Pensioners cost of living win

The cost of living for pensioners rose only 1.1 per cent, 0.5 per cent below CPI.

Pensioners cost of living win, ABS, Statistics, Seniors, Australia, Centrelink, Age Pension

According to figures released yesterday by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, for the year to the end of the March quarter, the cost of living for pensioners rose only 1.1 per cent and 1.3 per cent for self-funded retirees. When compared with the consumer price index (CPI) which rose 1.6 per cent, this is a positive change for a group of Australians still struggling with a shortfall of $75 per week.

The figures are based on the consumption patterns of each group and, unlike the CPI, they include rises and falls in mortgage and other interest rates.

The cost of living for a pensioner has grown at a slower rate in the past year due to a dramatic fall in food costs. The major gains have been in pensioner’s incomes, which rose 3.8 per cent in 2011, due to being indexed at the higher rate of either the CPI or average weekly earnings figures.

Are you now finding it easier to live on the pension than you did 12 months ago?

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    3rd May 2012
    no I have never found it easy as far as that goes, but on our combined income & the way that we work it I manage very well. Far from rich Doctors make sure of that and I am appalled at the cost of getting things done that need doing like in a fortnight's time I am to have an operation on my eyes which the specialist wants to charge over $1600 and I am to get back just over $700 from Medicare that's when I find life a bit difficult.
    3rd May 2012
    I just read the Financial Review and I would love to know where they get the 'facts and figures' from. As fas as I'm concerned their story is full of bs.... My food costs have nearly doubled in the past couple of years and I always buy whatever specials/reduced items in the fresh food lines that I can find. I no longer get my hair cut as I cannot afford to and I don't eat our or buy takeaway, not even a BBQ chicken. Any pension rise does not even cover my private rent increase let alone anything every year I am further behind.
    3rd May 2012
    How people get on financially in retirement will always vary amongst individuals and couples.
    I have read enough to discredit the CPI as a TRUE indicator of the everyday cost of living.
    Even the ABS published there own data last year stating that the TRUE cost of living over the previous decade was double the CPI.
    The CPI can only ever show price movements in the items monitored.
    Some of them are long term purchases EG: white goods/appliances that people don't buy on a monthly/quarterly basis.
    But I do believe the CPI does the job the government set it up for.
    That said; we must always remember that we are luckier than many other countries with no social welfare. So it is all a balancing act.
    3rd May 2012
    Are you now finding it easier to live on the pension than you did 12 months ago?
    You must be joking!! As 'Penqueen1949' says, groceries have skyrocket, electricity gone up 12% and will increase another 20% on 1/7 together with water (approx 15%), health insurance some 5% and so on and on. Pension increase- well there was something, but it was spend the moment it had hit the account (not on extras though). Now the interest rates came down - it is being exclaimed as a great achievement, not for us: we'll get less interest on savings, while Centrelink is still using the old deeming rates. The whole story stinks.
    3rd May 2012
    I just dread the electric and Gas bills, food prices have risen so much, and the price of petrol, I dont go too far now, and try and not use it unless really necessary. To buy meat is a luxury now. I make a lot of homemade soups, and try and save that way.The MPs salaries are really rude and they are really overpaid, I think the budget would be well in suplus if they took a pay decrease, and less perks with their jobs.Really we are wasting our time sending in these remarks, as no one in Government really cares.
    3rd May 2012
    What area has food costs fallen Pleaseeeeeeeeee government tell us. I have found the costs of food are going up at a fast rate as well as all utilities, rego, insurances etc. I am finding it harder to stretch our monies this past year. I am lucky as with my husbands pension we manage
    though nothing left for small luxuries. I feel for those on a single pension it must be so hard.
    3rd May 2012
    Totally agree where do they get the stats from.yes tough on a single pension.
    thank goodness for specials and budgeting my money.good idea to share cost of bags of fruit and vegies with a neighbour.
    4th May 2012
    I totally disagree with this. It says that the figures are based on the consumption patterns of each group, therefore it proves to me most of pensioners do not buy certain items because they cannot afford them! Yesterday amongst other things I bought ONE lemon, it cost me 96 cents, will I buy another one in the future? NO, so the figures will say pensioners do not buy lemons, so they are better off! What a..... OK, I cannot be rude here, but please imagine what I meant. These are the statistics all governments wish to advertise. Pathetic! Remember the old say: If you can't convince them, confuse them!
    4th May 2012
    Also always remember with this government:
    If it look like a duck and sounds like a duck - you have 100% chance: It is a duck
    4th May 2012
    Good lord,between ducks lemons,utilities,when is the government going to get it right? we are living in a world that was meant for the well off,pensioners don't even come close to this,if they did do you think that this web site would even exist?we need someone who is in our own league,one struggling to make ends meet,one that will stand up for the pensioners,one who will face off if necessary with the government in power,and show them not tell them just how bad things are for us,what pensioners who have to deal with in everyday life,what we go without,Why Oh! Why does the government,let illegals stay here,why do we have to aid every tom dick and harry from whereever,its about time the government thought of the people of Australia.
    4th May 2012
    Hear Hear Jules I agree 100%.
    5th May 2012
    Thanks again for the 10 cents per fortnight Pension (Increase) ..Julia Kiss Kiss Kiss!!!!!....
    6th May 2012
    Governments of any persuation will start to hear when our voice is big enough to be heard, when they realise that they need to look after persioners much better that how they are doing it now or they will loose votes. Votes are the only stimulant that will make them move
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