Replace these items regularly

You might think you are being frugal but holding out on replacing some items can affect your health. We’ve compiled a list of items that you need to replace regularly, with suggestions on how often you should do it.

Dentists recommend you toss out the old and get a new one every three months. Like any tool, a toothbrush wears down. This affects your teeth in two ways. The first problem is that the worn bristles are tough on your enamel and can wear it away over time. The second problem is that after three months of use, a toothbrush can be up to 95 per cent less effective at removing plaque than when it was new. At that point, it’s almost like not brushing your teeth at all.

Dust mites can accumulate in bedding and pillows and increase the potential for allergies. You should be cleaning your pillows every six months at least and replacing them every two years. Most pillows are machine washable (check to make sure, though), but use a mild liquid detergent instead of a powder so you don’t end up with residue on your pillows. Then place them in a dryer and they will be ready to sleep on again, free of bacteria and dead skin cells.

Car tyres
As you age, your reaction time will only continue to slow down so it is important that you keep your car in the safest condition possible. This means replacing your tyres regularly. Having less tread on your tyres isn’t saving you much money if you are putting your life, or the lives of others, in danger. Even though you may be driving less, the rubber on the tyres will start to go hard and offer less grip over time. You should replace your tyres every eight years, regardless of wear.

Toilet brushes
It performs the dirtiest job in the house but isn’t often considered when it comes to keeping it clean. The bristle tips of toilet brushes begin to fray and soften over time, which ultimately removes the ability to scrub away bacteria. Toilet brushes with white bristles will also turn yellow or orange with repeated use. Replace the toilet brush when either of these problems become apparent.

Kitchen sponges
If you are like me and don’t use a dishwasher to do the dishes, you should be aware that kitchen sponges are a breeding ground for bacteria. Kitchen sponges are notoriously guilty of harbouring all types of bacteria including e. coli. You really should be replacing your kitchen sponge once a fortnight.

What items do you hold on to for too long?

Written by Ben


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