Mischievous monkeys

You won’t believe what these monkeys are getting up to in these two funny videos. Make sure to keep an eye on your possessions next time you’re in the company of primates.

Monkey ransoms

Monkeys are notorious for getting up to no good, but this pack of Balinese monkeys is learning from the underbelly of human behaviour. After stealing your personal belongings, this monkey Mafia makes you buy your property back with a sweet snack.

Monkey drunks

These Caribbean monkeys are just as mischievous as their Balinese counterparts, but they’re taking their cues from a different line of human behaviour. The cocktail bars of the Caribbean have never been so popular, but these freeloaders might ‘rum’ them out of business.

Can you believe just how similar these monkeys’ drinking habits are to ours?

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Written by ryanbo


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