Mute your iPhone’s calls and texts

Do you ever find your iPhone too intrusive? iOS offers two ways that allow you to control how much contact others can make with you. These are Silent mode and Do Not Disturb mode. Both allow you to control how you receive calls and messages. Today, we explain how they can be of use to you.

Silent mode
This is your first defence against diverting messages and calls. This mode allows for incoming contact but mutes the alerts. The device will still light up, however. Turning on Silent mode is as simple as flicking the switch on the left side of the device. iOS also offers a few options when it comes to personalising Silent mode. For instance, iPhone may still vibrate when you receive a call. You can disable this function by going to:

  • ‘Settings’ > ‘Sounds’ and hitting ‘Vibrate on Silent off’

Do Not Disturb mode
A lesser-known but mighty useful feature, Do Not Disturb will allow your device to receive messages and calls while preventing notification alerts. Unlike Silent mode, Do Not Disturb mode will prevent the screen from lighting up when messages and calls come through. The easiest way to enable Do Not Disturb mode is to navigate to the Control Centre, by swiping up from the Home Screen, and tapping the crescent moon button. Another way is by going to:

  • ‘Settings’ > ‘Do Not Disturb’ > ‘Manual’

There are also a number of personalised options, including scheduling on/off periods for Do Not Disturb mode, allowing calls only from specific people, and allowing a caller’s second attempt to ring through when the call is made within three minutes.

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