Perfectly Coordinated Couple

When I was much younger, my mum used to dress my older sister and me in matching clothes. Sometimes our in-sync outfits even included scrunchies or headbands in the same fabric. Many years have passed since then, but my sister and I still enjoy seeing photos from our childhood and laughing out loud at our twinning ensembles.

Matching outfits are not always a giggle-inducing matter, though. They can, in fact, be a highly chic and well-thought out choices (I’m sure this was my mum’s intention).

Take this Japanese couple, for example, who have been married for close to 40 years (a huge commitment in itself) and have been coordinating their clothes ever since. The colour red, checks, plaid and stripes seem to be favourites for this trendy couple. Aged in their 60s, this couple’s style has made me reconsider how I feel about matching outfits!

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Do you ever dress similarly to your partner?

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Written by Lucy


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