More text messages as we get closer to election: Palmer

The stream of unsolicited text messages will not stop, contrary to voters’ wishes.

text message

Clive Palmer has declared that there is no limit to how much money he will contribute to get his embattled United Australia Party (UAP) back on the voting public’s radar.

He has vowed to bombard Australians with television and print advertising, billboards and unsolicited text messages in the lead-up to the federal election.

“We're spending money and we've got a lot of money to spend,” said Mr Palmer.

“There’s no limit to how much we will contribute. I’ve put no limit on it.”

You may already have seen the huge yellow billboards with Mr Palmer giving the two thumbs up to his “Make Australia great” party slogan, and millions of Australians have also been a captive audience to his text message campaign which began earlier this month.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten has labelled Mr Palmer Australia’s “No.1 digital serial pest” and claims that taxpayers are footing the bill for his advertising campaign after providing $67 million to support workers sacked at his Townsville nickel refinery – a claim Mr Palmer denies.

“I say to Australians: maybe you think it’s funny or maybe you’re getting annoyed or whatever by that yellow wallpaper he’s papering up all over billboards around Australia. I just say this: the bloke owes the workers money,” said Mr Shorten.

“The taxpayers of Australia – you and everyone else – have paid his debts for him, so when he contacts you, he’s spending your money to annoy you. He should just pay the workers, do his proper obligations, and then he can have you welcome to hear what he has to say on anything else.”

While many may forgive Mr Palmer for emblazoning his image above city and suburban streets and highways, it’s the text message campaign that has certainly irked voters.

According to Mr Palmer, around 5.6 million Australians have received his unsolicited SMS messages, spruiking improved transport and infrastructure, his party slogan and, ironically, a message stating that his party would try to ban unsolicited text messages if elected.

His messages have generated 280,000 hits on the UAP website, with only 3000 complaints that he claimed were “mainly robocalls by the trade union movement”.

According to the YourLifeChoices Friday Flash Poll: Are unsolicited messages an invasion of your privacy?, we can add almost 1000 legitimate complaints to that list.

Of the 1206 respondents to our poll, 67 per cent said they had received the UAP text message. When asked if these types of messages from political parties should be allowed, 92 per cent said no. The same question was asked about charities, and 93 per cent said no.

It has been said that this type of communication should be accepted as part of modern-day electioneering. However, 72 per cent of pollsters said it shouldn’t be, while 20 per cent are willing to accept this fate, and eight per cent are undecided.

Still, 94 per cent believe the Privacy Act should be amended to ban unsolicited text messages, and almost all (99 per cent) feel that there should at least be a way to unsubscribe from them.

It would seem that Mr Palmer’s tactics are rubbing voters the wrong way but, in the meantime, the text messages won’t stop.

“We'll be running more text messages as we get closer to the election,” said Mr Palmer.

“It's a way of stimulating debate in our democracy, it's a way of people being able to communicate with each other and it's recognised by the Liberal and Labor parties, who brought in the legislation, supported it in Parliament, as a desirable feature of Australian public life.”

Do you like Clive Palmer’s message, even if it is being conveyed in an invasive way? Would you vote for the UAP based on these messages?



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    21st Jan 2019
    I’d rather receive Palmers great policy messages than have to put up with Shortens b/s
    21st Jan 2019
    The only bullshit here, Lothario, is yours and Palmer's.
    24th Jan 2019
    Couldn't agree more, Lothario. At least Palmer has some original ideas and doesn't recycle old failed BS policies and justify the recycling with blatant lies. Palmer couldn't possibly do the damage Arsehold Short-on-brains threatens by recycling ancient policies that were proven to fail.
    21st Jan 2019
    I've had two messages from Clive Palmer's UAP Party. First time I said "Piss Off". I could have said worse. Second time the message was "When elected, United Australia Party will ban unsolicited political text messages which Labor and Liberal have allowed. Auth My response was "Well start with yourselves dickhead"
    21st Jan 2019
    What about the employees of his mining concern he didn't pay owed wages and superannuation to? What a toad.
    21st Jan 2019
    I have been receiving his text messages every couple of days. Bloody annoying, can't block them, can't send a rude response. Wouldn't dream of voting for the dickhead. Australias Trump. Lets hope there is not enough dumb hillbillys in Australia to vote him in as happened with Trump in America.
    21st Jan 2019
    Sadly, there are plenty of those in the redneck state of Queensland.
    21st Jan 2019
    This is what I had to send to the UAP. After non stop harassing text messages. "My mobile phone number is xxxxxxxxxx. If you do not stop sending me text messages I will be going to the Telecommunications Ombudsman to get something done about this HARASSMENT. I am not or will ever have any notion of voting for the UAP and I will make it an endeavor to make sure via my FB page that your party is not going to get voted for by all the people I can contact on FB.

    STOP THE HARASSMENT you have been told!

    21st Jan 2019
    Pointless. Political parties, like charities are exempt from all laws on harassment via telecommunications.
    21st Jan 2019
    clarkey, it sounds as if you do need to talk to your Doctor about your medication. The appropriate response to any unwanted SMS would be a swipe or a couple of key strokes and it is deleted.
    By being on FB you have compounded your problem as FB on-sells your entire browsing history to companies that then sell it to other agencies. Every time you mention Clive Palmer and the UAP on FB it is noted and counts as an interest in him and his Party. If you are really that disturbed by the situation, the best you can do in this environment is to leave FB completely and ignore Mr Palmer and the UAP.
    21st Jan 2019
    Couldabeen my medication is working just fine thanks! I could not block the number as there isn't one to block, where the number usually is there was just the letters UAP, the only thing I could do was delete the never ending text messages. Since I sent the email to the UAP office the sms's have stopped. FB does not have my phone number as I only use FB on my PC. I flatly refuse to give my number to FB. As for the rest of your post, the answer is that if the UAP comes up on anything I open in FB I have the opportunity to hide their posts as inappropriate material. So I am not worried about that one iota! Thanks for the advice! Now where did I leave that bottle of pills?

    KSS I can still complain to the Ombudsman just like you can and whether they are exempt or not the Ombudsman has to do something if I complain about harassment.
    22nd Jan 2019
    How did that work for you Clarkey? Not so good? Threatening exposure on Facebook? How did that go then?
    21st Jan 2019
    Just one question - where the hell did he get my number?
    23rd Jan 2019
    I must be lucky never had one yet.
    21st Jan 2019
    Palmer.... fat p...k that he is, is only about making himself even richer than he was before...better he uses his wealth to compensate the Queensland Nickel workers he left high and dry in 2016
    21st Jan 2019
    Yes, and the 3,000 workers who lost their jobs when he decimated the Hyatt Coolum. Now, it’s an empty white elephant. The man is a big talker who can’t be trusted. He was hopeless last time, so he’s had his chances
    21st Jan 2019
    If Mr Palmer was genuine, he would bring his son back to face the music and pay all Queensland Nickles' employees and suppliers what they are entitled to.
    21st Jan 2019
    His nephew (not his son). And the metal you refer to is spelt "Nickel".
    21st Jan 2019
    Clive Palmer, who is he? Oh I know, the man who was not a 'has been' just a 'never was' and now he is wasting his time because he will be a 'never will be' as a politician. He would be better to go and live in America and be a look alike for that other useless 'blimp' Donald Trump.
    21st Jan 2019
    ""We're spending money and we've got a lot of money to spend,” said Mr Palmer.
    “There’s no limit to how much we will contribute. I’ve put no limit on it.”"

    So there is something in the old adage "a fool and his money are soon parted" then!
    21st Jan 2019
    It can only be an invasion of privacy if personal information is obtained about you. Receiving unsolicited texts is not an invasion of privacy. It's just annoying.
    Karl Marx
    21st Jan 2019
    What would happen if you went to his office & stood their for 60 seconds ranting & raving about your thoughts on politics. You'd be evicted by security or police & then charged with trespass.
    So what is Clives mobile number so we can all call him & rant our political thoughts. Oh yes , privacy laws prevent us from that information
    21st Jan 2019
    I agree with you Clarkey. Would also like to point out I thought this forum was for us to voice our personal opinions not for personal attacks from people who don't agree with what someone else thinks. Rather childish.
    23rd Jan 2019
    People dont understand how a forum works. You are right Casey..attack the argument not the writer and call them a "d.............ead" or similar because they don't agree with them.
    Childish is correct!
    21st Jan 2019
    There seem to be a lot of "precious" people around who are not as bright as they think they are. I have received both of the UAP SMS's. As far as I can recall, neither were actually addressed to me by name. As such, they were not an invasion of my privacy. The UAP probably does not have anyones 'phone number specifically.
    It is the same as everyone reading and commenting here also has my 'phone number. The fact that they don't know the specific sequence to put the numbers in to reach me does not change the fact.
    Whilst it is unlikely that Mr Palmer will be returned to Parliament, his policies so far announced would appear to be less harmful to Australia as a nation than those coming from Mr Shorten and the ALP.
    On-line companies, including this one, gather individuals 'phone numbers when you sign up. Included in the T&C's is that you have agreed to them on-selling your information to third parties for "mutual benefit". Each and everyone of us has "cookies" installed within our browser that records and reports back to unknown parties our viewing history. These "cookies" can be very tenacious and difficult to remove. Don't blame Clive Palmer and the UAP for the texts, you may've given the information yourself.
    If it genuinely concerns you, make sure that you also attack GetUp! and the ALP when they launch their campaigns with lies and smears.
    invisible sock
    21st Jan 2019
    "The UAP probably does not have anyones 'phone number specifically."

    I think you'll find that they probably have his nephew's number but aren't game to use it.
    21st Jan 2019
    Couldabeen you are getting pretty insulting with the name calling! Precious? Yes and why not? I do the same for any unwanted sms or calls if they persist. You have not as yet told us "precious" people how to fix it so the sms's are stopped. I don't care about your privacy, I care about mine and if that makes me "precious" the you must learn to live with it! Or how about give some real positive feedback on how to stop the UAP. What I did worked!
    21st Jan 2019
    "These "cookies" can be very tenacious and difficult to remove."

    Not if you use a program called CCleaner.
    22nd Jan 2019
    Palmer sure has got a lot of people talking about him! I also can't see what people are so excited about, as many (not all) of his messages against Labor, Liberal and Greens are quite valid too. Nothing offensive either. It is his right to be heard - as allowed under the law.

    Incidentally, it is the ALP, including Shorten, who failed to tighten up the rules for payment of workers by businesses (who siphon off funds before shutting it down), who are responsible for the disgusting system we have as it is VERY common how businesses behave. Blame yourself, Shorten and the ALP (besides Libs who don't care), for the system which allowed Clive to avoid payments. Just like Labor & Liberal have allowed the many tax loopholes to allow businesses and the rich to avoid paying reasonable taxes.
    24th Jan 2019
    Quite right, GeorgeM. And neither Labor nor Liberal will tighten the laws because they WANT their rich buddies to have an out when things get tough. Neither care about the employees really. They make noises, but their actions give them away.

    At least Palmer puts forward some original ideas sometimes. That's more than the self-serving morons in the LNP and ALP seem capable of doing.
    21st Jan 2019
    Clive Palmer the more texts you send me the less likely I am to vote for you. You are invading my privacy. By the way have all you previous staff of your mine received all the money and super due to them??? I don't know how you can be allowed to run for parliament after being such a scammer.
    21st Jan 2019
    Hey there Political dickheads, you send me a campaigning SMS and immediately your party goes onto the "Verboten, DO NOT TOUCH" list! There's enough lies and unfulfillable promises touted in the mainstream news, I do not need personal reminders of future promises of corruption and incompetence !
    21st Jan 2019
    It should be made illegal, but unfortunately I don’t think there is anyway it can be stopped, as far as I know there isn’t a system in place similar to the do not call register. As for Shorten’s call regarding Palmer and the money that is owed to workers who lost their jobs and entitlements, there should be a royal commission set up to investigate where the money has gone, at the same time they might want to look at the deals Shorten has done that has cost workers jobs and lower pay packets, I won’t hold my breath for either of these things to happen.
    21st Jan 2019
    I just turn my mobile off unless I need to use it as I still have a landline, only use my mobile when I go on holidays or when I have told someone to ring me on the mobile.

    21st Jan 2019
    I hope the digital harassment backfires BIG-TIME on this egomaniacal toad. As Bill Shorten says "Pay the workers".
    24th Jan 2019
    Yep. Short-on will make nice noises, and if the workers do get paid, he'll steal it all back and grind them into hardship with unfair taxes. And when they are broke, he'll give them a pension and then whinge that it's costing the nation too much for welfare (to all those who wouldn't have needed welfare if Arsehole-lying-Short-on-integrity hadn't taxed them unfairly in the first place!)
    21st Jan 2019
    Personally I will not give my vote to anyone who harrasses me via SMS - so worst case is I may wind up voting informal :-)
    21st Jan 2019
    If I get text messages from unknown sources, I just delete them!

    I don't watch that much 'live-to-air' TV, so I don't get bombarded with them. I record the programs I want to watch, then fast forward thru the ads - just my way of ignoring them :)
    22nd Jan 2019
    What is it about Queensland ?
    Vote this dishonest businessman into Parliament so he can handle public $$$
    He can't handle his own finances and does not pay his debts.
    He lies about whereabouts of his nephew who handles financial affairs.
    Our very own Trump.
    ex PS
    22nd Jan 2019
    Same thing as NSW and Victoria.
    24th Jan 2019
    And you think Shorten or Morrison are any more honest than Palmer? Seriously? Can you actually identify an honest politician? I think the phrase is an oxymoron, isn't it?
    I can remember when
    22nd Jan 2019
    " it's a way of people being able to communicate with each other"

    Nope. It's all one way from him.
    24th Jan 2019
    Clive Palmer is right about foreigners buying land from Australian farmers. Mainly Chinese. No text messages as I have no mobile phone. Bill Shorten has not ruled text messages.He claims that they will be facts

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