LifeProof phone case

Whether you have some extreme tourism planned, or you’re ready to admit that you’re clumsy with your phone, the LifeProof case can make your phone virtually indestructible.

The case increases a device’s durability and protects it from drops, scratches and moisture. It also allows you to attach a lanyard or wrist strap – after all ‘no drop’ is the best protection your device can have.

LifeProof cases come in two flavours – both offer the same protection but different aesthetics. The FR? series covers the back of the device and protects the front with a scratch resistant screen protector. The NÜÜD has a clear back case (showing off your smartphone’s design) and does not cover your touchscreen – allowing you to comfortably interact with the screen itself.

lifeproof waterproof phone case

The weight of the case varies depending on the type and the device it is for, but generally you’ll find the water resistance and drop protection is the same.

Phones protected by LifeProof cases can survive a 2m drop and can be submerged for up to an hour in 2m-deep water.

iPads protected by LifeProof cases can survive 1.2m drops and can be submerged for up to an hour in 2m-deep water.

Visit LifeProof to find out more.

You can buy LifeProof cases in Australia from Optus, JB HiFi and Gadgets Boutique Australia.

Could any of your broken devices have been saved by a LifeProof case?

Written by ryanbo


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