is, who is best placed to defeat Tony Abbott at the next election?’

Prime Minister Julia Gillard is set to hold a press conference at 9.30am AEST Ms Gillard is expected to announce a leadership ballot for Monday.

Do you think Kevin Rudd should have delayed his resignation until after his international duties in the US were complete or did the negative comments by fellow Ministers force his hand?

Read why Drew feels Kevin Rudd’s timing is a strategic masterpiece
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24th Feb 2012
Terrific, he should never have been ousted in the first place,he IS the best choice
28th Feb 2012
Go Julia,
I was initially disappointed in her and thought she could be doing more for the struggling and disadvantaged in our communities but as time goes by my respect increases for her. With all the vitroile and disrespect thrown at her she has carried on stoically. As for Kevin Rudd, I don't care if I never hear about him again. It made me sick the way he protrayed himself as being innocent and hard done by. He has been undermining the government for months and his ego is unbelievable.

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