London’s murder map

The first time I was introduced to London’s murder map was surprisingly enough at work. The girls who sit in front of me had the intriguing map up on their screens at lunchtime and naturally, being the nosy, call me curious, human I am I had to see it with my own eyes.

Much like any other Google map of London, the main difference is that this one documents all the murders that have taken place in London. Created in 2010, I can confirm it is completely up to date as I checked for a particular incident that took place around the corner from work earlier this year and it was indeed listed on there.

london murder map

Not only does the eerie map detail all London’s murders it also allows you to filter by the nature of the crime namely by the type of weapon used. Choices include, knife, gun, ligature, poison, none, vehicle, bomb, blunt object and other.

Clearly not the most comforting of maps, the site is undeniably a fascinating look at London’s history and will suck you in. Before you know it you’ll wonder where the past hour went. If you live in London just don’t look around your neighbourhood or you may spend the next hour house hunting or worse, never sleep again.

Take a look at London’s murder map for yourself and tell us your thoughts. Would you like to see one for your city?

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Written by SJ


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