22nd Feb 2012
Same sex couples have dinner with Julia Gillard

Three same-sex couples dined with Julia Gillard and her partner last night at The Lodge.

The couples won the exclusive dinner last year at the Press Gallery Midwinter Ball charity auction. The couples were backed by activist group GetUp!, which bid $31,000 on their behalf.

Alex Greenwich, the convenor of the group Australian Marriage Equality, was also invited along. He described the Prime Minister as “extremely welcoming”, and the conversation as “open and honest”. He also stated that, despite her personal views, the Prime Minister thinks that marriage equality is inevitable.

And the most important question is... what was on the menu? According to John Dini the couples were served a light entrée, a seafood main centring around smoked trout and liquorice allsorts ice-cream for dessert.

Listen to Fran Kelly’s interview with one of the dinner guests on Radio National Breakfast.
To find out more and read direct interviews with the guests read Gay marriage 'inevitable', Gillard tells guests in The Age.

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Read Rachel's blog to find out why she thinks it should have been three pensioners, instead of three same-sex couples, at dinner with Julia Gillard, and answer our poll question: Do you think liquorice allsorts ice-cream sounds divine or disgusting?


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    24th Feb 2012
    If they (same sex partners) want equal rights they can go and marry someone from the opposite sex the same as I did.
    Marriage is a thing created by nature and given a name by some 'almighty' power. If the birds and the Bees can do it and the uninhibited animals can do it why the ????? can't the homo-sapiens do it?
    Have a monogamous lifestyle without the bullsh#t of classification created by society.
    24th Feb 2012
    I gave up expecting anything better from Julia! Our worst PM has her priorities all wrong!

    26th Feb 2012
    She is an unmarried moll living with an unemployed hairdresser. She looks like tart and talks like tart (I know because I've met a few in my time).............The sad thing is she represents our country....our first Lady,,,,ha ha ha...Geesh what has happened to the place that I love.
    27th Feb 2012
    What a lot of nastiness and name calling from commentators. The place that I love would have civilised comments. I read an account of the dinner and I thought all of the guests would be people I would like to know (and I'm heterosexual by the way).


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