Men need time with mates

It may not be something the ladies want to hear, but there is now scientific evidence that proves that every man needs a good night out with the boys.

According to the research undertaken by scientists from Germany’s University of Gottingen, male bonding is more likely to lower a man’s stress levels than a night out with his partner, or time spent with the family.

Researchers studied groups of Barbary macaques, a type of ape that exhibits remarkably human-like social behaviour. The study – which will no doubt be seen as a green light by men across the country – found that males suffered much less anxiety and were more relaxed after time out with a group of other males. However, male stress hormone levels escalated when male macaques spent time with their partner or family members.

Long-term stress hormone elevation can increase the likelihood of disease and mortality. The study showed that males keeping a few close male friends could actually provide a buffer against day-to-day stress, while individuals with weak social ties had a higher risk of health problems.

So, even if men do act like monkeys, it seems that there’s some method to their madness. Heading out for a beer with the boys doesn’t have to be seen as a bad thing any more. Hopefully, the ladies will enjoy the benefits of lower stress levels around the house, and while the man’s away, it’ll provide the perfect opportunity for a girls’ night!

If you need further evidence, you can read the University of Gottingen report.