It’s official: older Australians love the Royals

YourLifeChoices latest Friday Flash Poll reveals a prevailing love for the Royals.

It’s official: older Australians love the Royals

It’s official: older Australians love the Royals and are more than happy to remain under the monarchy, YourLifeChoices’ latest poll reveals.

In our Friday Flash Poll: Do we need a Royal flush?, which garnered just under 1500 responses, 52 per cent of the survey participants are in favour of Australia remaining a part of the Commonwealth under royal rule.

Ironically, more people born in the UK, or with parents born in the UK were more in favour of pulling away from Old Mother England. Of the 412 born or with parents born in the UK, 57 per cent were in favour of Australia becoming a republic, with just 36 per cent opposed, compared to 41 per cent of respondents without UK links (or heritage) who favoured a republic, and 49 per cent who opposed.

Conducted during Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex’s visit to open the Invictus Games last week in Sydney, the poll stirred royalists, republicans and ‘the undecided’. The result … a clear majority declared their love for the monarchy and co, with 64 per cent saying they either like or love the Royals.

While the love for ‘the Firm’ is certainly evident, it may be largely due to the affection Australians have for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, with 74 per cent of respondents saying the pair have definitely reinvigorated the royal image.

“Love them! Meghan and Harry bring so much joy to the world, a glimpse of light, a modern fairy tale!” wrote YourLifeChoices member Ms Logik.

Still, when asked who was their favourite, Queen Elizabeth II is the clear winner, with 37 per cent declaring our regent as the most preferred Royal. Prince Harry came in second with 23 per cent of the vote, followed by Prince William with 10 per cent.

While Prince Harry was the most favoured male Royal, his popularity, according to our members, would not be enough for him to assume the throne. That honour goes to his brother William, with 50 per cent of respondents saying he should be the next king, followed by 20 per cent preferring Prince Charles and just five per cent voting for Harry.

“The younger royals such as Prince Harry are good for the world. Prince Harry does a lot for mental health and good on him for speaking out as they are important issues. I loved the way he embraced Lune the little boy with Down Syndrome. He is shown to be all inclusive just like his mother was. Cannot imagine the older royals getting down at eye level with a lad with special needs. Good on you Harry. Just as well he is not in line to the throne because he needs to be free to be involved and speak out on important social issues. It would cost too much money to become a republic. That money is better spent fixing hospitals and housing homeless people,” commented KB.

It also seemed that Harry and Meghan’s royal visit, and not-so-surprise announcement of a royal baby, took the attention away from HRH Eugenie’s wedding last week, as just 34 per cent said they were interested in the nuptials of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s daughter.

The survey also showed that more than half would attend a royal visit if it was in their neighbourhood.  

“Royal visits bring joy and fun to us. Great for those whose spirits need a lift. The farmers in Dubbo loved them. Don’t know any republic that I would want to copy, especially USA. We are doing well with what we have, thank you,” wrote Young.

Reasons for royal popularity given by YourLifeChoices members varied from the political to the economical. The charitable acts they perform are certainly welcomed, as is the fact that they just make people happy.

“The Royals come here to raise awareness and support very important issues. They raise quillions of pounds/dollars for charities. In my time, there have been no wars between countries that have a monarchy. There is no better example to our youth than the gracious, circumspect Queen. Unlike the ungracious politician Turnbull and other bleating, narcissists of his ilk – who would ever choose a type like those as head of our country. We even get politically appointed dud governors-general, so I want to stay as we are. If it ain't broke don't fix it,” wrote Swinging Voter.

“I think the principle of monarchy is being hidden under the popularity idea, which is so shallow. The current Royal family hold their difficult position with dignity and restraint; their personal characteristics are part of the role model function which they now perform with diligence and liberal, generous self-sacrifice. But the poll is only covering the shallow aspect of whether they are ‘popular’. We are not kids, are we? The monarchy frees us from the meaningless total load of ‘nationalism’; it unites peoples under a principle that a leader, without power, is someone we honour for giving his/her life compulsorily to occupy that symbolic position beyond politics and aspiring to goodness. Old-time monarchs were despots perhaps; not now, the British monarchy, the Danish, the Dutch. In these days where any biased fool can be the political leader, a powerless, objective monarchy is all the more valuable and essential as a standard for political activity to measure against. A poll might more sensibly ask, ‘does a benign monarchy such as we are fortunate to have, add a moderating influence, of restraint, humanity and love, to our Government?’ [The answer is] Yes,” commented Heskwith.

Regardless of political viewpoints, Harry and Meghan’s visit has certainly left a mark on many Australians and, according to our poll, their charitable work along with the positive sentiment they bring are better to be embraced, not criticised.

“Prince Harry and Meghan came as ambassadors of the Invictus Games to be there and support the members of the armed services who, with their families, have met with life changing injuries. From all around the world they have come together, in Sydney, to live on in strength and unity. So, save your politics for another day and be grateful for your life and your allies. Because quite frankly in just a few short days Prince Harry and Meghan have given so much hope and happiness to so many. Have you?” wrote Rosret.

As to whether Australia should become a republic, only 40 per cent said yes, with 52 per cent saying they’re happy with the current system and eight per cent being undecided. These results largely reflect those of the Australian republic referendum in 1999. In that nationwide poll, 54 per cent of Australians said they would prefer to stay under royal rule.

From the comments made by members, the dilemma of whom to choose as head of state is a prevailing reason for remaining under the monarchy. Some though, express the general sentiment of many Australians – that it may be time for our nation to ‘grow up’, but bemoan that we are left with less-than-desirable alternatives as head of state.

In 1999, the republic referendum was defeated for the same reasons and, for some, those feelings remain today.

“I am more than a little concerned about how we would go about choosing a head of state, and how much power they might have. Just look at the US! On the other hand, it is a tad regressive to keep this old connection to British royalty. Put me in the undecided category,” wrote Jenny.

One thing is for sure: older Australians and, judging by the massive turnout for the most recent royal visit, many younger Aussies, love the Prince and the Duchess and the monarchy is here to stay … for the foreseeable future.

Are you surprised by these results? Do you think there is any need to revive the republic debate for a nationwide vote? Or would the money be better spent elsewhere?



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    22nd Oct 2018
    I'd like to know more about the Canadian system (guess I'll have to do some research) as they have a Republic, are still part of the Commonwealth, have strong connections to the monarchy, who often visit, have 2 Houses in their Parliament and never seem to go through the turmoil and instability that we have recently. I will NOT vote for a Republic until I know what kind we will be having, because what they settle on (after a vote) may be worse than what we have now. The right kind of Republic then I will vote YES!.
    22nd Oct 2018
    tango18...It could be simply that Canadians elect intelligent people to Govern them unlike Australians.

    Have a good look at Parliament and it's debates. Australia needs intelligent people from scientific, engineering, IT, wild life and environmental backgrounds instead of ex lawyers.
    22nd Oct 2018
    Very true Jackie! Perhaps the other professions are not so stupid to give their time for the public to make mince meat out of them. I always thought it is a thankless task being a politician, your family is exposed to the media, you are damned if you do and if you don't do what the public wants. There is no pleasing everyone we all have our own agenda and preferences.
    22nd Oct 2018
    Not too sure about Canada being a republic, the still have the Royal Mounties etc. Last looked at the Canuck dollar and one note still had Lizzie on it like our $5 note. Might have changed since, have not been there for 2 years.
    22nd Oct 2018
    You are right, Jim. Canada is not a republic.
    22nd Oct 2018
    tango18 ….just to clear your statement about Canada …… Canada is a Constitutional Monarchy is not a Republic ….. please have a look here …..

    Canada, United States and Mexico are part of the North American Continent (North, Central and South)
    22nd Oct 2018
    That’s always been my thought, Tango. Let’s read the new constitution first and be told how much it will cost taxpayers.
    22nd Oct 2018
    Canada is not a republic. They changed their flag not the parliament. they have a Governor General and belong to the Commonwealth of Nations and participate in the Commonwealth games.

    22nd Oct 2018
    I don't love the Royals because I think they should start funding themselves instead of leaching on tax payer money for expensive weddings and other personal expenses.
    Surely, they can pay their own way.

    Despite this, I would not like Australia to become a republic because it would go down the American path faster than where its heading.
    22nd Oct 2018
    Most of the Royal family ARE self financing these days and even the Queen pays tax! Eugenie's wedding was not paid for by the British taxpayer although the security was and that was because of the large number of Senior Royals there at the same time (i.e. the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, William & Kate, Harry and Meghan and their kids). The line of succession had to be protected.
    22nd Oct 2018
    Jackie We are becoming like America where people cannot afford heath care and that's scare me.
    22nd Oct 2018
    Something you might be interested in, the cost to the British tax payer is reported to be £39 million, the return on that cost is reported as £790 million, many people say that the Britts would get that return even if the Royal family was no longer there, I am not sure that would be the case, it seems a small outlay for a massive income. So how does that help Australia, I am not convinced that it does, but I suppose our economy benefits when the royals visit, there certainly seems to be lots of people out and about to get a glimpse of them, and I am sure many people are spending while they are out and about, maybe the retailers and cafe’s could give an insight into wether their profits increase, also tourism might benefit from the publicity of Australia being shown on the world stage and showing all the beautiful places in Australia, I have just heard on tv that the cost to us is $1 million, the benefits in tourism is estimated as being in the tens of millions, so might just be worth it, I wonder how much money is being raised for our service men and women through the Invictus Games and other charities supported by the royals.
    22nd Oct 2018
    Even the Queen and Prince Charles have made comments about us as a nation like, 'why don't they just get on with it and become a Republic' Reading the comments on the Daily Mail this week while Harry and Meghan have been visiting, one would think we are a republic. The majority were really nasty comments mainly it appears from women. I don't think there is any need for the nastiness. The same goes for the comments on the British section of the newspaper. Husband's comment was they are jealous. But perhaps we should have the benefits of both. Do what the Swedish did and 'import' a royal. Certainly I cannot think of any Australian I would want to be as founding Australian Royal.
    Perhaps we could have our head of state 'Prince of Canberra' Or 'Duke of Dubo'. or Duke Bluey. Food for thought and conversation!
    22nd Oct 2018
    If Turnbull aspires to be Australia's first president then that should be enough to say no. A person like he should not be given anymore power or influence. Look at the mess he left after he packed up his bat and ball and left in a tantrum.
    22nd Oct 2018
    Julian get your facts right! MT didn't 'leave in a tantrum' he was maliciously knifed by the crazy extreme right wing of his own party who stopped him from doing many progressive reforms that could have ensured a liberal win at the next federal election. They are completely out of touch with the general electorate as demonstrated in the marriage equality results & now the Wentworth result. Now they don't have a hope of retaining govt. at the next federal election! F*****g Fools!
    22nd Oct 2018
    I agree Daz, he did get knifed and deserved it not for his lack of direction within his own party but for what he did to his predecessor.

    The tantrum refers to the damage he has done and continues to do behind the scenes. It seems as though his actions are a deliberate attempt to undermine his successors and the party he represented. There is no doubt that his former party are in trouble and face annihilation at the next election.

    Had he hung around and waited on the back bench and at least served out his term instead of forcing a by election, then I'm sure things would be different today. Unfortunately his massive ego prevented him from doing this. Thus the bat n ball analogy.

    The facts are right in this respect.

    I have no allegiance to any of the parties as I think there are all self-serving and useless to anyone but themselves.
    22nd Oct 2018
    Mr Turnbull was ousted only from the Prime Ministership and that happened because he declared his job vacant in the vain hope that he would be returned. He was wrong! It was his own egotistical dummy spit that left the voters of Wentworth without their elected representative.
    22nd Oct 2018
    Julian MT had good reason to leave when he did , not like TA and KR who both leaked and did everything they could to bring the govt undone, and KSS it was the turncoats in his own party, Matheius Corrman for one, who sealed his fate, why on earth would anyone want to stay in a party that treated you that way, especially with his main antagonist still there, good on him for going, he showed more guts then the other 2.
    22nd Oct 2018
    Read David Spears book out today on the mutiny in the Liberal Party, shows some light on what really happened before and after the spill.
    22nd Oct 2018
    What goes around comes around Misty and Mr Turnbull did it twice!
    22nd Oct 2018
    Misty, I agree with you; why wouldn't he leave? A by-election triggers in such a case where there is no representative in that electorate. His duty first and foremost is to his electorate not his ego.

    Maybe they should change the rules and force the elected to sit the full term unless medical reasons prevail.
    22nd Oct 2018
    We currently have system that works well.
    We should not be rushed into becoming a republic. I agree that the Royals should pay for their own weddings rather than out of the public purse. I agree that our politicians should be a mixture of intelligent backgrounds that enable them to make better decisions, I would like to see for example a doctor from a medical field make decisions on health care rather than a person who has no knowledge of what is needed.
    22nd Oct 2018
    I would like us to be a Republic - but remain in the Commonwealth.
    Thank you,
    22nd Oct 2018
    Very easily done JoJo. Most Commonwealth countries are republic these days and we would just be another one.
    But I do not want a former politician to be that President; I would want to vote for him/her and not having the parliament select one for me as they will always chose one of their own. Under Labor we would get Rudd and under the Libs it would be John Howard.
    We had a referendum 20 years ago and the politicians' insistence of the right to select sank the whole project. Was all in favor of a republic, and yes, I would not have minded Kylie Minogue if she was available.
    22nd Oct 2018
    'It's official' then Leon?'
    You don't think your readership may be more politically conservative than the population as a whole?
    Seems that you don't bother to read the comments you so gratuitously provoke.
    22nd Oct 2018
    Hi Scott,
    Thanks for your interest. I'd refer to the point made in the article about this result reflecting that of the republic referendum in 1999, in which all Australians of all ages and political persuasions voted.
    Ted Wards
    22nd Oct 2018
    There have already been articles in papers such as the SMH raising this debate again as late as last week. I think we may have forgotten the referendum that was held in 1999 which was a loud no vote - as long as QE2 is on the throne. Unfortunately a lot of people cannot come at Prince Charles sitting on the throne with Queen Camilla and will never forgive Charles for what he did to Diana.
    We have moved on and the world is a different place. I've just finished watching the Windsors on Netflix and it gives you a very different perspective on the Royals. I've also finished watching the second season of the Crown, it's supposed to be based on known history with embellishments for dramatic affect! Boy did Phillip give up and put up with so much!
    The issue for me is that we as a nation are now a very multicultural society and we need to move on. We cant progress forward if we continually have an eye on the past and are indebted to that past. If we take America's example in breaking away and becoming independent, have you noticed the Queen still acknowledges the USA, and has close ties, has never mentioned in having Amercia back as her lands. My point is what makes us so loyal in a period when loyalty means little.
    Interestingly, on the WIndsors, the last episode looked at the future under King Charles. His view of the monarchy is very different, that of a slimmed down royal family with no hangers on with the minor royals, getting benefits that they are really not entitled to. Yesterday there was an announcement that for Harry's children, they will have no official royal duties. Charles vision is already being put in place by his children.
    If they can move on, and understand the diminishing role of royalty....surely we can as a nation who has many cultures, many influences and so on, start to develop an independent identity. I'm not discluding being part of something like the Commonwealth, but the speculation is the Commonwealth will unravel very fast after Charles comes to the throne.
    22nd Oct 2018
    "Charles vision is already being put in place by his children."

    Actually this started decades ago with Princess Anne who refused to accept a title for her first husband Mark Phillips or her children Zara and Peter Phillips. Zara married the rugby player and her children have no title either, Peter is also married with kids who also have no titles.

    Prince Andrew's girls, Beatrice and recently married Eugenie, also have no public role (or salary from taxpayers) under the Royal family banner or purse.
    22nd Oct 2018
    Canada had similar situation to here and the party in power at the time was decimated in the next election. Canada changed the rules so an ineffective Governor General who did nothing to stop the situation would never be able to have power again
    22nd Oct 2018
    On Oath, I swore to serve the King and his Heirs and Successors many years ago. Will my oath still be valid should we ever become a Republic?
    My personnel feelings are neutral except; not a politician as Head of State should we go down the path of a Republic.
    Anyway, why do we need a Head of State? we have an elected Prime Minister as head of our Government. Theoretically he represents the peoples majority.
    22nd Oct 2018
    I think if we could still become a Republic and stay in the Commonwealth I would be happy.
    23rd Oct 2018
    That is already the case with India - so why not here?

    Only the kids who want to hang on to their mummy's apron strings still want to hold on to the monarchy. This poll was done at the wrong time to get this result - when one of the (or the most) popular royal, Harry, was here, and some have clearly got carried away! They are SO IRRELEVANT to this country!
    22nd Oct 2018
    I greatly admire and respect the Queen and her family however I am a Republican. Unfortunately my hope of Australia becoming a Republic has greatly dimmed because most Australians do not seem to able to seperate their admiration and love for the Royal Family and the anachronistic constitutional ties that bind us to the monarchy. I do not expect Australia to become a Republic in my life time or even my children life time as most Australians are not ready to cut the umbilical chord we have with the British monarchy. Either that or they just don't care enough to want to change.I don't there is any "right" kind of Republic that will satisfy enough people to make the change. I will always be a Republican but like getting older, there some things you just have to accept
    22nd Oct 2018
    Your newsletter is aimed at at older demographic and surveys will skew to a more conservative result. I would like the debate to continue and build in preparation to Charlie and Camilla taking over Buck House. That should finish a lot of people off in their support and we can finally get our Republic and join the 21st century.
    22nd Oct 2018
    oldies have a direct connection being descendants of the convicts brought over and dumped here. Not their fault
    22nd Oct 2018
    Not me. I'm from Irish stock and my ancestors left Ireland to escape British tyranny. The my forefathers have no love for the British.
    22nd Oct 2018
    So your ancestors left Ireland, which was largely autonomous being ruled by mostly Irish landholders, to come to a country that was completely under the control of the British that you still hate, strange choice, you say they left Ireland so they were not sent as convicts, must of had a few bob then, time to let go of the hatred.
    22nd Oct 2018
    You have no idea what you're talking about. I have no hatred at all for the British. I was writing about my forebears who left Ireland and came to Australia of their own choosing. I love Britain, having been there a few times and also trained in their Navy.The British are lovely people and there is no hatred from me towards them or the Crown. I still wish for Australia to become a republic.
    22nd Oct 2018
    I can see by your earlier post that what you have said is true, so my apologies for my misunderstanding of your second post.
    22nd Oct 2018
    Apology accepted.
    22nd Oct 2018
    The Monarchy is outdated, we don't need it. We have great Australians who could be our President. What we do need is political reform. At the moment we have 9 prime ministers which 3 have served full terms and were the party leaders at the time of election.
    Now we have six who have never served a full term and will have the same benefits of Gold Card travel and office plus a generous pension for the rest of their lives.
    Lets not worry about the royals we have enough issues here.
    22nd Oct 2018
    Australia is far more part of the Asian block than Europe. Even when we were still in the British Empire and fighting for their King and Country, Churchill was prepared to throw us to the wolves (Japan) when our country was threatened and would be powerless if China should threaten us now. Maybe recognising the Queen as head of state is only symbolic but it sends the wrong message to our Asian neighbours and makes us look like we are still a colony to the rest of the Commonwealth members who mostly consider their years as a colony an embarrassment.
    22nd Oct 2018
    How are the Royals the same as footie?
    Answer: they're both a regular event plugged endlessly by the media with gushy I wet my pants commentators selling these must have products to the gullible.

    Ordinary people need to be given something to cling to lest they understand how the world operates, who benefits and then see the political elite for the messengers they are.
    23rd Oct 2018
    Yes. Most people seem to be obsessed with celebrity and use this to provide some sort of enjoyment in life. Why?? In reality they are ordinary people only with privileged origins. Go back far enough and you'd discover that the privilege was attained through subjugation, theft and other unpleasant means. Then again, we are constantly subjected to "reality" in the form of tv shows which purport to entertain us. The fact is that it's nothing but a distraction from what's really happening in the world. It's this majority who doesn't want to know and needs the other rubbish to cling to.
    23rd Oct 2018
    i would vote for a republic Paul Keating style, namely the Parliament vote for a President. I would hate to have an american-style system, you only have to look at some people the aussies have voted for, eg Tony Abbott, Pauline Hanson and such. Abhorrent to think someone like that could be at the head of this beautiful country, let sleeping dogs lie, we're safe from despotic bigots with the existing sytem!!
    Chris B T
    23rd Oct 2018
    Australian's since federation are asked to say sorry.
    Australia Day a day of Mourning and Protests.
    It was the British That over stayed there welcome, so why not protest and continue the Day Of Mourning When Any British Representative Arrives In Australia.
    British of the Time was Treating Australia as a detention centre.
    Smoking ceremonies like Palm Island and get compensated.
    23rd Oct 2018
    Let's stick with the Monarchy at least until we find someone with a brain/intelligence to run for President. I cannot see anyone in Parliament suitable for this position. Iagree with jackie's comments.
    23rd Oct 2018
    Based on that criteria then maybe look elsewhere.
    24th Oct 2018
    Why does the article use "Meghan Markle" when she is now a married woman and that was her maiden name? Also I note Kate is sometimes referred to as Middleton when she also is married.

    25th Oct 2018
    The sooner australia jettisons the 'Royal' parasites the better!
    27th Oct 2018
    I think it is high time Australia becomes a self governed country and its ties to the British crown are ended.
    It costs a lot of money to Australians to be part of an old fashioned monarchy that is so outdated that some of its laws and mandates are from centuries away and still used in our legal system.
    The newly weds "royals" visiting Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, etc, are simply having a free honeymoon, showing off their thousands of dollars wardrobes , hairdos, jewellery, etc and not doing anyone any favours, except themselves and the newspapers and others publishing their comings and goings.
    With all respect for those people, I think we should look after our people first, the aged, the poor and the unemployed before we spend lots of money and time on people that make no contribution to our country and simply show off when they feel like it coming here and have a free holiday.
    These people, getting huge salaries for nothing, should be doing what any tourist do, pay for their accommodation and travel expenses and not have the free rides they have at the expense of the Australian taxpayers.
    It is time to be free of them, Canada did it years ago and is better for it. Lets get going as a free country and respect the ties with others, but be proud of being free and independent and making our own laws that refer to our special country and way of life, that is different from Britain as chalk is to cheese.

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