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What have YOURLifeChoices members had to say this week?

Read all about it

We’ve tried to leave behind the political quagmire of last week and concentrate on what else has been happening in the world. So, what has the YOURLifeChoices team had to say this week and, more importantly, what has been our members’ response?

Debbie kicked off the week by asking if Australians have lost sight of reality and if we’re failing to appreciate what we have. Supernan has a good understanding of our tax system and can’t believe how little tax high-income earners pay, “Having worked in the tax industry for many years I can confirm we now pay less than we use to due to tax cuts, concessions for low income earners. We are truly a low-taxed country. However I am often shocked by how little tax gets paid by high-income earners. Also how big companies pay almost no tax. But when Government – usually Labor – tries to bring in higher taxes, the three big companies who own all the media outlets start a fear campaign. Ordinary people fall for this! They think the tax cuts are aimed at the poor and there is an outcry against any increases. So the rich go on paying little or no tax. I suspect this will never change!” 

Rachel has recently had first-hand experience of a huge electricity bill and can’t believe prices are due to increase again. Cat thinks it just getting beyond a joke, “I am in the position of being on a sole government pension and believe me, it gets harder all the time. I pay my account every pension payment day and hope I have paid enough when the account comes in. It really is getting beyond a joke. As elderly citizens we should not be in this position, we have worked all our lives only to struggle now.”

While Kaye couldn’t care less that Ellen DeGeneres has hit town, she does think it’s time we accept that same-sex marriage is inevitable. Rod63 is in furious agreement, “Absolutely a conscience vote. Then we would get a true reflection of what polls are telling us, which is that the majority of Australians feel the same as you, Kaye. The sooner this is dealt with and homosexual couples, male and female, can show their commitment to each other through marriage, as can heterosexual couples, the better. Let's grow up, get over it and move on.” 

Drew finished off the week by explaining why the internet has slowed down all over the world, after a major clash between two internet giants. Ex-techie Aquatrek is just glad the internet still belongs to the people. “Being an ex IT pro guy who can hardly keep up with the accelerating technological changes nowadays, it’s no wonder to moi that these types of WWW wars are also being watched closely. Genuine cyber wars are going on every day between countries. It’s comforting to know that not one individual owner of the WWW exists, despite attempts by the ALP to instigate some form of national control. The future of the net rests solely in the hands of the billions of everyday users.” 


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    29th Mar 2013
    as an over 70 years old i am delighted that all those terrific techs have arrived just in time for me...i email to my interstate & international friends...i buy all things online
    mostly in australia...including food which i buy every 2 weeks ...alternating between
    shops, so i am having a great time & seldom get bored
    happy bachelor-by-choice...talofa
    29th Mar 2013
    Should Gay Marriage be accepted?
    I believe that what people want to do is their own choice, however there are some limits to this no matter what we want to do. For example if I want to design and build a car I cannot legally call it a Holden or Ford, so I must create another name that represents my brand. I would not try to have the law changed to make it possible to call it a Holden or Ford. If I want to drive a car at 300 kmh I cannot legally do it on a public road, so I must use or create an environment that is suitable for this activity. I would not try to have the law changed.
    So, a relationship between two people of the same sex is obviously not the same as marriage which is by law between two people of the opposite sex. So why try to change the law, why not create an environment and name that is suited to the different type of relationship? There is no doubt that there are many people of gay disposition that are very capable of designing and legislating a new, and to them meaningful vehicle for the relationship they require.
    When I was a child there were always other children who wanted to muscle their way into the game I was playing and change it to suit their style, and they wondered why they were not welcome. The obvious solution was for them to get together with some other children and create their own game which they could enjoy and let us enjoy our game. Or was their motivation more than just having a good game?
    I am not homophobic, and over the years have had many friends and acquaintances who are Gay.
    Thanks for the opportunity to comment.
    29th Mar 2013
    Well said Brian. Lets put their gay or lesbian honesty to the test. Now couples are paid less than two singles and combined income is taken into account. How many of these gay or lesbian couples want to combine their income and be paid benefits under these rules
    29th Mar 2013
    Knowing the facts is a critical first step to informing public policy without biased emotional views.

    Most gay and lesbian couples work to develop relationships based on principles of equality and mutuality where they are loved for who they are and not for the roles they play. This comes back to stereotypical role play. They are usually just two men sharing roles and two women sharing roles.

    Why is the government in the business of marriage??
    We can have legal contracts that handle all of this for everyone. If you want to have some other kind of spiritual or religious service and label your co mingling of property and power of attorney rights feel free. What a distraction from real problems this world faces.
    If secular governments had resisted the temptation to "get into the marriage business" right at the dawn of the modern nation-state, i.e. roughly coinciding with the evolution from Feudalism to Mercantilism, and had instead simply issued licenses for civil unions, while leaving marriage to the churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, and other ecclesiastical organizations, we wouldn't have as much of a mess on our hands right now.
    Much of the problem lies in the fact that the legal and political issues are all jumbled up with the spiritual, moral, theological & philosophical issues. Adults ought to have the right to live with whomever they want, will property to whomever they want, enjoy hospital visitation rights with whomever wants to provide those rights to them, and so forth. That's the legal & secular side.
    It doesn't mean, however, that ecclesiastical bodies should be compelled to necessarily recognize those unions as marriages - unless they meet the marriage requirements of that church, synagogue, etc. But with full legal & political rights under a state-recognized civil union, that recognition would be a practical moot point.

    Anti gay?
    Research shows that people in denial about their own sexual orientation, perhaps a denial fostered by authoritarian and homophobic parents, may feel a threat from other gay and lesbian individuals. Lashing out may ultimately be an indicator of the person's own internal conflict with sexual orientation.

    For decades, gay parents have had children in all sorts of family configurations -- whether through adoption, previous heterosexual relationships, or, increasingly, by choosing to have biological offspring using in vitro, surrogate, and other methods. According to the 2010 census, 25% of same sex households are raising children, gaining ground on heterosexual couples, who parent at a rate of just under 50 percent.
    How will these children of gay parents fare? Can kids raised in homosexual homes turn out (gasp) okay? The answer is yes -- and resoundingly so.
    Throughout many years of working with families, psychologists studied the lives of gay parents raising sons and daughters. In general, gay parents tend to be more motivated, more committed, and more thoughtful parents than heterosexual couples. That's because they usually have to work very hard, and plan very far in advance, to become parents, and so rarely do so by accident.
    The children, meanwhile, show few differences in achievement. They perform as well in school, at sports, and in extracurricular activities as peers with heterosexual parents. At the same time, they are more self-aware, more adept at communicating their feelings, and exhibit more empathy for people different from themselves. They learn early how to negotiate the outside environment, gauge other people's motives, and assess how open they dare to be in specific situations. They are strong. With enough support from their families, children of gay parents developed skills at thinking independently and standing up for what they believed which distinguished them from many children with straight parents. In my study boys of two-moms families spent more time with a parent than the boys of mom and dad couples who more readily relegated childcare responsibilities to babysitters.

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