Are those annoying gambling ads about to disappear?

In exchange for relaxed media ownership laws, PM negotiates on gambling ads.

Are those annoying gambling ads about to disappear?

Gambling ads on TV have festered into mammoth proportions in recent years. During last year's Australian Football League telecasts, 0ne in six advertisements promoted gambling. These days we can’t watch a live sporting event without being bombarded by bookmaker’s adverts, or tunes from gambling ads becoming ear worms. Sporting figures, TV and even gambling industry representatives have voiced their concern, as have many parents.

According to the Alliance for Gambling Reform, Australians spend more money gambling than on alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs. In 2014, gamblers supported the gambling industry to the tune of $21 billion dollars. The government has also been a beneficiary – taking revenue in excess of $5 billion each year.

But, finally, the gravy train might be about to stop – along with those annoying gambling ads.

In a bid to relax Australia’s media ownership laws, the Government has identified gambling reforms as a key bargaining chip with influential SA Senator Nick Xenophon and his three NXT Senators, who are all passionate advocates for gambling reform.  

In exchange for support to pass its media ownership deregulation bill, the Government now appears to be considering banning gambling ads from TV.

Gambling reform ramped up in 2016, led by Independents Nick Xenophon and Andrew Wilkie who pushed $1 bet limits on poker machines and a ban on gambling ads. With the Government apparently willing to deal, gambling ads could be back on the reform table. A media reform package, designed by Senator Mitch Fifield, will be debated in the Senate in coming weeks.

The Greens have long supported a ban on gambling ads; Labor also has stated the need to phase out betting ads during live sporting programs.    

Is it possible that the tidal wave of gambling ads could be reduced, if not to a trickle, then at least to a less intrusive level? 



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    17th Mar 2017
    about time
    18th Mar 2017
    good idea
    Ted Wards
    17th Mar 2017
    Don't watch TV or buy magazines. Problem solved
    17th Mar 2017
    Here is another example of 'Big Brother', interferring in peoples lives. Weak minded people, poor babies, complain when they lose at gambling. No one twisted their arm to gamble in the 1st place. Same as the 'Goofheads', who cry when they get pist, & do stupid things, from drinking too much. What does the Govt. do. Yep. Put another tax on alcoholic drinks. Put the price up & index it with the CPI., so it goes up every 3 months or so. It just makes it hsrder for low incomers & pensioners, who go to their local watering hole & enjoy the company of fellow humans, who are in the same boat. "Oh! But it destroys families, etcetera". Pensioners & low income people don't destroy families. The "Jerks" & "Peckerheads", do. Give us a break....
    17th Mar 2017
    Why do you call yourself BOOF?
    17th Mar 2017
    Paulo, A large part of Australian Culture prior to the latest immigration wave included the nickname. Almost everyone had one. Mine was Rabbit after the Alice in Wonderland character because I was always later and Pa caught rabbits for the old fur trade.

    Boof is an odd one but here goes with my explanation. I once rescued a very pregnant blue cattle dog abandoned in the forest.
    When the pups arrived we had them confined with mum in a fenced enclosure and large dog kennel.

    We were up to naming them a couple of weeks after birth when the largest pup began exploring the fence, found the weak spot and dug an escape route out, took a few steps about and then went back for the other pups to take them with him.

    We called him Boof.

    He was a " diggingest dog" and went to the local garbage truck guy as his " shotgun buddy", when homes were being found for those pups.

    Noe this BOOF might think differently but that was the name that sprang to mind when naming that cattle pup because he was a real pack leader with gumption and ingenuity.
    17th Mar 2017
    I thought Boof was short for Boofhead which is defined as follows:
    A boofhead is one who is a little slow, or maybe just does silly things
    17th Mar 2017
    Would that be a little "slow" as in Einstein as a boy. He barely spoke until he was 11.

    All people of action do silly things. It is part of their learning curve and charm.

    Definitions like "slow" and "silly things" require value judgements.

    It is like Bogan. Now I know what you think it means but I also know those people who live along The Bogan" and cringe every time I hear it spoken in a derogatory fashion. Talk about racist!

    More people should get out of the cities occasionally and go visit across the mountains.
    17th Mar 2017
    Annoying, repetitive gambling ADS?
    What about ALL the other annoying repetitive ads that destroy the continuity of programs, some shown THREE times in an Ad Break. There are far too many Ad Breaks over all. They should be limited to NO MORE than 4 per hour.
    What about an AD TAX that should save some revenue for the country?
    18th Mar 2017
    Spot on, so many ads in popular programs that you lose the continuity and plot and then so many programs now run over time which is also annoying. Why don't the TV watchdogs do something about that? I try and tape everything I want to watch and then can fast forward through all the ad breaks, but still annoying.

    17th Mar 2017
    If Turnbull is serious about gambling reforms he must look at sponsors of sporting clubs and bar them from having their name splashed all over the TV each time a game is televised. Past governments were successful in banning tobacco advertisements and sponsorship so it can be done. Will Mr. "can't make a decision" Turnbull have the guts to take on the big boys?
    17th Mar 2017
    I would like to see the gambling ads banned but also agree there are far to many ads on during the shows. Recently we counted 17 ads in a row during one program, couldn't believe it!
    17th Mar 2017
    Gambling ads I can ignore, like flies or mosquitos or other annoyances, although taking them off TV would be a step forward. I would rather the PM act against these annoying telephone calls for solar panels which I can't ignore. Sometimes 3 or 4 times a day. Apparently, because most of these calls originate from overseas, the DoNotCall register is of little help.
    17th Mar 2017
    I'm with you Eddy. People who gamble are their own problem.

    If you want "free to air" TV you have to pay for it. The cost is a few adds. Go make a cup of coffee while the adds are on, or ring in your bet if the gambling adds have got you. But you must understand, nothing is free, & every thing must be paid for by someone or something. Adds are the cost of "free" soapies.

    The adds don't worry me, but those damn solar cold calls are a pain. I have to stop what I'm doing, & go answer the phone for those. I do try to be civil with these callers. Annoying as they are to answer, it must be a desperately hard way to earn a living for the callers.
    Tom Tank
    17th Mar 2017
    A total ban on gambling ads would be a massive step forward and reinstitute control on the amount of ads in general would also be a good thing.
    Mind you in general TV is so appalling most of the time why watch it.
    17th Mar 2017
    This is putting the cart before the horse.
    It's not the ads that are the problem, it's the State & Federal Government's dereliction of duty, by failing to regulate the gambling industry properly, that is of greatest concern.
    They should ban gambling on all sporting events until they are prepared to police the industry properly.
    Where to start?
    How about here -

    Gaffed software and equipment in Casinos.

    Referees & players gaming matches in all football codes.

    The absurd situation, at the start of nearly every horse race, where they're faking delays so they can collect pre-race betting data for nefarious purposes.
    We are expected to believe that horses cannot simply walk around to the barrier, go into the gates, and once the last one is loaded, be released.
    Instead we have horses arriving at the barriers, at least 3 minutes prior to the start, then "milling around".
    The "milling around" is then interrupted by jockeys dismounting to adjust gear, re-shoeings, an extraordinary number of horses playing-up once they are loaded, late scratchings etc.
    Faatinah was very wisely scratched at the barrier, before the Lightning, and was so badly distressed, by the incident, the poor beast could only manage to run second in the Oakleigh Plate a week later.
    Anyone who watched the USA Pegasus World Cup meeting on 28/1 would realise how we are being scammed, by the connivance at the start of horse races, in this country.
    Not Senile Yet!
    17th Mar 2017
    They are Sneeky Bastards ...Our Government....The LNP!
    Why should our MEDIA be De-Regulated????
    This LNP is determined to Privatise & De-Regulate EVERYTHING!
    Xenephone should not do this Deal.....De-Regulating the Media is an absolute NO NO!
    It is not the way to go!
    Find another way!
    This LNP are behaving BADLY!!!
    De-Regulation is like saying Industry does not Need Policing.Would you be happy if the removed your Police Force....completely....then said....
    Self Regulate with each other over disputes.....we refuse to Police anything anymore???
    17th Mar 2017
    Hear hear Rider. I've been saying for a long time that the government should be stepping in to do something about these blasted ads especially as there is an increase in domestic violence, which would probably be caused by money problems from those who cannot afford to gamble. Money is at the top of the list of problems, even in divorce cases. We have a government that allows these overseas businesses to come in and knock down any surviving Australian business in the clothing industry, which is disgusting, then it allows betting companies like William Hill and Ladbrokes, who are based in the UK, to come in thinking they could expand their profits having heard what a gambling nation we are. Oh yes , completely stop all gambling adverts. there was even gambling on who would win the WA election, - they can't stop themselves can they !
    17th Mar 2017
    Hard to blame the betting companies when Australians will bet on two raindrops sliding down the window! As they say a fool and his money are soon parted!
    17th Mar 2017
    KSS I agree. I do not care if people bet and lose their life savings, that is their fault and theirs alone.
    17th Mar 2017
    Yes please.
    17th Mar 2017
    Dream on if anybody thinks A govt. of any persuasion would risk losing such a source of revenue generated by gambling adds .Lip service yes ,action no .Haven't we all seen Nicks show pony stunts before .What about when Gillard shafted Wilkie over pokies reform ,all the same sort of hypocrisy
    17th Mar 2017
    Adds on TV are with what we are saddled.There is supposed to be a Govt. Watchdog to regulate the adds to "so many per hour". That, I'm afraid is about the biggest joke since question time in Parliament. When a good movie is on, other than The ABC, the last hour is usually progressingly filled with adds with lesser time for the movie which is being broadcast.
    17th Mar 2017
    Another example of excessive Government interference in the lives of people. What will such a ban achieve? Will a ban bring down the National debt? I get annoyed at many forms of advertising, but chose to ignore them. A ban is not necessary.
    17th Mar 2017
    Paulo is right. Boof is short for "Boofhead". Boofhead was a comic in one of the newspapers about 60 or 70 yesrs ago. He was a bumbling, silly person, who was a little bit dimwitted. My uncle used to call me that & as 10 year old boys did in those days, I used to retaliate with similar names for him. His daughter, carried on the tradition when she got older & I called her, my cousin, by the same "handle". So you see, it is really a family name, passed down.
    18th Mar 2017
    Thanks for that Boof. From your comments, I very much doubt you are completely bumbling or silly. I liked the Boofhead character very much. Shades of Forrest Gump.

    The Aussie tradition of nicknames is very much alive. Lovely tradition though.

    I also agree that often the government response is purely a money grab. Having people meeting and talking in the local is not on the favoured list though.

    Have a great day.
    17th Mar 2017
    I for one am sick to death of the gambling ads, for every one ad that gives advice for the gabling habit, you get twenty offering gambling, if someone wants to gamble that is their prerogative, but the rest of us does not need to suffer for it
    Old Geezer
    17th Mar 2017
    Who watches ads on TV today anyway? I check the program guide and if there is anything I wish to watch I either record it so I can watch it later and bypass the ads. Or I start it in catch up mode and do something else for 10 minutes and then watch it deleting the ads.
    17th Mar 2017
    OG that's what sensible people would do of course. Unfortunately there is a growing number of people who cannot even wake up in the morning unless they are told how to and when to by the powers that be. It is a sad reflection of how society has become hypnotised by and dependent on Governments to even do the most basic things in life. Sad sad sad.
    17th Mar 2017
    Too many gambling ads. and often too many repetitive ads. Some nights you get the same ad. in the same ad.break slot two or even three times !! Surely one 3/4 min slot of ads. per hour is enough, not every 10/15 mins.
    17th Mar 2017
    Too many gambling ads. and often too many repetitive ads. Some nights you get the same ad. in the same ad.break slot two or even three times !! Surely one 3/4 min slot of ads. per hour is enough, not every 10/15 mins.
    18th Mar 2017
    Oh I really hope the Government do this the ads serve no purpose but destroy lives
    18th Mar 2017
    People destroy their own lives. They can say no, but some prefer to blame others for their inadequacies.
    18th Mar 2017
    It would be the best thing ever if they all disappeared never to be seen again. It doesn't seem that long ago that the government was talking about helping problem gamblers. There was talk about cutting the number of poker machines in hotels and clubs, restricting access to ATM's in those venues and limiting the amount of money one person could feed into into machines, not only in the one venue but having all venues in the area linked.Since that time though things seem to have gone in the opposite direction, now having a number of bookmaking firms advertising their products and enticing gamblers with an array of sports they can gamble on.
    East of Toowoomba
    18th Mar 2017
    The worrying thing about gambling advertisements is that they appear on sporting programs which are watched by children and young adults. These people are being brainwashed into thinking that gambling is a normal activity and perhaps that gambling is something they can aspire to when they are more mature.

    I am old enough to know that it is a waste of money and very addictive and the advertiser will never ever get me in, but I do think a lot of the younger generation (our grandchildren) are being exposed to an invidious vice well before the would otherwise be exposed. I think it is totally wrong.

    19th Mar 2017
    Only one post here highlighted the real risk to our society - media deregulation! So there will be no control over media monopolies? It's bad enough now. Imagine how it will be with no control. Gambling ads may irritate, but media deregulation is a far greater hazard. Let the ads stay, please, or find another bargaining chip! Media regulation is necessary.
    27th May 2020
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