Politics: PM to reshuffle as Warren Truss and Andrew Robb retire

Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss and Andrew Robb to retire from politics.

Warren Truss and Andrew Robb with retired stamped across their faces

Malcolm Turnbull’s job just became a little more difficult, as he looks to reshuffle his ministry to cover the loss of Andrew Robb and the impending retirement of Deputy PM Warren Truss.

Trade Minister Andrew Robb yesterday informed his party of his decision to retire from federal politics after 12 “fulfilling” years as Member for the Victorian seat of Goldstein.

“I can confirm today my intention to stand down from federal politics effective at the next election,” Robb said in a statement issued late yesterday.

His decision adds another dimension to the Prime Minister’s ministerial shuffle, further complicated by the expected announcement of National’s Leader Warren Truss’ retirement some time today.

Mr Robb was hailed by the PM as “the most successful trade minister in our country’s history” because of his ‘successful’ completion of free trade agreements with China, South Korea and Japan and the signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

According to multiple sources, Warren Truss will resign from his position as the National’s Leader and Minister for Infrastructure today, leaving Mr Turnbull the tricky task of finding a new Deputy Leader.

Federal Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources and the deputy leader of the Nationals Barnaby Joyce is widely tipped to take over from Mr Truss as leader of the party, although some ministers are annoyed at Mr Joyce’s ‘unseemly’ haste to replace Mr Truss. Some Liberals have also expressed concern at the prospect of Mr Joyce manning the fort should the PM head overseas or go on leave.

The PM has been waiting for Truss’s decision before tackling a ministerial reshuffle ahead of the next Federal Election. In December last year, he saw the resignation of his Minister for Cities and the Built Environment Jamie Briggs and the stepping down of the Special Minister of State Mal Brough. Add to that the investigation of Minister for Human Services and Veterans’ Affairs Stuart Robert for apparent breaches of ministerial privilege, and it would seem that the PM has his work cut out.

Mr Robert’s future will be decided on Thursday, as the Secretary of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Martin Parkinson is expected to deliver the findings of his review.

As expected, Labor leader Bill Shorten went on the offensive, saying said the PM’s cabinet was now “in chaos”.

“It’s only a matter of time before Malcolm Turnbull stands in his courtyard to tell Australians that ‘good government starts today’,” he said, in reference to the infamous statement made by Tony Abbott after he survived his first leadership spill motion.

What do you think? Is the Coalition in a shambles? Or is it time for new blood in Parliament? Would you be happy with Barnaby Joyce as the new deputy prime minister?

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    11th Feb 2016
    I don't like to hear the word "reshuffle" when talking about politicians, as this brings to mind "marked deck", "dealing from the bottom" - really quite apropos though, when one thinks about it. Yes, very fitting.
    11th Feb 2016
    Both sides could clear out a lot more dead wood.
    11th Feb 2016
    Cleared out the dead wood, there would be nobody left in Parliament!!!!!!!
    11th Feb 2016
    There is no broom big enough.
    Happy cyclist
    11th Feb 2016
    To answer Leon's question -- I would certainly not like to see BJ as Deputy PM. Just think, on many occasions he would be ACTING PRIME MINISTER! Who in their right mind would want to go there?
    11th Feb 2016
    Les Patterson would be a better choice.
    11th Feb 2016
    Mr Turnbull, some friendly advice:
    1) Your Treasurer is a bit of a dud, move him on...
    2) There is a buffoon wanting Mr Truss' job. Avoid if at all possible, even after he is elected to the position.
    3) Make sure that all of the new people you put in to positions of power are your supporters, there are dimwit Abbott supporters out there hovering.
    4) Act quickly, as Labor is loving every minute.
    5) Act decisively, and get rid of Abbott's policies - they are poison.
    6) Think about why we, the average punters, have to tell you how to do your job. Get on with it, and stop making stupid policies that punish the poor, and reward the rich. An election looms...
    11th Feb 2016
    Won"t matter what his cabinet is Janus he can"t lose to Mr. 14% who has no one new there for his cabinet only deadwood like Swan, Bowen, Conroy, Wong, Pilbersak (can"t spell her name) albanese (no ability amongst this lot at all).
    Tom Tank
    11th Feb 2016
    Well said "Janus". If Turnbull doesn't start doing positive things soon then "robbo" could be in for a shock.
    The LNP appear to be in disarray with backbiting and disagreement rife.
    Interesting that Andrew Robb is leaving before his Trade Treaties start to bite and we discover to what he has committed Australia.
    Definitely clean out time in the Libs and it could be that Turnbull is making sure he gets his supporters into safe seats.
    Acting P.M. Barnaby does send a shiver up the spline.
    11th Feb 2016
    Agree with Janus 100%!

    Barnaby Joyce is not a leader much less a deputy PM, very scary option, I hope the NCP members have some sense, but some how I doubt it.
    11th Feb 2016
    By agreement between the Liberals and the Nationals, the leader of the Nationals become Deputy Prime Minister. Being that they are two separate political parties, the Liberals have no vote in the leadership ballot for leader of the National Party. For the leader of the Nationals not to have the Deputy PM job, that long standing agreement would have to be torn up.

    The reason Turnbull has to keep the likes Morrisson and Dutton as ministers is because they supported him in the leadership spill. This is why he has to retain Abbott's hard right policies.

    He has to keep them in their positions until he wins the election and he'll have to win by a substantial majority to to put his own people into the ministry.

    Don't expect too much from the man regarding policies. They will be more of the same dressed up in the emperor's new clothes.
    ex PS
    11th Feb 2016
    And the difference between the ALP and the LNP is ?????????
    The reason this mob does not deserve to govern, all the reasons why the ALP was tossed out. THEY ARE TREATING US WITH CONTEMPT, it is obvious that Malcolm is a puppet taking his orders from faceless backroom boys acting on behalf of big business. We obviously need a Royal Commision into the relationship between big business and the LNP!
    11th Feb 2016
    Their jumping ship.......... and their excuse is..........time to retired.........PM Turnbull is worse PM in Australia history
    11th Feb 2016
    gives a break aunty what about Gillard and Rudd buggered the country completely
    11th Feb 2016
    Oh robbo......wake up before you jump ship........PM Turnbull is dangerous.....GST.....Medicare.....Now today want death taxes.......he attacking all angles...........and definitely will hurt many battlers of Australia.
    11th Feb 2016
    Tia (Aunty in Espanol) he wouldn"t need to bring all these things up if the Labour prime ministers before him hadn"t messed up so badly think pink bats, boat people etc, etc all cost us a fortune and you pensioners might have received more money and not have to whinge so much.
    11th Feb 2016

    Think, Australia surviving the the Global Financial Crisis, without have massive unemployment, massive contracture of the middle class,the economy down the gurgler for years.

    Remember the TV news showing all those new houses being bulldozed in the US because people lost their jobs, the banks foreclosed, couldn't sell the houses so they were bulldozed. The economy just starting to recover after the gov injected billions into the economy

    The U.K. the same as the US, their economy in the doldrums, still.

    Yeah, how did Rudd and Gillard bugger the country?
    11th Feb 2016
    Well My gasheater Rudd started the ball rolling by bringing in 50000 boaties that cost us billions then and even more today because they are unemployable and all on social security . He also gave away $900 each to many people who had left the country but had there name down as past employees so they receive it as well . He blew all the money that was coming out of the mining boom. Unemployment rose to 7% (now 5.6%) and left us with a huge deficit with his irresponsible spending.
    Liberal party left the country in surplus but Rudd and Gillard left us in the red. This is the reason they are hopeless in Government and we won"t see them again for some time we all hope.
    11th Feb 2016
    Those people that came here as refugees did not and do not cost us billions. After being granted residency, former refugees go on the create businesses, become productive employees and many are paying the taxes hat are paying your pension.

    Please provide the evidence to back up your statements regarding the $900 payment. Are you talking from personal experience how you rorted that payment?

    The revenue raised during the mining boom was spent by Howard and Costello in the form of middle and upper class welfare (reduced taxes, tax breaks on super, private health insurance rebate, etc.)and generous subsidies to business, reduced company tax etc.

    The " budget crisis" we have today is the legacy left to us by John Howard.
    12th Feb 2016
    My gas heater you need to get your facts straight only 7% of boat people/refugees are working the rest are on welfare and will remain on it' who employs anyone that can"t speaks English and want"s to pray 5 times a day.

    Refugees do not create business and pay taxes they take millions out of the social security system.

    For your information I don"t get a pension don"t want one I don"t like being called a bludger which is what welfare recipients are.

    When the Libs lost power to that fool Rudd the budget was in surplus and not how it was left by Rudd 6 years later a huge deficit.
    12th Feb 2016
    To no
    Spot on stats show 90% remain on welfare and will never work not to mention the amount of wives and children they have the newest Rort exposed they have so many children what the do is when they have another one they have it adopted out to family member then that member is entitle to a much higher pension rate under adoption good Rort at tax payers expense
    12th Feb 2016

    The study referred to in the Telegraph is part way into a longitudinal study to be conducted over five years.

    Can you provide me with the statistics for the number of long term, first, second and third generation Australian unemployed who are collecting welfare? Unemployment is highest amongst those people who are unskilled or semiskilled. Many refugees will fall into this category. Not speaking English makes it more difficult to get a job and many English programs have been cut.

    Many refugees with overseas qualifications may take years to get those qualification recognised in Australia.

    Refugees do create businesses and employ people. Frank Lowey, you know that refugee that built the Westfield shopping centre empire, is a good example. Refugees built modern Australia, infrastructure like the Snowy Mountains Hydro Electric Scheme.

    You may not be collecting the pension but you don't mind taking the other benefits provided by the taxes of refugees,eg low income concession card, Medicare, rebate on private health insurance,reduced tax rate on super contributions when you were working.

    I am pleased you don't like being called a bludger, but running the risk of being labeled a noarrow minded bigot and a racist is a worse fate.

    Go to the ABC Fact Checker Debt Inhertited by the Labor government to see how much Labor inherited from Howard.


    Polygamy is illegal in Australia.

    In many countries the infant mortality rate is very high as is the death rate of children under the age of five. In many countries there is no welfare system so the family looked after each other. Children looked after parents in their old age. When people come to Australia they continue these customs. As Ausralia has a low infant and childhood mortality rate most children survive hence families are larger.

    Up World War Two large families were common in Australia, 6, 8, 10 children was not unusual. Additionally the extended family included, aunts/uncles and older parents. This was normal.

    The birth rate among Australians has deceased to the point where 2 children is the norm. This has occurred because of better education including knowledge and access to birth control.

    Regarding the "adoptions" you spoke of, exactly how does this work? Do they just give the kid away? Does Social Securiy just accept another kid because the person says so? Won't the family giving the kid away receive less Social Security because they've now got one less kid? I don't think so.

    The real rorters in Australia are the big businesses that make millions and billions of dollars in profits but pay no tax.
    12th Feb 2016
    My gasheater we are not talking about frank Lowry or any others of his type, hes been here for years and i"ll bet he doesn't pray 5 times a day or ever went on the dole we are talking about the scum brought in by Gillard and Rudd, you know those two that kicked out of Government a few years ago for incompetence.

    These people live like kings on the money I and others pay in taxes with there extended families they form ghettos, sell drugs, kill us and the best thing we can do is buy them a oneway ticket home.

    I know I certainly don"t want them in my neighbourhood, perhaps you can put a couple up at your place.
    11th Feb 2016
    Another blatant attempt at stirring up yet more animosity against Mr Turnbull and the Liberal Party.

    For goodness sake, after an election no matter who 'wins' the deckchairs get shuffled. There are debts to pay, actions to be rewarded, surprise 'wins and losses' at the ballot box to be dealt with, deals to be upheld, personal animosities to be played out and all the rest.

    The fact that there are aging MPs who are about to retire is not news, nor is what may or may not happen to the current front bench (or the opposition) after the next election. Lets leave all the conjecture and worry about the here and now. The future is not here and for some, it may never come! No need to worry about something 1) you cannot control and 2) may never happen.
    11th Feb 2016

    Your Life Choices is central part of the Leftist plot, with a hidden agenda to do all in their power to subvert the thinking of right thinking people, by subtle manipulation of opinion pieces and using posts by stooges to mould an ideology in keeping with socialist philosophy.

    YLC needs a thorough, independent investigation to weed out left dogma. A Royal Commission would be the appropriate vehicle to do this.
    11th Feb 2016
    Robb isn't retiring as he has plans to work in the private sector. His trade deals have ensured him a very nice highly paid job on top of the pension. Very clever.

    I hope the trade options live up to his expectations. He can bail out before implementation but nothing will change his signature on those deals. They are there forever.
    11th Feb 2016
    I'm pretty sure Robb will remain as trade minister as he's retiring at the election. Pointless to replace him before then.
    12th Feb 2016
    It is more lucrative for politicians to retire as a minister as ministers are paid at a higher rate than a back bencher and their pension is set at 50% of their salary prior to retirement.
    12th Feb 2016
    I think a lot of the media hope they are in chaos.
    12th Feb 2016
    most politicians are great people.Most of them could earn heaps more outside of politics.Most of them have Australia at heart and do their best.
    Am sick of the lack of respect shown to police,politicians,in fact all people these days.
    ex PS
    12th Feb 2016
    Young, you are correct, most politicians are probably good people who get into politics thinking they can do some good.
    I dissagree that most could earn more outside politics, some could but most probably couldn't.
    Unfortunatley once a politician becomes part of a political machine their individual values and expectations are sidelined for the good of the Party.
    The only politicians that have the freedom to express an individual point of view are the Independants and they have been the ones with the will and power to block party based idealogical bad policy from being bought into fruition.
    We should all think about the dangers of giving one political party a blank cheque to do whatever they like at the expense of the Australian people. Protect democracy by keeping a healthy percentage of independant thinkers in parliment.
    If it weren't for the Independants we would have had Tony Abbott in charge much earlier and much longer, think of the disastrous results that would have had.
    Not Senile Yet!
    14th Feb 2016
    So many broken promises...now they want to privatise Medicare????
    Poor old Malcolm...dammed if he does ....dammed if he doesn't!!!
    Everyone sick & tired of the Corrupt Party Puppets on both sides!!!
    We are Australia...not the USA nor do we want to be!!!
    They have already sold off far too much and still they can't balance the budget...that is stop spending too much!!!
    Predict a Landslide against Both Parties in favour of the Independants.....just to wipe the smile off all their faces.....and stop the Parties getting their way without a fight/negotiation!
    Fair to say we need a Royal Commission into the Corrupt Party System!!!!
    What we need are Mp's who do not answer to an ALL Powerful Party System!!!
    Best way to get it...stop voting for Party Puppets!!!
    Yep...take their Donkey How to Vote Cards....and reverse the numbers so they are last!!!

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