North Korea nuclear testing condemned

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On Tuesday North Korea admitted to detonating a nuclear test at an underground site in the country’s northeast, with seismic monitors detecting tremors measuring 5.0 in magnitude.  A statement from the state-run news agency confirming that the nuclear test was carried out using a miniaturised device, has prompted fears that North Korea has developed a nuclear warhead small enough to be fitted to a ballistic missile that has the capacity to reach the United States or Australia.

The international community has been swift in its condemnation of the testing, including North Korea’s main ally China stating their opposition.  All members of the UN Security Council have backed a statement saying that North Korea was in ‘grave violation’ of UN resolutions and highlighted the threat made in January to take ‘significant action’ if new nuclear testing was staged.  Appearing unrepentant, North Korea has stated that the test is merely its first response to hostilities from the United States and testing will continue, especially if sanctions are tightened against it.

Jon Yong Ryong, the first secretary of North Korea’s mission in Geneva has said “The US and (its) their followers are sadly mistaken if they miscalculate that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea would accept the entirely unreasonable resolutions against it, and… will never be bound to any resolutions”.


Opinion: Is China now the West’s greatest ally?

North Korea has once again shown little regard for the UN and the western world by carrying a series of nuclear weapon tests. The defiance by the North Koreans serves as a timely reminder that peace between the north and the more pro-west south of the country has never formally been declared. However, the North Koreans are at pains to include the US in its condemnation of sanctions against the country and have basically threatened a nuclear strike if the US doesn’t take the country’s demands seriously.

What is perhaps different about this round of muscle–flexing by the North Koreans has been the response of its closest and most powerful neighbour. While in the past China may have seemingly turned a blind eye to what the North Koreans were doing, it has this time spoken against its pro-nuclear stance.

The willingness by China to seemingly stand with the US and the UN on this matter will be closely monitored by analysts and will no doubt make North Korea think twice about making a stand against two of the world’s strongest and most powerful nations. However, the unease which is unfolding on the Korean Peninsula is still a cause for concern for many.

Considering that North Korea has ignored UN orders to stop its atomic activity, do you think North Korea is being deliberately provocative by undertaking these nuclear tests? Should we as Australians, be concerned that there may be a real threat of nuclear weapons being used against us as an ally of the US? What more can be done to deter North Korea from undertaking future testing, since the threat of further sanctions and international isolation seem to be falling on deaf ears?

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Written by Andrea


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    The willingness by China to seemingly stand with the US and the UN on this matter will be closely monitored by analysts and will no doubt make North Korea think twice about making a stand against two of the world’s strongest and most powerful nations. However, the unease which is unfolding on the Korean Peninsula is still a cause for concern for many. Unquote.
    And what if China is using North Korea as a puppet to bring this situation about??
    (Being that Chinese and North Korean pilots served in Vietnam flying Russian aircraft)
    Is China becoming tired of actually BUYING our resources?
    Watching our governments (state and federal) stumbling about in the comedy of parliament and in complete disarray is an insult to their orderly culture and having to deal with these people!
    What of us? Shall we send our mighty Navy in a show of force or defence?
    Oops, can’t do that as the Navy is busy with humanitarian ferry work.
    China and North Korea now wait to see what responses will be made by the US.
    Australia would not be in the equation!

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    Australia is, unfortunately, one of the world’s greatest warmongers. Australia is one of the first to enter any and every fray in a vain attempt to convince the rest of the world that Australia is important and to try and buy American insurance against hostility towards Australia. The USA will always act in its own interest and our strategic position is likey to provide a reason for that support. True friendship cannot be bought. China is achieving its ends through economic means and it does not need a war. I think that China enjoyed North Korea’s provocative stance but is now aware that it is becoming dangerous. Hopefully, China will use its influence to restrain the North. It is sad that the North Korean people live in poverty whlist its government spends inordinate sums on its military and keeps its people ignorant of all things outside its borders.

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    Australia is not the first to enter in to any hostilities between other countries.(That phrase ‘one of the first’ is so often used, and is totally ungrammatical–there is only one ‘first’ ) The USA has always tried to be the big policeman of the world, loving every minute of it, whether it causes war or not. Unfortunately, Australia is fast becoming a puppet to US strings, and as Aloysius said, the US will always act in it’s own interest- “let the reader use discernment”

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      That phrase “the US will always act in it’s own interest” is totally ungrammatical – the apostophe is incorrect. The correct word here is “its”, which denotes ownnership, whereas “it’s” is an abbreviation for “it is”

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      Yes Frank! ‘ourjeffie’ is right. Very important that you get it right. Give yourself an uppercut man!

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      I am another pedant, so thanks. Something is either grammatically correct or it’s not grammatically correct. The adjective “totally” is redundant. “One of the first” is an abbreviation commonly used to mean a member of the first group. The USA’s role of big policeman is resented widely and Australia is resented as the deputy sheriff that lacks the muscle to back up its rhetoric.

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      I wouldn’t call myself a pedant, I just thought this was a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black 🙂

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    This is now the most extremely dangerous situation the free world has ever had to face. Forget Russia and the Cuban crisis. At least the Russians had a conscience.
    Does the free world wait until North Korea continues to develop the potential to annihilate any country it chooses on the pretext that unless it gets what it wants – it will launch its nuclear rockets on some unfortunate country – because that’s just what its insane heads of state and its army chiefs are likely to do?
    Should this occur, the USA and every other nuclear power in the free world will have no alternative but to retaliate in kind – and in the hope that they can deliver a massive knockout punch to the North Korean dictator and the North Korean Army – once and for all. One cataclysmic swoop to destroy the whole country along with its poor unfortunate people – hopefully before the rest of us get it! Or…… does the free world pre-empt any action by North Korea of this nature, and strike North Korea first? Perhaps then, North Korea could be re-born.
    Frankly, I’m for this – but it’s easy to say that sitting at home in Australia watching TV. Either way I doubt the North Koran leadership gives any thought to what I, or the world thinks, such is their blinkered approach to life in general. The big question though – is what happens with China? Where would they fit into this equation?
    The heads of state in North Korea don’t give a damn about what happens to its citizens, or the rest of the world for that matter, because like the gutless and insane thinking entities they are, and like other dictatorial regimes like them, should the worst happen, they will have long gone – possibly to some other country whose leader is just as insane as themselves. Remember Libya and Idi Amin?

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      Presumably you mean Muammar Gaddafi in Libya and Idi Amin in Uganda who both had unbridled power and despotic tendencies. North Korea is more dangerous as it has greater power to act outside its borders and exhibits intense hatred of Japan, the West and South Korea. A pre-emptive strike on Nth Korea would be treated by the rest of the world as equally bad as anything the North Koreans might do. China must be persuaded to remove the support that North Korea absolutely requires to exercise its mad intentions. It is massively dependent on China for all its basic needs.

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      Correct Aloysius – I did mean Gaddafi in Lybia. As you would recall, it was the first country to accept Idi Amin when he scarpered with as much Ugandan booty as he could.

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    I’m more concerned about Israel’s nuclear capability and its belligerent lebensraum type expansionist policies into occupied areas than I am about North Korea.

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      Big difference. Israel certainly over-reacts but its focus is on self-preservation in the face of threats of annihilation from its Arab neighbours. North Korea is run by a person whose sanity raises serious doubts.

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    Most of North Koreas’ economy comes from other nations ,such as China who give huge amounts of aid to help the North Korean people, people who are brain washed and live in fear, they live on the border line of starvation, most of the revenue raised from the blackmail by this regime goes on developing yet more weapons, so why isn’t the UN and the rest of the world putting a stop to this? the UN is toothless and a waste of space and money, surely the whole world, not just the other communist countries should get to gether and stop this insanity before the whole thing is beyond redemption.

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      Quite right Sylvia – but therein lies the rub doesn’t it? The UN consists mainly of nations who adhere to certain principles of freedom and they have the unenvious task of trying to find a solution to a problem which most of us cannot fathom.
      The psyche of the North Korean hierarchy follows a different path to our own and its difficult for us to realise that, what appears normal for them, borders on madness for us. The only thing that will finally bring the North Korean leadership down will be an uprising from within – and China holds the key here. It could act similarly to the United States where the USA has supplied the necessary means for an armed insurrection to occur, as it has done in other instances where the leaders of some countries have been prone to destroy its populace for personal gain – but would it – that’s the question? It’s not a key that I would envy holding and should this event occur – it’s unlikely to happen any time soon.
      Either way, with North Korea on the doorstep of being able to launch nuclear weapons – we are all in for a torrid time of it and a quick solution to the situation needs to occur; because as you so rightly say – this insanity has to be stopped before the whole thing is beyond redemption.

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    The USA is the first culture to go from Barbarism to Decadence without a period of Civilisation in between.

    The American way is the right way and the only way. Bullshit!!!

    China believes that it has the “Divine right” conquer and dominate all others and will do so by any means.

    The United States is a country divided, and “a house divided against itself will fall”. How can Obama get much done when he is opposed? In a two party system, if one party says “black” the other will say “white”, simply to oppose, and vice versa. Why cannot they work together? One virtue of the one party state is that it is certainly efficient. Whereas the U.S. government has its hands tied behind its back. No wonder China has an advantage. It is far better to have a multiparty system, such as we have in Australia, with five parties, though with two main ones. But you do not want to go too far, as a country with dozens of parties also becomes ungovernable, as each party seeks its own narrow interests, rather than the interests of the nation.

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    They talk of Global warming etc etc –what with all the nuclear testing –that has happened many many times–for many many years and is still happening–plus all the nuclear reactors– and the trouble they have caused–plus all this CSG fracking–I don’t think the odd cow fart or throwing money at the GW will do a darn thing, Chernobyl and Fukushema are STILL causing world wide radiation.

    What say all of you ?

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    BTW China has already started to take over Africa and Islands to the east of Africa

    Yes Huskie America talk of terrorism, while they carry out some of the worst !

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