Opposition budget response

As is the tradition, last night the leader of the Opposition, Mr Abbott, responded in parliament to the 2012-3 Budget.

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As is the tradition, last night the Leader of the Federal Opposition, Mr Abbott, responded in parliament to the 2012-3 Budget delivered by the Labor Party on Tuesday night. The new leader of The Greens, Christine Milne, also responded on behalf of her party.

Mr Abbott made many strong statements about his perception of the failings of the Gillard Government:

“It’s an ignoble piece of work from an unworthy Prime Minister that will offend the intelligence of the Australian people…

I regret to say that the deeper message of this week’s budget is that the Labor Party now only stands for staying in office.”

Most political commentary today agrees that this response was a massive attack on the government, but lacked real policy difference and even more so, detailed costings showing where the cuts would be made and where money would be spent.

Interestingly the one clear policy enunciated was a dictate for 40% of Year 12 students to study a language other than English.

“My commitment tonight is to work urgently with the states to ensure that at least 40 per cent of Year 12 students are once more taking a language other than English within a decade.”

And then Mr Abbott reverted to his core message, that the Prime Minister should be replaced.

“Before this government dies of shame, it should find a leader who isn’t fatally compromised by the need to defend the indefensible.”

Ms. Milne took a different tack. On behalf of The Greens she called for a budget which showed evidence of more social progress, stating that we cannot face the challenges of the future while using ‘tools of the past’. She also made a plea for a nation which is as serious about living within its ecological means as those of an economic nature.

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Was Tony Abbott’s statement a good response to the nation’s budget?
Was Christine Milne’s response helpful?


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    11th May 2012
    Surely the Prime Minister doesn't make all the decisions on her own! Doesn't she/he have assistance from her other Minsters? Otherwise what are they there for? I believe that Mister Abbott maybe doesn't like women ministers at all. I have never seen such rotten remarks made to any woman in the Parliament. Wants to wash his mouth out with soap and water like our Mums did to us as children.
    11th May 2012
    I thought it was a very fair budget and although nothing extra for pensioners we do have a better deal under this government than any other, with compensation for carbon tax still to come. I abhor the personal abuse and boring repetition from Mr Rabbit which as all he seems to be able to do...bring back Malcolm Turnbull, at least he was a gentleman.
    11th May 2012
    Nothing new from Tony Abbott. Just more negativity, more empty attacks on the government and the person of the PM. He accuses others of having no credibility where he has none himself. Keep looking after your rich mates, Tony! I'm sure they will be forever grateful.
    11th May 2012
    Negative Tony Abbot! true to form!
    I am very proud of the Prime Minister, a very strong women.
    11th May 2012
    Heah Heah
    11th May 2012
    Poor Tony,is he real? he never have a good word for anybody,the only thing he says
    is no,no,no.the soon they replace him,the better for everybody!
    12th May 2012
    Tony Abbott's response to the budget was Tony Abbott at his best. For the first time I have the confidence that he is the one to lead us out of the mess the current government is creating. The comments above supporting the Government and criticising Tony Abbott have certainly fallen for the bribes in a budget designed to do nothing more than to try and get the government re-elected - and perhaps the writers believe that they may not be here long enough to have to worry about the enormous debt with which this government is leaving their children and grandchildren.

    SolJesse believes that Tony Abbott "maybe doesn't like women ministers at all", and has obviously not noticed the very capable Julie Bishop sitting on the Opposition's front bench. Janetta "abhors the personal abuse and boring repetition from Mr Rabbit" (I thought you abhored personal abuse, Janetta?), totally ignoring the Prime Minister's recent abuse of Tony Abbott as someone who needs to get away from the North Shore and visit real people in the real world - yes, this comment from the PM about the same Tony Abbott who knows what it takes to raise a family; who is an active volunteer in both his local surf life saving club and bush fire brigade, who engages regularly in much charity work; and who has voluntarily lived and worked in isolated aboriginal communities - so who is really the abuser, Janetta, and who really knows about life in the real world?

    ozimarco and lilian both accuse Tony Abbott of negativity, totally ignoring the fact that during the twelve years of the Howard Government, and despite his government having a clear mandate from the Australian electorate (unlike our current government), the Labor party opposed every major Howard government reform. ozimarco also refers to Tony Abbott's "rich mates", again ignoring a basic fact that it is the wealthy who invest in the businesses which, in turn, provide the jobs for the rest of us (unless, of course, we are union hacks who can rely on the 'jobs-for-the-boys' network).

    maggie01 is "very proud of the Prime Minister" - a PM who lied to the electorate to get herself elected; who lied to Andrew Wilkie; who has supported the likes of Craig Thompson and Peter Slipper; who betrayed Harry Jenkins; whose party, in four years, has managed to turn a $20 billion surplus into a debt which, in the year ahead, will be costing us $7 - $8 billion annually in interest payments alone; whose press secretary orchestrated the Australia Day riots; whose continued stubbornness has meant that we are now finding more illegal boat people arriving in any one weekend than arrived during the last six years of the Howard government; and whose recent disgusting comment attempting to create a "Them" and "Us" wedge between Australians must rank as the most divisive and apalling comment ever from a person who is supposed to represent all Australians - this is the person of whom maggie01 is proud.

    Tony Abbott may not end up being our best ever Prime Minister, but when he gets the job (and it can't come soon enough for me) he'll be doing the best he can to clean up the mess his government is going to inherit, and he'll be doing it for the benefit of all Australians.
    12th May 2012
    The last time I looked most of the world's reputable credit agencies rated Australia's economy as AAA.
    I think the last comments by Jonnjen have been taken straight from a 2GB script.
    12th May 2012
    The only vision that Tony Abbott could come up with was to outline a program to teach Asian languages. The Howard government axed a similar program in 2002 eight years after it was started! Otherwise he would cancel the carbon tax, one of the major achievements of this government, and the budget hand-outs. These hand-outs remind me of the Howard government hand-outs and tax cuts that frittered away money that would have been far better spent on infrastructure. To their credit Labor has started the NBN and made tracks towards a national disability insurance plan but doesn't otherwise seem to have any idea where we're going; but then neither does Tony Abbott, or if he does, he's not telling us. As for Christine Milne, yes I support sustainable development wholeheartedly. Future generations are going to be disgusted with our generation's throwaway society and failure to act soon enough on global warming.
    12th May 2012
    Sorry, Porthos, but I believe even the "experts" have given up on the 'global warming' tag and are now referring to 'climate change'; and anyone who seriously believes that, by putting the world's highest tax on our carbon dioxide emissions, we Australians are going to make even the slightest impact on the world's climate must surely still believe also in the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy (I think the jury is still out on Santa).
    12th May 2012
    I don't want to go off subject but in answer to johnnjen I chose the words Global Warming deliberately because it is not just the extra heat but the extra energy from that heat that is going to cause problems with the climate eg more violent storms. Australia's carbon tax may not have any significant impact on climate but it may have some impact in persuading other countries to wake up and do something. It is already having an impact in Australia because renewable energy is being introduced at a faster rate than might otherwise have been the case.
    Kaye Fallick
    13th May 2012
    Great debate - the interesting debate is also whether there is a class war in Australia - or whether this is a political construct?
    17th May 2012
    Funny how some people think Tony Abbott is anti-female in his remarks about Julia Gillard. Are they aware that he has three daughters? Or do they think he has to unleash his loathing of females against Julia Gillard? If you use this argument, does this mean that Julia Gillard says unkind things about "Mistah Wabbitt" because she hates men? (Sorry Tim, are you still living in the shed?) If these people like the politicins of the fairer sex, did the admiration extended to Pauline Hanson?

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