Tips to prepare for allergy season

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Out of a long cold winter comes the glory of spring, and along with the warmer weather come the irritating springtime fevers. These tips will help you prepare for the sneezin’ season.

One in five Australians experience hayfever each year – also known as allergic rhinitis. Hayfever symptoms are caused by an excess of pollen particles produced by trees, flowers and grass, which are carried in the air and penetrate the airways. Common symptoms include a runny nose, nasal congestion and watery and itchy eyes, throat and ears.

Natural remedies for hayfever

Many people are quick to reach for antihistamine tablets, nasal sprays and eye drops, but there is also a number of natural remedies that are great for boosting the immune system and alleviating symptoms.

  • Garlic: a natural antihistamine with potent antibiotic properties and is easy to use in cooking.
  • Ginger: a great anti-inflammatory that can help relieve swelling symptoms in the nose. Try using it in cooking or adding to juice or hot water with lemon.
  • Probiotics: contains beneficial bacteria that helps boost the immune system and help to restore balance to the gut bacteria, making you less susceptible to allergies. Try eating pickled vegetables, sauerkraut and miso.
  • Vitamin A: helps to promote good immune function and reduce inflammation. Go for carrots, pumpkins and leafy greens to get your vitamin A fix.
  • Vitamin C: assists in supporting immune function and inflammation, and also works as an antihistamine. Citrus fruits, kiwi fruit, red capsicum and broccoli are excellent sources of vitamin C.

Preparing for spring

You can also try taking these precautions to get yourself and your home ready for spring:

  • avoid smoky environments, insect sprays, household chemicals and wearing perfumes
  • make efforts to allergy-proof your home by cleaning dusty carpets, bedding and furniture and removing mold from the kitchen and bathroom
  • avoid exposure during peak pollen-release periods (doctors recommend staying indoors between 7am and 9am and 4pm and 6pm)
  • shower soon after being outside during peak pollen-release periods.


Five ways to get rid of hayfever fast

The sneezy season is almost upon us, and hayfever sufferers are beginning to seek hayfever relief.

Natural hay fever remedies

Before you reach for the antihistamine, why not try something natural?

Spring fever

How to combat springtime fevers and allergies.

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