Pets can earn frequent flyer points

The next time you travel, you may wish to rethink leaving your pet at home, because travelling with your canine or cat companion can earn you frequent flyer points.

Yep, the Velocity Frequent Flyer loyalty scheme is Australia’s first program that rewards your four-legged friends for flying with Virgin Australia.

If you’re a Virgin Velocity member, you’ll earn 300 flyer points every time you fly with your dog or cat on Virgin Australia planes.

And Silver, Gold and Platinum members get special bonus points.

“Virgin Australia flies almost 30,000 pets each year around Australia, and a large proportion are owned by Velocity members, so we know how important their companions are to them,” said Velocity Frequent Flyer Chief Executive Neil Thompson.

“We are delighted to make their flying experience even more rewarding by unleashing Australia’s first frequent flyer program for pets, giving our members another truly unique way to earn points.

“The program builds on the unique family benefits currently available to our members, such as the ability to pool points and status credits with family members.

“We will continue to come up with creative and compelling ways to deliver meaningful rewards and recognition to our members,” Mr Thompson said.

The points earned are based on how many pet carriers you buy. One pet carrier (one way) will earn a Virgin Red member (standard membership) 300 points, while a Silver member will earn 450 points, a Gold member getting 525 points and Platinum members receiving 600 points. Buy two carriers and receive 600, 900, 1050 and 1200 points respectively.

After a nationwide search for an official ‘Velocity Pet Ambassador’, Virgin landed on Pepper the Westie, a lovable West Highland Terrier with its own Facebook page and 40,000 followers.

Virgin Australia welcomes all dog breeds, big or small, as well as domestic cats. For more information about the program, visit

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