Recovering deleted emails in Outlook

 Q. Hi YourLifeChoices,

I have accidentally deleted an email with important information inside. I desperately need it back as soon as possible and it cannot be resent. I’m using Outlook email.

Thanks in advance for your help, Patricia.

A. Hi Patricia, luckily Outlook comes with a safeguard, should a situation like this occur. Read on to find out how to recover a deleted email using the Outlook website or program. Best of luck!

If you are using an email account with (such as Outlook, Hotmail, MSN, or Mail), there is an easy way to get deleted emails back.

Open up and log in to your email account.

Now click ‘Deleted Items’ on the left-hand side. This will open the folder where your deleted items are stored, have a look for the lost email in this folder. If your search is unsuccessful, then they have possibly been deleted from this folder as well, in which case click the ‘Recover Deleted Items’ button.

This will open a pop-up window (if it doesn’t appear then a pop-up blocker may be blocking it). Once you have opened the window, you will be able to search for items. Once you find the items you are looking for make sure you ‘Recover’ them, do not ‘Purge’ them. Purging your emails will delete them even more permanently and there will be no way to recover them. 


Microsoft Outlook

If you’re using the Microsoft Outlook program on your computer, this quick video talks you through the steps for recovering your deleted emails.  


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