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The big banks, supermarkets and the Government were all in the firing line this week. Can anyone be trusted any more? Let’s find out what YOURLifeChoices members had to say.

With recent reports confirming what we already know – that the big banks are lying about funding costs – Debbie asked if it was time we demanded more. Wscifers thinks the only solution is to vote with your feet, “Doing business with the big banks is a mugs’ game. I do my banking with a credit union and it suits me fine. I left the big bank I was dealing with in the nineties. I suggest that you should look around at what else is on offer if you are unhappy with your current bank. It might be a pain in the**** to change all the arrangements you have made, but it is worth it in the long run.”

On Tuesday Drew reported that the Australian Human Rights Commissioner has been denied access to Nauru and Manus Island processing centres. Whether you agree or not, Piklo believes that those entering our country illegally should put up or shut up, “Without sounding racist and agreeing with most of the comments made today, anyone who tries to illegally enter our great country has no right to whinge or demand their rights. They have no rights as we as Australians do not have these rights if we tried to enter any other country the same way. If they don’t like it, they can go back to where they came from and shouldn’t stuff up our way of life or our country.”

The big supermarkets have had their fair share of bad press this week and Rachel asked if ALDI was benefitting from consumer dissatisfaction. OV1 is waiting for ALDI to think further than mainland Australia, “So ALDI is planning to saturate the eastern states with outlets in order to provide competition that will benefit customers. Big deal. It still does not have even one in Tasmania and doesn’t intend to provide any until it has a full complement on the mainland. Its interests are as much to do with profits as any of the other two and screw the consumer, which is what happens here like nowhere else. 

Kaye saw past the fanfare used to promote the recent round of pension increase announcements and asked if this government was doing any more for pensioners than previous governments. Tom Tank thinks it wouldn’t be difficult, “On the evidence yes the current lot have been more generous than the last lot but that hasn’t been too difficult.”

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Written by Debbie McTaggart


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    I don’t think Aldi is screwing the consumer. But as for Tassie. I think it should open it’s eyes and see what the prices are in that state. When we lived there, we journeyed to the mainland for a holiday, and found that prices for everything from car tyres to a loaf of bread is 30% dearer that side of Bass Strait than over here. That was in 1977.

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    All the profits Aldi makes go back to Germany. Australians who patronise Aldi do not have a chance to share in those profits. The Australian Federal Government should make it a condition that to trade here, all companies should list on the Australian Stock Exchange so that the people who provide the profits at least have a chance to share in them.

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    I shop at Aldi’s, I don’t just look at the price of an article, I also look where it is produced, Aldi will win this hands down, most of their produce comes from Australia, unlike Woolworths and Coles where most articles comes from America, Sth America or Asia. Even most of Aldies grog comes from Australia, most European articles they sell are hard to get anywhere else in Australia, the difference of shopping at Aldi’s or shopping in Safeway or Coles for the same articles will safe You 25%.
    As for the profits going to Germany, moteleon 8th march 2013, may be he can tell us where the profits of woolworths or coles go, both are more than 50% American owned.
    Yes I agree You cannot buy all the articles at Aldi, however they are improving, and for some articles I might have to go to the other competitors, by going to I.G.A. I still come out in front and still help Australian Products.
    Does it not come to Your attention that when Coles and Safeway Woolworths offer You either eight or ten cents a litre of your petrol, petrol seems to rise by more than 20 cents a litre, or when Safeway gives You $ 10.00 of Your leg of lamb for the week-end, You go into their shop on the Monday or Tuesday and find all the unsold items discounted by that amount to bring it in line with the normal price it is sold at.
    Australians wake up, if You want competition between the consortiums, use Your buying power and choose and shop between those suppliers. Try to buy as much as possible Australian products, especially food products and so help our producers to survive.
    When our Producers are gone You’ll pay for it BIG TIME.
    Will Your kids have a job to go to !!!!!!

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    I could not agree more, I dealt with it and share the view. Well said!

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    Down Down prices are down Woolworths & Coles keep telling us, WHY ??? simple because they have to lower their prices to compete with the likes of Aldi otherwise their prices would be astronomical.Thank goodness the big two now have a bit of competition.

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    Icould not agree more with heemskerk 99 . Ihave noticed myself that aldi have a high range of aussie made if they havent got what i want then i go to iga at least they are all for the aussie grower, keep away from them other two.

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    I take immense pleasure doing my shopping at Aldi, knowing that it is only competition that keeps the BIG 2 honest !
    I still shop at Colesworths for some items and enjoy lower prices there for the reasons stated above..




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