New iPhone 5s and 5c launched

Drew looks at the new iPhone 5s and 5c and gives you the need-to-know details.

New iPhone 5s and 5c launched

Rumours have been flooding the internet over the last month about what Apple had in store for the new iPhone. Almost every rumour was yesterday confirmed as true when Apple launched its new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. Both models will go on sale Australia-wide next Friday.

The iPhone 5s was hailed by Apple at the launch as “the most forward-thinking phone Apple has ever created”. While there are three main upgrades worth talking about, Apple’s statement is a stretch. Probably the most important upgrade to the iPhone 5s is the new processor, the first 64-bit CPU to be used in a smartphone to-date and Apple is claiming that the iPhone 5s is up to twice as fast as the iPhone 5 for intensive tasks. Apple’s recent television campaigns in Australia has been focused on how the iPhone is used as a camera, so it is no surprise that the 5s comes with a redesigned lens which will allow larger photos to be taken, a redesigned flash feature and the introduction of ‘burst mode’ for multiple shots in a row. There will also be extra software upgrades. The most innovative upgrade for the 5s is the introduction of a fingerprint sensor into the home button, which can be used as a ‘passcode’ for accessing the phone and for locking certain apps. The iPhone 5s is priced from $869 for the 16GB version with the 64GB version retailing for $1129.

The iPhone 5c, to be released at the same time as the 5s, is a less expensive version with a body made out of plastic instead of aluminium. The 5c is less advanced than the new 5s, with similar specifications to the current iPhone 5 model. Changes include a better camera and improved battery life. The 5c will be available in five colours, which seems to be the main selling point for the phone. It will cost just $130 less than the 5s. For what was expected to be Apple’s low-cost iPhone, $739 for the 16GB model is a disappointment.

Find out more about the iPhone 5s

Find out more about the iPhone 5c

Opinion: Does Apple take us for fools?

Australians have been buying Apple products for more than a decade, with demand increasing year on year. In recent years, Apple has struggled to maintain its status as the most innovative, forward-thinking company in the smartphone business, with competitors beating Apple to the punch on most fronts. Apple has been reduced to launching new product after new product, with a slightly more advanced processor, higher resolution screen or better camera. Unfortunately, the majority of new features added to Apple’s products are either a copy of something already available on competition smartphones, or a gimmicky component such as a fingerprint scanner.

When I heard the rumours last month that Apple would be releasing a low-cost iPhone, I was quite excited as it could have made the easy-to-use iPhone more affordable for those on a budget. Apple has let its customers down with the price of the iPhone 5c. Simply, it is too expensive. There is no logical reason why any smartphone user would purchase a 5c over a 5s for the sake of $130. Then again, branding is a powerful thing!

I have owned two different editions of the iPhone in the past and, after recently moving back to an Android, won’t be purchasing another Apple product unless the brand becomes significantly more innovative with its future product releases.

Does the new iPhone 5s or 5c interest you? Do you currently own an iPhone? Why did you buy it over a less-expensive Android-run product?


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    12th Sep 2013
    On a side note, it seems as though investors were also underwhelmed by the latest iPhone models as the Apple share price is down 5.44% over the past day and a half!
    12th Sep 2013
    I think Aussies are acting like fools. For years we have known that we are not only being ripped off not only by apple but by other US manufacturers. (sorry most are being manufactured in China). Yet like turkeys we blindly take it and we continue to buy this overpriced product that is barely better than others.

    The unfortunate thing we are quite prepared to buy other products on the net to get things cheaper from overseas than we can buy them here stuffing up are local businesses yet we put up with this.

    Where is the old Aussie "stuff you" when we are put upon like this.
    12th Sep 2013
    I consider myself to be fairly tech savvy and there is no way I'll ever purchase anything from Apple because they are too expensive. It's the Android market all the way for me and that of my family because of price and reliability. I'm on my second smart phone, a Samsung Galaxy Duos Y which I bought unlocked and on special. It's only downfall is the too small internal memory so I went online to find out what the problem was with full memory and not being able to download updates. I did not have this problem with my Sony Experia 10 as it was bought on a plan and contract. However for the best value with mobile phones a sim card only is the way to go and own an unlocked phone. My Sony Experia is unable to be charged by the terminals, I have worn them out. Two of my sons have unlocked smart phones like me and are able to shop around for the best deal to suit them. I don't think Apple will ever be able to truly compete with the Android market in the budget section. Pensioners and students are overlooked as a viable market with Apple in my opinion.
    12th Sep 2013
    definitely will not be buying a new iPhone as the one I have serves me well and I like the way it is user friendly. Hopefully, will get many years out of it and I do not need to have prestige when owning a Phone. Also the price we are being asked to pay in Australia is a joke and most Australians HAVE been taken for a ride. It's simple, buy one and make it last as long as you can. Then you will get value for money, not by changing every 2 years. I had a motorola for 12 years so they can last.
    12th Sep 2013
    I don't own a mobile phone or any 'i' thingy because I can't use them. I have always thought I am too dumb to use them but now I am wondering if maybe I am smart because I don't have one!!!

    OK , back to Kant and co. :)
    Nan Norma
    12th Sep 2013
    my camera doesn't even a camera. No internet. it makes calls and at the moment that all I require. Oh, and prepaid.
    Nan Norma
    12th Sep 2013
    Ups, My phone doesn't have a camera.
    12th Sep 2013
    I can't understand why people need all the palaver an iphone holds. I have a smartphone which, quite smartly I use for phoning. For computer work I have a computer, and for portable computer work I have a laptop...all that works for me. Besides that, the price is scandalous and definitely ridiculous!!!!!!!!
    12th Sep 2013
    I think it's like million dollar cars that do 300km hour. (and where can you do this) I (supposedly) have the best to show off.

    Same thing happened when VHS recorders came out with a multitude of options where only 10% were used. What did most people just want to do? Record a TV show and then play it back or play one from the video store.
    12th Sep 2013
    An iPhone is a smart phone, dippity.
    12th Sep 2013
    Don't know what all the fuss is about, I think iPhones are very cheap. In fact I have never paid for one. Just wait until the kids upgrade and they throw the old smartphone my way!
    I still have an ancient iPhone 3GS that works perfectly and to which I have easily fitted a new battery obtained from eBay for $5.
    12th Sep 2013
    I have a smartphone it cost me $73 brand new. It has a touch screen, can talk on it, recieve calls, receive emails, send emails, take pictures and access the internet if I want to. Can't understant why some one needs to spend $800 for maybe better quality pictures maybe a bit faster plus a host of things they don't need or will never use is beyond me.
    12th Sep 2013
    I had a Galaxy Ace but there was not enough internal memory, even though I wasn't using it for emails. I now have a Galaxy S4 and being an oldie I love the Safety Assistance option where i put in a contact no. in case of emergencies. If you do have an emergency, you just press the volume button for 3 seconds, and the nominated no. gets the message. "I am at (location) Please help me." This is great peace of mind for my family if I am home alone, and need urgent help. I must admit I used U-tube videos to see "how to" do various things on the S4, but think I have pretty well mastered what I need to know. I just love my Galaxy S4
    12th Sep 2013
    I do not have a mobile phone.
    I decided it was too expensive.
    Too complicated.
    I decided that if anyone wanted me they could use the
    Australia post
    They could knock at the door & we could have a cup of tea together.
    Call in advance & arrange to meet & I will bake a cake/biscuits/muffins/scones - you name it.
    If I am not at home bad luck "it was not meant to be mate"
    12th Sep 2013
    Nightshade, I bought my mobile smart phone outright and unlocked for $180 from Big W. By doing this I have a sim only postpaid account with Vaya who go through the Optus network. I pay a whole $17 per month for $700 worth of calls plus $900 worth of Vaya to Vaya calls and 2Gb of data. I have never ever gone over my limit. Now if I had a landline this $17 would not even cover my landline rental so mobile phones are not too expensive, one just has to shop around like I did......
    Nan Norma
    12th Sep 2013
    You can buy a phone like mine for $39 make phone calls for 12c a min. $10 for 90 if that's all you want. Mobile phones are great and have saved many lives.
    12th Sep 2013
    The kids said "how will we contact you, if you don't have a mobile phone ?"

    Has the phone ever rung in the dead of night or in the wee small hours & there was no one there or there was faint breathing ?
    Of course you hang up.
    Sometimes they call back & several time in one session of perversion.

    "Try the prank call method.' I replied.
    12th Sep 2013
    We go through life denying ourselves
    The kids cost
    The life costs
    So we sacrifice those few favorite things & only yearn for them.
    Blood Troopers we are !
    And guess what one day you find that you are old & your life has been one big bag of wishes that did not come true.
    12th Sep 2013
    Anyone who has been buying Apple products for long enough will know by now to never upgrade to an iPhone with a letter at the end of it's name. So this is one person Apple hasn't taken for a fool !
    12th Sep 2013
    Android (HTC) all the way for me. I don't need to be trendy, just practical.
    12th Sep 2013
    I've got a Mobile Phone a Space Man dropped !! It Teleports Me to the Moon on Command !!
    14th Sep 2013
    We bought a Kogan smartphone for $149. It was our first such purchase so we floundered for a bit. However the local library provides instruction on such devices. The guy who helped us had never heard of Kogan (only online), but was mightily impressed with it. So, yar-boo sucks to Apple !

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